Build a dynamic local community news resource on Twitter in one hour

1. page Build a dynamic local community news resource on Twitter in one hour Patrick Kitano Managing Principal Domus Consulting Group 2. page Opportunity: Your community…
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  • 1. page Build a dynamic local community news resource on Twitter in one hour Patrick Kitano Managing Principal Domus Consulting Group
  • 2. page Opportunity: Your community wants local breaking news Gone!
  • 3. page Mission: Provide your community with this news and spend less than 10 minutes per week maintaining it!
  • 4. page First, create a Twitter feed based on your city or community name
  • 5. page Next, automate your Twitter feed to broadcast local breaking news using local RSS news and blog feeds Sports News Events Arts
  • 6. page So, let’s find the best RSS feeds in, say, Los Angeles. Three sources of local news feeds are: <ul><li>Mass media </li></ul><ul><li>Local blog sources </li></ul><ul><li>Search of local Los Angeles news sources </li></ul>
  • 7. page Mass media All online media sources have a page of RSS feeds - find it
  • 8. page Mass media Find local interest feeds. Don’t use feeds that update continuously by the minute Too prolific! Will drive your readers crazy… Everybody likes restaurant reviews
  • 9. page Local blog sources and many local newspapers carry local blogs. They all have RSS feeds
  • 10. page Google There are a lot of independent local blogs - find them using search engines Use Google Blogsearch to find blogs
  • 11. page Here’s a good LA Restaurant blogger we’ll use as the example for adding local Twitter feeds Copy the RSS link
  • 12. page Use to aggregate RSS feeds for broadcast through your Twitter account Sports columnist Politics Local news
  • 13. page After logging into, click “Create New Feed” button
  • 14. page After authenticating your Twitter account in Step 1, input the target feed in Step 2 Paste link you copied and click “Create Feed”
  • 15. page Add as many good local RSS feeds as you want
  • 16. page After adding the RSS feeds, check your new Twitter account to confirm it’s averaging about 8-15 high quality tweets per day Does the content have a personal, not a “robotic” feel?
  • 17. page Next, make your new Twitter account a compelling reference resource with local Twitter Lists This is what your community wants!
  • 18. page Your Twitter Lists aggregate the best Twitter feeds for events, sports and food, etc. in the city
  • 19. page How do you find good Twitter feeds for your Lists? Click “Find People”
  • 20. page Search for your city, and find local Twitterers
  • 21. page Add good Twitter feeds to the appropriate List
  • 22. page Tip: Find a good local Twitter List and add those Tweets to your Lists
  • 23. page Within an hour, you should have developed a local Twitter resource that your community will follow
  • 24. page Benefits: Engaging your community builds your online presence in the community Adding Twitterers to your Lists evokes good will and recognition.
  • 25. page Benefits: Your community Twitter feed is automated and low maintenance! Be sure to occasionally add your own local Tweets and add more Twitterers to your LIsts
  • 26. page Tip: Develop a Breaking News site* for your city to link to your local Twitter feed * Contact us for details
  • 27. page Benefits: Your community will thank you for spending one hour to develop this resource
  • 28. page Resources: Links to slideshows of other automated Community Engagement systems: Posterous is the new blog Breaking News Network If you build a local breaking news Twitter site with this tutorial, let us know @pkitano and we’ll LIST it!
  • 29. page Domus Consulting Group develops automated award winning social media systems that work Domus Consulting Group Patrick Kitano Managing Principal [email_address] (415) 573-2481
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