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  DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING B.Tech Computer Science and Enineerin For Student! admitted rom #$%& on'ard! PRE(RE)UISITES AND CO(RE(RE)UISITES Pre-Requisite 15IT303J Computer Networks 15CS334E Network Programming 15CS336E Network Routing Algorithms 15CS428E Optical Networks 15CS432E Data Centric Networks 15CS335E Computer Forensics 15CS202 Digital System Design or 15IT212J Computer Organization & Architecture 15CS205J Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 15CS204J Algorithm Design and Analysis 15CS201J Data Structures 15CS333E Biometrics 15CS325E Digital Image Processing 15CS314J Compiler Design 15CS301 Theory of Computation   Department of Computer Science and Engineering B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering For Students admitted from 2015 onwards rere!uisites and Co re!uisites Courses Course Code Course Tit e rere!uisite course Co re!uisite courses 15CS205J Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 15CS202 / 15IT212J Nil 15CS204J Algorithm Design and Analysis 15CS201J Nil 15CS314J Compiler Design 15CS301 Nil 15CS333E Biometrics 15CS325E Nil 15CS334E Network Programming 15IT303J Nil 15CS336E Network Routing Algorithms 15IT303J Nil 15CS428E Optical Networks 15IT303J Nil 15CS432E Data Centric Networks 15IT303J Nil 15CS335E Computer Forensics 15IT303J Nil
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