Business Daily #1402 October 13, 2017

New York café culture arrives in Macau, piling up treat upon treat Consigliere Page 9Friday, October 13 2017 Year VI  Nr. 1402  MOP 6.00  Publisher…
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New York café culture arrives in Macau, piling up treat upon treat Consigliere Page 9Friday, October 13 2017 Year VI  Nr. 1402  MOP 6.00  Publisher Paulo A. Azevedo Closing Editor Oscar Guijarro  DisposalTransportationAsahi considering selling stake in Tsingtao BreweryTelcoBus fare hike designed to minimise gov’t subsidies Page 4Page 13www.macaubusiness.comCTM reduces international calls tariff Page 3CourtsSamsung's Jay Y. Lee’s court date first public appearance since August Page 12Legislation mooted for vulnerableLegislationA legislative proposal to strengthen official help for workers with disabilities. The plan offers to incentivise local companies hiring such workers. Whilst seeking to improve protection for the elderly in a rapidly ageing population. Page 3Fund clarifies aid conditionsNew Year’s wishMGM China CEO Grant Bowie hints at possible reasons for weaker Golden Week performance. With observations on the sector. Plus confirmation of opening of Cotai property.Financing A seminar was held yesterday to promote Chinese-Portuguese Speaking Countries Co-operation and Development Fund. Representatives elaborated upon conditions to obtain its help. Page 6Property magnate rules rich listMGM Page 2HK Hang Seng Index September 21, 2017 28,459.03 +69.46 (+0.24%) Worst PerformersGalaxy Entertainment Group+2.46%Geely Automobile Holdings+0.83%New World Development-3.50%Wharf Holdings Ltd/The-1.29%Sands China Ltd+1.28%CNOOC Ltd+0.74%AAC Technologies Holdings-2.02%Swire Pacific Ltd-1.21%Hengan International Group+1.01%Hang Seng Bank Ltd+0.71%CK Asset Holdings Ltd-2.01%CITIC Ltd-1.18%+0.51%China Merchants Port Hold--1.69%China Resources Power-1.12%Hang Lung Properties Ltd-1.50%China Resources Land Ltd-1.11%WH Group Ltd+0.89%Industrial & CommercialChina Unicom Hong Kong+0.87%Bank of China Ltd+0.50%25°  31° 23°  28° 22°  26° 22°  27° 23°  28° TodaySource: BloombergBest PerformersSatSunI SSN 2226-8294MonTUESource: AccuWeatherWealth Hurun Report ranks China’s rich and famous. Topped this time round by property magnate Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande. Valued at US$43 bln and beating out both Jack Ma and Pony Ma. Page 102    Business Daily Friday, October 13 2017MacauL-R MGM China CEO Grant Bowie, MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC Yuan Hengge, Director of MGM China Holdings Limited Pansy Ho, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam, Director-General of the Economic Affairs Department of the Liaison Office Liu Bin, Consul General of Germany in Hong Kong and Macau Dieter Lamlé and Chairman of the German Macau Business Association Tony Un MGM ChinaConfident despite challenges Cotai is a “new market” but MGM China ready to “climb whatever mountain we have put in front of us,” says CEO Kelsey Wilhelm kelsey.wilhelm@macaubusinessdaily.comChinese visitors potentially going further abroad to long-haul destinations could have been one of the reasons for visitation being “slightly down” during the Golden Week super holiday, according to MGM China CEO Grant Bowie. Despite the change, Bowie stated that more “normalised business operations” - in which there is “constant demand rather than really high highs” - is healthier for the company overall. The CEO reaffirmed the opening date of MGM Cotai of January 29 2018 in statements made at the opening of the 9th edition of Oktoberfest Macau at MGM 2017, held on the group’s Peninsula property, noting that “wewere hoping that we would actually have it [Oktoberfest] in Cotai this year, but because of the typhoon and those delays unfortunately you have to wait one more year”.Cotai“We all understand that Cotai is a new market for us,” said Bowie regarding the group’s arrival in the Cotai Strip and potential changes to its strategy, explaining that the company is currently best positioned for the upper premium marketplace but that its diversification and new entertainment offerings are “going to attract a greater number of leisure and tourist visitors”, adding the Cotai property is “perfectly positioned to achieve our goals.” The MGM China head also stated that it would have “nearly all of the significant operators that we allknow” in the property - regarding junkets, but that “we certainly will be opening only with mass tables”, only adding junkets “as we build out the property”. The delay in opening the property has also resulted in more costs, explained the CEO, noting the two-fold affect of the typhoon and “the need for us to get approvals” at a time when “services in Macau are heavily taxed” in the wake of Hato. The shutdown of the border gate’s shuttle bus terminal was also regarded as a real challenge, noted the CEO, adding “obviously we were not expecting such a dislocation as a result of the typhoon but we all have to work together and we just have to find solutions”. “We're given challenges and we find solutions and that’s a verypositive attribute about us,” he said, lauding the “very strong local team” MGM China has and that “we're prepared to climb whatever mountain we have put in front of us.”TragedyBowie lamented the shooting in Las Vegas, conducted from the Mandalay Bay - a property under the wing of MGM Resorts - noting that the group’s thoughts go out to those affected and their families, the public and “our friends and colleagues in Las Vegas”. “I think any organisation anywhere around the world learns lessons from those sorts of tragedies,” said Bowie, “and we've certainly done that. We continue to ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment for our team members and for our customers.”inner harbourPump station location for flooding selected The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has chosen Ponte 25 and 26 in the Inner Harbour area as the location for the water pump station, as revealed during a meeting held by the Central Community Service Advisory Committee on Wednesday, local broadcasterTDM Radio