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  / iSANGHARSH/ /MISSION_SANGHARSH/ MISSIONSANGHARSH@GMAIL.COM *IDEAL NATIONAL ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION   Organized by    Sangh ARSH     in colloboration with Centre for Social Justice*   On behalf of Team SanghARSH, we are pleased to announce that we are conducting an Essay Writing Competition on themes that demand emphasis, analysis, problem identification and constructive recommendation on a plethora of social issues that we come across in our daily life. Exciting prizes will be given to participants who put in the their effort, skill and constructive thinking to come out with good articles and suggest positive measures  for the betterment of society with respect to the chosen theme. The best articles of the competition will be published in the prestigious Journal of Certificate to all the Participants Two Lucky Participants will get an opportunity to intern with Centre for Social Justice Registration Fee Rs. 200/-  NATIONAL ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION, 2018 1 ABOUT MISSION SANGHARSH: “Mission SanghARSH” is a student run non -profit volunteer based organization aimed at humanitarian adventures striving towards helping people in times of need. The organization owes its inception to a group of law students from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. One such adventure being carried out in a very well organized and efficient manner is blood donation. Team SanghARSH facilitates direct donor-donee interaction through its already large and still continuously diversifying network of blood donors in various cities and various localities throughout India, and prompt action by members of the said network. Their modus operandi is simple yet effective. As soon as any demand arises, team SanghARSH verifies the information received and then communicates the same to its donors in that particular city or locality. Its donors fulfil the said requirement by directly communicating with the donee or his/her attendant in the hospital. This way the donor gets to communicate directly and conveniently without any third party intervention and the donee gets his/her blood requirement fulfilled quickly and free of any cost whatsoever. The aforementioned being the principal function of SanghARSH, the organization is also functional in various other strata of societal needs. Recently, a clothing drive was successfully completed by the team where clothes were collected from Nirma University, National Institute of Cooperative Management and Godrej Garden City to be distributed to the needy before the arrival of winter season. Apart from this, organization takes up initiatives such as taking  NATIONAL ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION, 2018 2 classes for better learning of school kids, spreading awareness, filing RTIs regarding various social issues like school education, roads and many more such activities to bring about societal welfare. Recently they have also been called upon by Lions Club Ratangarh Orioon for a felicitation ceremony in Salasar, Rajasthan for their National Level Blood Donation operations. The organization looks forward to further diversify its operations especially those pertaining to blood donation in order to continue and multiply its already impressive growth and operational efficacy. ABOUT CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Centre for Social Justice is a socio-legal, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) initiated by Institute for Development Education and Learning (IDEAL). CSJ is one of the first organisations of its kind in India that uses the judicial system to fight for the rights of marginalised people. CSJ first began operating through a network of law centres across Gujarat in 1993. CSJ is registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860) and Bombay Public Trust Act (1950). Today, CSJ has expanded to several states, including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and responds to nearly 3,000 cases a year. CSJ centres consists of lawyers, paralegals and researchers who are passionate about making a difference. They affect change every day ensuring minorities like women, Dalits, tribal and other socially vulnerable groups get access to the rights guaranteed to them.  NATIONAL ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION, 2018 3 CSJ intervene at various points: from providing legal aid, helping document complaints and leading fact findings, filing cases, contacting relevant authorities, pushing entitlement claims, spreading legal awareness, public advocacy campaigns, to training young lawyers and paralegals, identifying violations of civil liberties and serving as a watchdog for human rights abuses. Vision To strengthen human rights culture & an all-inclusive pluralist society, free of violence, injustice, discrimination, prejudices and stereotyping. Mission  To use law for social change to ensure access to justice to vulnerable communities and to secure social justice, equity and equality, and fraternity. To promote an enabling policy and legislative environment that respects, promotes and protects human rights of vulnerable communities. THEMES OF THE COMPETITION The themes are listed as follows ●   Plight of Pavement Dwellers:  How to shelter the unsheltered-a critique of laws policies and judicial response ●   Organ Donation:  A chance to live posthumously legal issues involved ●   Improper Speed Breakers:  An impediment to safety through the lens of law ●   Need for Awareness on RTI  and its enormous potential ●   Shortage and Wastage  at the same time: The Blood Donation Paradox  legal and ethical issues involve
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