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  Department of Computer Science and Engineering B. Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering -Full Time List of subjects identified for the above course: Semester No: 3 - Theory:   Course CodeCourse Title LTP c BCS201Data Structures & Algorithms304   BCS203Object Oriented Programming304BMA213Discrete Mathematics304BMA203Mathematics III304BEC231Electron devices and Circuits304BEE231Electrical Engineering304BCS221Data Structures Using C++0031BEC241Electron Devices & Circuit Lab0031 Credits: 26 BMA213 is the equivalent of BMA204 offered as per the previous syllabusBEC231 is the equivalent of BEC211 offered as per the previous syllabusBEE231 is the equivalent of BEE211 offered as per the previous syllabus.BCS221 is the equivalent of BCS222 offered as per the previous syllabusBEC241 is the equivalent of BEC221 offered as per the previous syllabus Semester No: 4 - Theory   Course CodeCourse TitleLTp c BCS202Data Base Management Systems3104   BCS204Artificial Intelligence3003BCS206Computer Graphics & Multimedia3104BMA202Mathematics IV3104BEC232Basic Principles of Communication3003BEC234Digital Electronics3003BCS206 is the equivalent of BCS205BMA202 is the equivalent of BMA21BEC232 is the equivalent of BEC214BEC234 is the equivalent of BEC202BCS222 is the equivalent of BCS221BEC244 is the equivalent of BEC233BEC224 is the equivalent of BEC223offered as per the previous syllabus 5offered as per the previous syllabusoffered as per the previous syllabusoffered as per the previous syllabusoffered as per the previous syllabusoffered as per the previous syllabusoffered as per the previous syllabus Credits: 24Semester No: 5 - Theory:   Course CodeCourse TitleLT BCS301System Software310 4 BCS303Computer Architecture310 4 BCS305Advanced Java Programming300 3 BCS307Operating Systems300 3 BCS309Software Engineering300 3 BEC333Microprocessor and Applications310 4Practical: BCS321Operating Systems Lab0031BEC341Microprocessor and peripheral interfacing lab0031 Credits: 23Semester No: 6 - Theory   Course CodeCourse TitleLTp c BCS302Computer Networks3003   BCS304Principles of Compiler design3003BCS306Web Technology3003BEC304Digital Signal Processing3104BCSE02/BCSE04BCSE06/BCSE08BCSE10/BCSE12Elective I3003BCSE14/BCSE16BCSE18/BCSE20BCSE22/BCSE24Elective II3003(1) Practical: BCS322Network Programming Lab0031BCS324System Software and Compiler Design Lab0031BCS326Three tier Application Project0031 Credits: 22(1) 10 BCS222DBMS Lab0031BEC244Digital Electronics Lab0031BCS224In-plant Training0031 Practical:  Semester No: 7 - Theory:Course CodeCOURSE TITLELTp c BCS401Software Quality and Testing3104BCS403. Net Framework3003BCS405Object Oriented System Analysis and Design3003BCS407Data Mining and Data Warehousing3003BCSE01/BCSE03BCSE05/BCSE07BCSE09/BCSE11Elective III3003(1)BCSE13/BCSE15BCSE17/BCSE19BCSE21/BCSE23Elective IV3003(1) Practical: BCS421. Net Lab0031BCS423Comprehension0002BCS425Project (Phase -1)0042BCS427Software System Development Lab with IBM Rational Rose0031 Credits: 25(2)Semester No: 8-Theory:Course CodeCOURSE TITLELTp c   BMG402Principles of Management3003BCSE26/BCSE28/Elective V Or Special Elective -I3003(1)BCSE40/BCSE42/BCSE44/BCSE46/BCSE48/BCSE50/Elective VI Or Special Elective - II3003(1) Practical: BCS422 List of Electives PROJECT (Phase - II)12 Credits: 15(2)Total Credits: 135(5)ELECTIVE - 1 6 1 SEMESTER  BCSE02PRINCIPLES OF PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES3003BCSE04ALGORTHIMIC GRAPH THEORY3003BCSE06DESIGN OF ALGORITHMS3003BCSE08UNIX INTERNALS3003BCSE10BUSINESS COMMUNICATION3003BCSE12ADVANCED OPERATING SYSTEM3003 ELECTIVE - II 6 m SEMESTER  BCSE14HIGH PERFORMANCE MICROPROCESSOR3003BCSE16ADVANCED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING3003BCSE18COMPUTER PERIPHERALS AND INTERFACING3003BCSE20DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM3003BCSE22EMBEDDED SYSTEMS3003BCSE24DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING3003 ELECTIVE -III 7 1H SEMESTER  BCSE01DISTRIBUTED OBJECTS3003BCSE03TCP/IP DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION3104BCSE05NETWORK SECURITY & MANAGEMENT3104BCSE07NEURAL COMPUTING3003BCSE09VLSI3104BCSE11DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING3003 7 1 SEMESTER  BCSE13MOBILE AND WIRLELESS NETWORKS3003BCSE15PARALLEL PROCESSING3003BCSE17BIO-INFORMATICS3003BCSE19THEORY OF COMPUTATION3003BCSE21NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING3003BCSE23VISUAL PROGRAMMING3104BCSE25PATTERN