News has reported. The design and plan of the construction of the pumping station has already been completed and is currently awaiting approval. IACM believes construction can start in the second half of next year. IACM is planning to improve thefacilities of the current pumping station including the addition of backup power generator and remote alarm system with video surveillance. Previously, due to ongoing judicial proceedings as well as the historical value of the building, Ponte 23 wasabandoned as a location for the pumping station. The Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau will study suggestions for improving the wind speed checking system from hourly checks to every 10 minutes. C.U. advertisementSmart CityBig Data Centre for Zhuhai by 2020 The Big Data Centre of the neighbouring Chinese city of Zhuhai will be operational before the end of 2020, Chinese media Southern Daily has reported. Propelled by the strategy to build a national Big Data pilot zone on the Pearl River Delta, the Chinese city is striving to transform itself into a Smart City by introducing a Big Data system to nine areas covering administration, commerce and daily usage for residents. The city is also hoping to support start-ups and encourage start-up business by implementing a Big Data system, in addition to creating a public technical platform, experience halls and other facilities. Apart from the introduction of a Big Data Centre, the city is investing effort in other smart developmentssuch as Cloud computing. By 2020 yearend, the city is to introduce and cultivate three to five corporations relating to Big Data business and will create eight to ten innovative firms from the use of the Big Data system.Business Daily Friday, October 13 2017    3Macau Law proposalsPositive discrimination, with the right connotation The MSAR Government is proposing two laws to improve the life conditions of senior citizens and people with disabilities, providing fiscal benefits for companies warranting its efforts Sheyla Zandonai sheyla.zandonai@macaubusiness.comThe Macau SAR Government expects to reward local firms that recruit people with disabilities with MOP5,000 per worker per year to be deducted from the companies’ complementary income tax. The plan was presented at Government Headquarters yesterday as the framework for a law proposal to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly (AL) for evaluation. “We would like it to be discussed at AL as soon as possible,” said government spokesperson Leung Hing Teng. Companies would enjoy the fiscal benefit retroactively, starting from 2016. Mr. Leung confirmed that there is no type of tax exemption presently available for local companies on the grounds of the positive discrimination foreseen by the proposal. Currently, some 12,000 people with disabilities in the city are registered with the government, according to official information. “There are 325 people with disabilities working today in 78 companies,” said Mr. Leung. He added he did not have the data on hand about thenumber of people in that category working for the government. The framework presented during the session stipulates that people with disabilities hired by local firms should work, at least and cumulatively, 128 hours per month.Aging population, more rightsIn another law proposal also presented yesterday, the government is seeking to enhance guarantees regarding the rights and interests of senior residents. “Given the continuousincrease of the aging population, we foresee that the percentage of elderly people in the MSAR will reach 20.7 per cent of the total population by 2036,” said Mr. Leung. The proposal content was summarised in seven strands “based on principles [advocated] by the United Nations,” and emerged as “the result of a long process of public consultation,” the government spokesperson explained. The execution of policies to be implemented in relation to the matter will be co-ordinated by the Institute of Social Action (IAS). Overall, the main guidelines of the bill proposal comprise the reinforcement of legal mechanisms available for protecting senior citizens against offenders, mainly from family members and institutions in charge of their care, and the promotion of increased social participation of seniors. The proposal further suggests enhancing mechanisms of co-operation between public and private entities as well as establishing a role for IAS to intervene in litigation cases between the elderly and their families, involving matters such as food provision and property, through mediation. Speaking to the press, thePresident of IAS, Vong Yim Mui, said the government currently mobilises “different resources to give more support to the elderly,” including subsidies and pensions, arguing that the measures proposed in the framework “are quite new.” “The law would be a mechanism to provide additional support through a system of social protection,” she said. The government proposes the law, once approved, be effective 90 days after publication in the Official Gazette.Vehicle circulation taxEffective November 1, MSAR citizens will be able to print their motor vehicle road tax registration disc on designated government automatic services kiosks, following the revision of an administrative regulation presented yesterday. The motor vehicle road registration tax is paid between January and March every year through the Transport Bureau (DSAT). In addition to the abovementioned kiosks, DSAT makes the service available at its three service areas, the Financial Services Bureau (DSF), the Macao Post and Telecommunication Bureaus (CTT) plus several branches of nine banks operating in the city.TelecommunicationsIDD tariff charges reduced to favour national strategic connections CTM has also announced a cheaper roaming service in Mainland China For users to send SMS and data usage in Mainland China, the charge would be MOP0.9 per SMS and MB (megabyte), respectively. As such, the new arrangement would result in a 20 per cent to 92 per cent decrease. Concurrently, CTM has already launched the Greater China Share Data Plan for frequent travellers to the Four Places