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  Ten Days Research Methodology Course in Social Science Organized by Talasamudaayagala Adhyayana Kendra (Marginalized Community Study Center) Center for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), National LawSchool of India University (NLSIU) an!alore takaSonsored by !ndian Council o Social Science Research (!CSSR  )Date# $% to &' Aril &$ *enue#  National Law School of India University (NLSIU) an!alore Organized by ar!inali#ed Co$$unity Study Center (%alasa$udaaya!ala dhyayana 'endra) Center for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP), National Law School of India University (NLSIU) an!alore  Concet +ote on theTen Days Research Methodology Course in Social Science  esearch is an inte!ral art of the !rowth and exansion of social sciences* Its i$ortance isenhanced $uch $ore in the $odern, !lo+ali#ed society where develo$ent has attainedadditional di$ensions* Social Science esearch faces the challen!e to thorou!hly eui itself to$eet the ever !rowin! needs of the society that is transfor$in! at a raid ace* -ften,de$arcations (into rural, ur+an and cast, !ender etc) are +lurred +y the advance$ent intechnolo!y and chan!in! socio.econo$ic scenario* Societal ro+le$s are assu$in! wide.ran!in!co$lexities* Under these circu$stances, it is necessary to aroach research fro$ a reli$inaryand syste$atic understandin! of the $ethods in social science research is an essential art of social science research and over a eriod of ti$e, the $ethods have exanded enor$ously intheir scoe and alication*  Marginalized Community Methodology#   ar!inali#ed Co$$unity constitute a+out half of the oulation and there is a shift in thin/in! a+out ar!inali#ed Co$$unity role indevelo$ent* %he new ideas su!!ested that develo$ent was only $ade ossi+le +y theinvolve$ent of wo$en in develo$ent ro0ects* Secondly, there is a relationshi +etween ar!inali#ed Co$$unity, and the wor/ that they erfor$ in their societies as econo$ic a!entsin +oth the u+lic and do$estic sheres* It also e$hasi#es the distinctive nature of the roleswo$en lay in the $aintenance and develo$ent of their societies, with the understandin! that urely the inte!ration of ar!inali#ed Co$$unity into develo$ent efforts would serve toeli$inate the existin! structures of ineuality resent in societies overrun +y atriarchal interests* Ob,ecti-es of the course will address so$e of these issues and serve as a foru$ for students tointeract and exchan!e notes on their on!oin! wor/* It see/s to exose research scholars to a) anunderstandin! of cate!ories li/e $ethod, $ethodolo!y and theoretical ersectives +) critical ersectives on assu$tions underlyin! do$inant strands of research c) the idea of validity of $ethod in ositivist and interretive fra$ewor/s and d) recent develo$ents in the hilosohyof social science research*  Themes 1*Nature of /nowled!e and theory2 theoretical aroaches to social science research3*%he art of doin! research2 selection of a research ro+le$2 research desi!n4 for$ulatin! hyotheses and indicators4 $ethods of sa$lin! and inference5*Statistics and econo$etrics with hands.on exeriences46*7ualitative and uantitative $ethods4 Ethno!rahic studies4 case study4 New advances in $ethods of social science research48*Ethical and !ender issues in social science research4 ction esearch49*Interretin! research4:*Consolidation of research findin!s, research reort and disse$ination;*Exosure of statistical ac/a!es li/e SPSS, S%% etc*     !n-iting Alication lications are invited fro$ the $ days   Research Methodology Course in Social Science. Ph< scholars=researchers=youn! thin/ tan/s fro$ various Universities= colle!es andinstitutions* -nly 5> seats are availa+le for the course* !n rescribed orm and send it to theaddress gi-en belo/ by $ st  Aril &$. Scanned alications $ay +e sent throu!h e$ail2chandru*$alur?!$ail*co$, followed +y hard coy of the alication* e!istration for$ canalso +e downloaded fro$ the university we+site /// %he duly filled in re!istrationfor$ $ust +e acco$anied with the followin! enclosures2 (1) rief C@ of the alicant (3)Ph*<* re!istration=suortive docu$ents (5) Caste Certificate (6) Ph*<* synosis ( ini$u$8>> words) it well ublished by 0i-ing sociology 1uarterly international ,ournal (!SS+)Registration 2ee# %here is no re!istration fee* Tra-el and accommodation %he selected outstation articiants will !et rei$+urse$ent of travel train sleeer class fare +ythe shortest route on roduction of tic/ets* Aree oardin! and cco$$odation will +e rovided to the articiants in the National Law School of India University   About +ational 0a/ School o !ndia 3ni-ersity  National Law School of India University Situated a+out 1> '$s fro$ an!alore Cityrailway station %he National Law School is now a ca$us sread over 35 acres in idyllic settin!