RECOGNITION3003 8 m SEMESTER  BCSE26E - COMMERCE3003BCSE28TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT3003BCSE30MAIN FRAME COMPUTING3003BCSE32ADVANCED DATABASES3003BCSE34ATM NETWORKS3003BCSE36CUSTOM COMPUTING3003 ELECTIVE IVELECTIVE - V  11  BCSE38SPECIAL ELECTIVE - 1 0(1)   3(1) ELECTIVE - VI BCSE40FAULT TOLERANT SYSTEMS3003BCSE42SOFT COMPUTING3003BCSE44ROBOTICS3003BCSE46REALTIME SYSTEMS3003BCSE48MAN MACHINE INTERFACE3003BCSE50MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM3003BCSE52SPECIAL ELECTIVE - II30(1)03(1) BMA203Mathematics — III1 0 Laplace Transforms9 Transforms of simple functions -properties - Transforms of derivatives and integrals - Initial and Final value theorems - In verse transforms-Convolution theorem - Periodic functions - Applications - linear ordinary differential equations - Integral Equations. Complex variables9 Analytical Functions - Cauchy Riemann equations in Cartesian &Polar Coordinates - Properties of analytical functions - Construction of analyticalfunctions - Conformal mappings - standard types - Bilinear - Christoffel and joukowski transformation. Complex Integration9 Cauchy's integral theorem -integral Formulae - Taylor's and Laurent's series - Residues, Cauchy's residue theorem - Contour Integration around thecircle and semi-circular. Theory Of Sampling And Tests Of Hypothesis9 Theory of sampling - Types of sampling - Random - Stratified - Systematic -Test of hypothesis - Large sample - Test of significance -proportion -Difference of proportions - single mean - and variances, small sample - Students 't' test - single mean - Difference of means -Paired 't' test - F's test- Difference of variance, exact. Sample - Chi -square test - Goodness of fit - Independence of attributes. Design of Experiments9 Analysis of variance - One way Classification - Two way classification (with one observation per cell) - Two way classification with one and K observations per cell, Design of experiments - Completely Randomized Design (CBD) - Randomized block Design(RBD) - Efficiency of RBDover CRBD - Estimation of missing value by RBD - Latin square Design (LSD) Text Books:1) B.S. Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics (35 th Edn.)- Khanna Publishers Delhi (2000).2)E. Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics (8 th Edn.), - John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Print. Ltd., Singapore (2001). Reference:1) P.Kandaswamy, K.Thilakavathy and K. Gunavathy, Engineering Mathematics Vol I & II S. -Chand & Co Publishers - (1998).2)S.Narayanan,T.K.ManikavachagamPillai,andG.Ramanaiah,AdvancedMathematicsforEngineeringStudents-VolI(2 ntl Edn.).3)M.K.Venkatraman, Engineering Mathematics - III - National Publishing Company, Chennai (2° Edn.),( 2000). ELECTRON DEVICES AND CIRCUITSSemiconductor devices Semiconductor-Materials-PN-Junctiondiode-BJT-FET-VICharacteristics-Rectifiers-Zenerdiode-Voltage regulators 049Amplifiers9 Transistor biasing-self biasing-DC and AC analysis of CE, CB and CC. Amplifiers, Current gain, voltage gain-frequency response-power amplifiers Feed Back Amplifiers and Oscillators9  Negative feedback-Effect-Types-positive feedback-Berkhausen criteria-Oscillators-RC Phase shift-Wein Bridge-Hartley-Collpit's -analysis Operational Amplifier and Applications9 Operational amplifier Ideal characteristics-Applications-Current to voltage, Voltage to current converters, Arithmeticcircuitc-Adder, Subtractor,Multiplier, Differentiator and Integrator. Inverting and Non-inverting amplifiers-Buffer  Mulivibrators and Timers9 555 Timer-Block diagram-Monostable-Bistable and Astable, multivibrator using 555 Text Book: 1.Floyd, Electronic Device -Pearson Education-6th edition 20032.David A. Bell Electronic Devices and Circuits , Prentice Hall of India References: 1. Milman and Halkias Integrated Electronic , TMH, 19852.Boyle stad Nashelsky, Electronic Devices and Circuit theory , PHI BCS201DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMSLinear Data Structures Stacks, Queues & Lists Implementation and Applications, Singly linked list-Doubly linked lists. 049Nonlinear Data Structures9 Trees - Binary Trees - Binary Search Tree - Tree Traversals - AVL Trees Algorithm Analysis9 Sorting and searching -space complexity-time complexity-Big Oh-Binary Searching-analysis-Quick sort-Heap sort-Merge sort-Analysis Graph algorithms Graph operations-DFS-BFS-Minimum cost spanning tree-Krushkal's algorithm-Prim's Algorithm 12 8 1H SEMESTER    BEC231
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