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  CURRICULUM VIT E Nama : Andi Wijaya Tempat / Tanggal Lahir  : Klaten, 2 Juli 1936 Alamat : Kantor Pusat BandunLaboratorium Klinik ProdiaJl. Cisangkuy No. 2 Bandung –40114Telp. : 022 –723.4210, 723.4201Fax. : 022 –723.4183Email :   enan 1.SarjanaFarmasi/ Apoteker(ITB / 1963)2.PhD(Universitasof Munster / 1978). 4.MBA (UCLA/USA/1986)   1.KetuaProgram StudiKimia Klinik/ BiomedikPascasarjanaUNHAS2.Komisaris Utama PT Prodia Group.  iPs Cells :   Andi Wijaya 2010.- 2   (iPS) Cells ã Cells generated by the over expression of  specific transcription factors in mouse or human  somatic cells  , which are  molecularly &  functionally highly similar to  ES cell  counterparts .- 3   ES & iPS Cells In Regenerative Medicine ã  Although  ES cells are  promising donor sources in  cell transplantation therapies  , they face immune rejection after transplantation & there are ethical issues regarding the usage of human emryos.- ã These concerns may be overcome by using iPS  cells  , that can be directly derived from  pts’  somatic cells .- 4 Yamanaka et al, Nature 2007
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