*It is aroacha+le easy fro$ the Na!ar+havi end of the an!alore UniversityBs nana harathiCa$us* %he Law School is a fully residential university with indeendent residential facilitiesfor $en and wo$en students, the Aaculty and non teachin! staff* Dith all its 8>> odd studentsfro$ all over India, the faculty and non teachin! staff residin! on the sa$e ca$us it is li/e a$iniature India* Dith such interaction co$es the !reater need to ad0ust and share oinions, anoutloo/ reuire for +uddin! lawyers* esidin! on ca$us will thus ena+le the students toenhance their hori#on and acuire i$ortant inter.ersonal s/ills* Ca$us2 %he first +uildin! on the ca$us arrived in 13 and today it has the cade$ic loc/,three Falls of esidence for $en and wo$en students, two hostels for ost.!raduate wo$enstudents, three +loc/s of Aaculty 7uarters and two +loc/s of residences as uarters for nonteachin! staff* n International %rainin! Center, with residential facilities, euied for or!ani#in! trainin! ro!ra$s, se$inars and video conferences is art of the ca$us* About Center or the Study o Social 45clusion and !nclusi-e 6olicy (CSS4!6)  Aounded in 3>>; +y an initiative of the University Grants Co$$ission, the Center for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) ro$otes interdiscilinary researchon the different for$s of social $ar!inality and exclusion in India* esides* CSSEIP underta/esacade$ic, le!al and olicy research with a secial focus on caste, tri+al and reli!ious $inoritieswith an active co$$it$ent to furtherin! de$ocratic ractices* Encoura!e interdiscilinaryresearch on the dyna$ics of social exclusion and contri+ution to acade$ic de+ates in socialscience and le!al scholarshi* <evelo concetual fra$ewor/s that are reflexive of IndiaBs socio.cultural realities and exand the sace of intellectual discourse* ssist law and olicy $a/ers inthe rearation and critical evaluation of le!islations and olicies relatin! to the sociallyexcluded co$$unities* <isse$inate infor$ation on social exclusion issues throu!h u+lication  of 0ournals, +oo/s, research aers and reorts and stren!then critical u+lic discourses in India*Provide trainin!, research and advisory services to !overn$ent, non.!overn$ent and other a!encies, +oth national and international in olicy for$ulation and i$le$entation* Talasamudaayagala Adhyayana Kendra  %alasa$udaaya!ala dhyayana 'endra of National Law school of India University,an!alore is esta+lished as art of the Social Delfare <eart$entHs co$$it$ent for thedevelo$ent of Schedule Castes, Schedule %ri+es and -ther ac/ward Classes for research andextension related to olicy chan!es i$actin! the $ar!inali#ed co$$unities* %alasa$udaaya!aladhyayana 'endra has conducted studies related to +ud!et resented +y and ta/en u studiesrelated to develo$ent of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled %ri+es in 'arnata/a*<efinin! the ter$ Su+altern ClassH in a +road concet was the fore$ost riority* lso,this aer intended to exand the definition of his concet to include socially $ar!inali#ed andi!nored sections of the society rather than $erely referrin! to wor/in! class or suressedclasses* %herefore, it was i$erative to define what is Su+altern, who should +e included in thiscate!ory and +rin! in $ore clarity to this concet* art fro$ this, the aer wanted to safe!uardthis concet fro$ +ein! interreted in extre$e ro!ressive as well as conservative context* Su+altern classes are the essential co$$unities which are reuired for the s$ooth conduct of thesociety* %hey are i!nored, oressed and exloited classes too* %he Centre %alaSa$udaya!aladhyayana 'endra, has +een wor/in! in order to identify su+altern classes throu!hanthroolo!ical, econo$ical, social and interdiscilinary $ethods* %o $a/e this concet $oreinclusive, the Centre had to +uild a !ood raort and constant interaction with the socially$ar!inali#ed co$$unities and $a/e the$ involved in the research studies that were to +eunderta/en +y it* !mortant Dates# Last date of receit of alication for$2 $ Aril7 &$ ccetation of Particiant to +e co$$unicated2 & Aril7 &$ Dor/sho <ate2 1 % to &' Aril 7 &$ Organizing Commitee 6ro R *enkatarao @ice.Chancellor  National Law Colle!e of IndiaUniversity, an!alore* 6ro O.*.+andimutt  e!istrar  National Law School of India University, an!alore 6ro 8abu Matthe/ <irector   asters Pro!ra$$e in Pu+lic Policy,  National Law School of India University<r* *'* a$eshProfessor of Law National Law School of IndiaUniversity , Na!ar+havi, an!alore<r* Sony Pelliserry <irector Center for the Study of SocialExclusion & Inclusive Policy National Law School of IndiaUniversity Prof Pradee a$avath  Coordinator %alasa$udaaya!ala dhyayana 'endra, Center for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy  National Law School of India University 2or Details Contact# Dr.R.* Chandarshekar Course Director RMCSS/ ssistant Professor %alasa$udaaya!ala dhyayana 'endra, Center for the Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy , NationalLaw School of India University, Na!ar+havi, an!alore . 89> >363Chandru*$alur?!$ail*co$,, o+* 6;33331;6 ,
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