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  Offshore Rig Products & Services Overview Base Range  02 Ofshore Rig Cleaning Solutions Base Range Cleaning SolutionsWater SolutionsOil SolutionsGases & CylindersWelding Equipment & ConsumablesTools & Workshop EquipmentEnvironmental0307101317 20 22 Content  0504 Surface Cleaning & Application WSS supplies a wide range of Unitor™ cleaning chemicals ideal for drill floor, machinery, piping and deck areas. All surface cleaning chemicals are specially formulated and field proven to match your requirements for heavy duty degreasing, rust removal, cleaning in place (CIP), descaling, surface brightening and for biodegradable cleaning chemicals. ProductProduct InformationProduct Number Cleanrig HP 200L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 719021Cleanrig HP 1000L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 724617Cleanrig HP 50 % 200L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 739631Cleanrig HP 50 % 1000L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 738146Cleanrig HP RTU 200L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 770048Cleanrig HP RTU 1000L Cleaning of drill oor and deck. 777255Metal Brite HD 25L Rust removal and brightener. 571679Metal Brite HD 210L Rust removal and brightener. 655506Metal Brite 25L Rust removal and brightener. 571661Cleanbreak 25L Cleaning for machinery spaces. 571497Cleanbreak 1000L Cleaning for machinery spaces. 769042 Aquatu 25LCleaning of drill oor, deck and soot. 607826Coldwash Hd 25L Degreaser for deck and machinery 571430 Enviroclean 25LSurface degreasing outside and for use in Unitor ultrasonic part and lter cleaners. 765018 Enviroclean 220LSurface degreasing outside and for use in Unitor ultrasonic part and lter cleaners. 765020 Descaling Liquid 25LAcid containing descaling accelerators and corrosion-inhibitors. 571653HP Wash 25L Detergent for Unitor high-pressure cleaning machines. 571729 Seacare Ecosperse LT 23Concentrated type II & III oil spill dispersant, which is highly ecient for use on a wide range of oils. 764424 Electrosolv - E 25LElectrical equipment cleaner. 604389 Descalex 25 KgClosed System Cleaning. Descaler that removes rust and scale. 571646 Acc Plus 25LClosed System Cleaning. Cleaning agent for air cooler cleaning 698704Commissioning Cleaner 25L Closed System Cleaning. Commissioning cleaning for boiler and cooling water system. 624932 Disclean 25LClosed System Cleaning. Cleaning of separator discs 571687Unipol 25L Closed System Cleaning. PH-neutral liquid concentrated detergent/cleaner. 736975 Ofshore Rig Cleaning Solutions WSS oers cleaning chemicals, equipment and dosing application to cover the essential needs of oshore rigs, installations and vessels. We protect your assets and suport your operations so you can focus on your value drivers in a safe and clean environment. Cleaning Equipment WSS offers a variety of corresponding cleaning equipment that are aligned to Unitor™ chemical application. We provide mobile and stationary electrical high-pressure cleaner, air-driven high-pressure cleaner for ‘Ex’ areas, related wet sandblasting equipment, accessories and chemical applicators for optimum surface preparation. Furthermore, we offer pumps for chemical mixing/transfer and ultrasonic cleaning machines designed to remove the most stubborn dirt inside equipment, filters etc. ProductProduct InformationProduct Number HPC Extreme 520Unitor High Pressure Cleaner (HPC) for surface prep. and heavy duty cleaning. Comes in (3~440V/60Hz) / (3~400V/50Hz). 721520 UNITOR HPC 67/13x440/60HzHigh pressure cleaner (HPC) for heavy duty cleaning. Comes in (3~440V/60Hz) / 3~400V/50Hz). 777889 HPC Airclean 25Air-driven high-pressure cleaners (HPC) which can be used in EX GD areas. 734087 HPC Airclean 32Air-driven high-pressure cleaners (HPC) which can be used in EX GD areas. 734095 Delta Booster-4 3x440/60 Stationary High Pressure Cleaning (HPC) system designed for multiple outlets/users. 613804Unitor Duo Booster 3~440/60Hz Stationary High Pressure Cleaning (HPC) system designed for multiple outlets/users. 778161 Ultrasonic S 2000/HM1~230VUnitor Ultrasonic (USC) part& lter cleaner. 766923 Ultrasonic S 3300/HMUnitor Ultrasonic (USC) part & lter cleaner. Comes in (3~400V) / (3~440V). 766956Ergo 3000 Spray Gun Spare gun for Unitor HPC 67/1. 665158 Coupling Kit Ergo 3000Connection to multiple hoses. 546036High Pressure Hose 25M for 721520 / 721027Hose (HPC) for Unitor HPC Extreme 520. 