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  Running head: MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH 1  MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH 2AbstractThis paper discuss about the oti!ationa" approach# Approach that needs to be address b$ anagers on oti!ating ep"o$ee as ep"o$ee in a business a$ coe up %ith a ne% idea# This paper a"so discuss about the a"ternati!e on ho% ep"o$ee react to their anager reaction %hen their idea is not ac&no%"edge# 'ene(it on adopting di((erent oti!ationa" approach is a"so discussed#  Keywords: icroanageent) oti!ationa" approach) anager   MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH *Moti!ationa" ApproachAn$ indi!idua" responsib"e (or peop"e) resource or decision a&ing can be tered as anager +,tipson - .ar/uharson) 2010# The anager on anaging resources and a&ing decision are "i&e"$ to adopt di((erent oti!ationa" approaches# Motivational approach used by Mr. Ferrell The oti!ationa" approach used b$ Mr# .erre"" is Mcregor3s Theor$ 4 o( oti!ationa" approach on adopting icroanageent st$"e# Microanager %atches their ep"o$ee c"ose"$ %hat the$ do) te""ing their sub5ordinate %hat to do as the$ anager "ac& be"ie( in the +6i"&ins) 2017#A$ being ne% to the business) it3s hard (or Mr# .erre"" to trust her though she has the e8perience o( %or&ing in super ar&et be(ore# On the 105hours training session (or t%o da$s she %or&ed under the super!ision o( Mr# .erre""# 'ut a"ong %ith the (u""5tie training session and  pre!ious %or& e8perience Mr# .erre"" sees to ha!e "ac& o( con(idence in her %or& %hereas its /uite opposite in the case o( A$# A$3s 9ob %hich %as o( store3s recei!ing c"er&) here she cou"d not do an$thing un"ess Mr# .erre""3s inspect a"" the paper %or& and detai"s %hich sho%s "ac& o( trust in anager# A$3s ne% 9ob design %hich inc"uded printing paper%or& b$ cobining se!era" (ors into one %as cheaper and tie sa!ing ethod %as not ac&no%"edged b$ Mr# .erre""# On his arri!a" to stores he began his inspection coparing the ites on chec&"ist %ith the ites "isted on a piece o( paper %hich he pu""ed out o( his poc&et#  MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH the beginning to the %ee&end o( A$ in!o"!eent) t%o %a$s o( counication ondiscussing the prosperit$ o( business is "ac&ing# On"$ coand and super!ision is a&ing Mr# .erre"" an autocratic "eader# Suggestion on alternative to Amy As A$3s proposa" is (ruit(u" not on"$ (or the organiation but (or the indi!idua" %or&ers a"so# Her 9ob design proposa" cou"d reduce the e8pense o( the business as %e"" as bene(it %or&er on sa!ing hour o( tie# I %ou"d suggest her tr$ to e8press her idea rather than reaining /uiet especia""$ %hen $ou are con(ident %ith $our 9ob design proposa"#Con!ersation %ith anager cou"d be unco(ortab"e con!ersation# At soe point there need to be counication %ith anager so the %a$ $ou approach to%ards the anager shou"d consist so"ution %ith c"ear stateent %ith e!idence# Ac&no%"edging the anager (ee"ing on agreeing his dissatis(action) anager a$ thin& the$ both are on the sae side# 6hen $ou get chance to counicate) it not a good idea to 9up to $our proposa"# ;ou can create the %or& scenario %here $our idea is ip"eented# Manager %i"" be not a%are on are sharing $our  proposa" as $ou are ha!ing in(ora" con!ersation %ith hi# This %a$ $ou can understand the anager3s point o( !ie% and %or& on $our idea i( soe ("a%s are there# The tiing approach ade b$ A$ %as not appropriate# ,he cou"d ha!e ade her proposa" on di((erent schedu"e#6hi"e tr$ing e!er$ possibi"it$ on counicating %ith anager) anager a$ sho% attitude %hich a$ discourage $ou# In this scenario) %e shou"d not ta&e it persona""$) not doing itin the angr$ %a$) sho%ing positi!e attitude he"p $ou to gain respect %hen $ou sho% the there is prob"e#  MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH < Advice for the general manager Managers are one o( the iportant "eaders in a business# This anager can be good "eaders (or soe ep"o$ee but (or soe the$ ight not# I %ou"d ha!e ad!ice the genera" anager o( Right56a$3s ,uperar&et to change his oti!ationa" approach %hich is Mcregor3s Theor$ 4 approach) as anager (ocusing so uch on contro" and a""ocation o( resources and  peop"e o(ten (ai" to pro!ide sense o( purpose to%ards their subordinate#In this case) Mr# .erre"" didn3t ha!e con(idence in A$3s %or& e!en %hen A$ (e"t she &ne% the operation and procedures# At beginning it becoes hard (or e!er$ anager to trust ne%"$ hired ep"o$ees so obser!ing the (re/uent"$ on e!er$ aspect %on3t a((ect their oti!ation "e!e"# 'ut a(ter the 9ob training) i( anagers continued their e!a"uating approach) thenep"o$ees get deoti!ated %hen the$ sense "ac& o( trust (ro the anageent side#As anager) $ou need to account the (ee"ings (or the %e"(are o( co5%or&ers on eeting the business ob9ecti!es# =p"o$ees are one o( the ost iportant sta&eho"ders in a business +Ha"set) 1><2# ?ob securit$) hea"th sa(et$) pa$ing ore than iniu %age %on3t be enough to oti!ate the# In!o"!ing the in soe decision a&ing in order to ipro!e e((icienc$) custoer3s ser!ice and ac&no%"edging their %or& is iportant# On doing so) Mr# .erre"" cou"d adopt non5(inancia" ethods o( oti!ation such as 9ob rotation) 9ob en"argeent) 9ob enrichent)tea %or&ing) /ua"it$ circ"es) target setting) de"egation) epo%erent and participation %hich are "i&e"$ to be absence on adopting Mcregor3s theor$ 4 oti!ation approach +Nic&e"s) McHugh) - McHugh) 2012 #Research and sur!e$ ha!e sho%ed anager ac&no%"edging their ep"o$ee3s opinion not on"$ oti!ated ep"o$ee but in the ean tie organiation a"so ha!e "o% "abor turn5o!er# Here
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