721381 Heavy Duty Deck Hose 25MHose (High-pressure hose). 671792 Powerspeed AttachmentExtreme 520Rotating power nozzle. Increases cleaning impact with up to 50%. 721209 Rep KitRotating power nozzle repair kit 728915 Connecting nipple forextension hosesConnecting nipple for connecting multiple hoses when cleaning. 721936 Sandblasting KitWet sandblasting. 721175Jet Spray 10L SS Chemical cylinder used when spraying and application of chemical to surfaces. 572123 Grease Pump 50:1, For 20kg DrumsPump655530 2:1 Chemical Pump Sst316 Pump718890Double Diaphragm Pump515 PolyPump634787 Hurricane 73 Pump732289 1:1 Oil Pump W/Spout Pump778893 Ofshore Rig  06 Accommodation Area Cleaning Keeping kitchen, rest rooms, laundry and accommodation areas clean in order to reduce the risk of infections and diseases is vital to ensure occupational health and safety. We supply detergents, bio-chemicals and related mixing equipment that have been specially adapted for these essential cleaning tasks. For personal care, we provide hand cleaners, sanitizer and skin protection products. In addition, we offer a range of chemicals for sewage treatment. More specifically, we provide defoamers, flocculants and bio-chemicals that optimize biological activity in sewage treatment plants and its associated systems. Ofshore Rig ProductProduct InformationProduct Number Aquabreak Px 25 LtrAccommodation multi-purpose cleaner. 575613 Easyclean Window & Mirror 10 Ltr Accommodation cleaner of surfaces such as windows, mirrors and glossy surfaces in galley/accommodation areas. 778847 Easyclean Floor & Hard Surface 10Ltr Accommodation cleaner of surfaces such as oor and other hard surface. The product is EU ower ecolabelled. 778843 Easyclean Cleaning & Disinfection 10LtrAccommodation cleaner/disinfection agent with outstanding bacterial performance for your accommodation areas. 778845 Easyclean Soft Surface & Spot 10Ltr Accommodation cleaner which deodorizes and sanitizes soft surfaces like carpets, furniture upholstery etc. 778849 Easyclean Oven & Grill 6 x 0,6LtrKitchen general purpose cleaner with heavy duty alkaline agents for oven & grill cleaning. 778860 Easyclean Dishwashing Liquid Manual 12 x 1LtrKitchen dishwasher detergent cleaner intended for manual dishwashing. 778864 Easyclean Laundry Tablet Pack 12 x 30 tabsLaundry detergent tablet for optimum cleaning and dosage control when washing. 778883 Easyclean Laundry Tablets(Conditioner) 4 x 5LtrLaundry conditioner formulated to prevent static electricity, reduce wrinkling and softening the bers when washing. 778869 Easyclean Basin & Toilet Bowl 10Ltr Toilet and basin liquid cleaner that safely cleans and removes rust, hard water stains and other deposits from basins and toilets. 778851 Gamazyme TDS 5 Kg Blue Sach W/MintToilet descaler (biochemical) for removal of urine scale in restrooms/bathroms etc. 743146 Gamazyme Btc 12 X 1 LtrToilet, sink and shower cleaner with biological active liquid formulation. 589945 Bilgewater Flocculant 25 LtrSewage treatment in liquid form. The treatment is based on PAC. 690669 Gamazyme 700fn 12kgSewage waste treatment in concentrated biologically active powder (gamazyme) form. 571711 Gamazyme Digestor 20 Ltr BibSewage treatment (gamazyme) which increase organic degradation performance. 624015 Gamazyme Dpc 4.0 KgSewage treatment (gamazyme) formulated to degrade excess residual organic waste. 587055 Defoamer Concentr. 25 LtrSewage treatment defoamer used to reduce foam during sewage system treatments. 661843 Easyclean Hand Soap D 6 x 2LtrSoap in gel form for general hand cleaning purposes. 778858 Natural Hand Cleaner 4X5LSoap for heavy duty hand cleaning, sanitation and bacteria protection. 571752 Easyclean Hand Barrier Cream WET 12 x 250mlLotion which protects against water-based materials and contaminants. 778875 Easyclean Hand Barrier Cream DRY 12 x 250mlLotion which protects against solvent and oil-based contaminants. 778877 Easyclean After Work Lotion 12 x 250mlLotion which prevents dry/cracked skin and leaves the skin moisturized and supple. 778879 Easyclean Hand Sanitizer 6 x 2LtrLotion with chlorhexidine formulation that is alcohol-free, sanitizing and moisturising. 778856 Unitor Hand Care Dispens.Soap and sanitizer dispenser. 778841 Unitor Mixing Station 4-4Mixing Station of chemicals. 778844 Unitor Mixing Station 4-14Mixing Station of chemicals. 778833Unitor Cleaning Station 2 Cleaning station and mixer. 778822 Ofshore Rig Water Solutions Base Range
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