of the Cross Strait. Replying to press enquiries, Cham said CTM is striving to make a reduction arrangement review for both international and local private lines by the first half of next year.Cecilia U cecilia.u@macaubusinessdaily.comYesterday, Companhia de Telecomunicaçōes de Macau (CTM) announced a reduction scheme for its IDD (International Direct Dialing) service to deepen civic and commercial connections between Macau and regions included in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative as well as Portuguese-speaking countries. The new reduction scheme, which will be implemented on December 8, will offer an average reduction rate of up to 45 per cent to a total of 232 countries and destinations, explained Ebel Cham Pou I, the Commercial Vice-president of CTM, during the press conference yesterday. Some regions will even enjoy a reduction of as much as 86 per cent. Further introduced by Jacob Iu, CTM’s Director of Marketing, the scheme simplifies charges with categories of different price zones based upon the IDD regions and countries; namely, ‘1 dollar, 2 dollars, 3 dollars, 5 dollars and 9 dollars’ price zones. CTM provides 99 per cent coverage of the overall IDD traffic that are 1 dollar and 2 dollars zones. Most of the popular IDD destinations such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, America, Canada, England, Portugal and the Philippines are within the 1 and 2Falling IDD users A moment of the press conference yesterdaydollars zones. Meanwhile, the majority of the Portuguese-speaking and ‘Belt and Road’ countries lie in zones that are under 5 dollars. In addition, a 30 per cent discount is to be applied to the IDD050 service. Cham said the scheme is awaiting the final approval of the government. “But since there were previously already several press reports about the scheme, we decided to officially announce and explain the details to the press at an earlier time,” said Cham.Integrated charges for Mainland coverageAs well as the reduction of IDD charges, CTM announced the reduction of roaming services to Mainland China that will be implemented for mobile service subscribers. To be implemented on October 31, the scheme for the Mainland coverage will have integrated charges, with MOP1.9 per minute for all conditions, namely local calls on the Mainland, call back to Macau from Mainland China and receiving incoming calls on the Mainland.Meanwhile, Cham said the number of both landline and mobile IDD users is constantly dropping, while adding that the decline for commercial IDD users is slower by comparison. “We believe that via the new scheme [...] the level of competition for commercial firms [for those that are related to the Belt and Road and Portuguese-speaking countries] to be more competitive,” commented Cham. Prior to the announcement of the new scheme, CTM had already rolled out the tariff reduction for Internet, local and international leased line circuit in the fourth quarter of last year.4    Business Daily Friday, October 13 2017Macau OpinionPedro Cortés*Negative discrimination The ultimate measure under discussion in Macau is the enlightened proposal which may discriminate between residents and non-residents for the purpose of bus fares. The proposal made by the Traffic Department (DSAT) seems to have been welcomed by our Secretary for Public Works and Transportation. A supporter of the Secretary in many of his measures, I am free to say that in this case I am shocked at the support proffered by DSAT for such a totally unfounded proposal which not only reeks of a third world environment but totally contravenes the Basic Law of Macau. Article 43 of our mini-constitution states: ‘Persons in the Macao Special Administrative Region other than Macao residents shall, in accordance with law, enjoy the rights and freedoms of Macao residents prescribed in this Chapter [Fundamental Rights]’. Hence, all Macau citizens (residents and non-residents) must have the same fundamental rights, in which is included the right to free movement within Macau and to not be discriminated against in such a basic service. Those non-resident workers who may, under this proposal, pay more to take a bus than residents, are the same who have helped clean Macau in the aftermath of Hato. Some of them also saved the lives of Macau residents. And all of them pay professional tax at the same rate as Macau residents. Not all of them have the same monthly salary as Macau residents who, because they have a green and white Macau Identification Card, have better salaries and other conditions. Some of them are even hired just because of the said magic card. Unlike the privileged Macau residents, whose families in most of cases were not born in Macau, non-resident workers are far from home in a place they love. Unlike residents, who just because of that condition consider they have all rights and no duties, non-residents have a daily sword above their heads – if they are fired, they have a few days to leave Macau. So, please, once and for all, stop proposing this type of measure otherwise you may be pledging the future of our beloved Region. Instead of that, what should be proposed is a true policy of future transportation where all of us - residents, non-residents and tourists - would not have to think twice before going to the streets or waving our hand to get a taxi. Macau is not the exclusive right of its residents. Macau has always been a welcoming place for all cultures, origins, creeds. A place where a human being can feel comfortable among equals. Do not contribute to the end of the dream so many of us share.*lawyer and frequent contributor to this newspaper.TransportationCorrect change, please Recent proposals by the MSAR Government to increase bus tariffs are to facilitate reducing annual financial support to bus operators from MOP1 billion to at most MOP700 million Nelson Moura nelson.moura@macaubusinessdaily.comIn the first eight months of the year the three bus operators in Macau posted MOP250 million (US$3.1 million) in revenues while receiving MOP630 million in financial assistance from the government, according to information provided by the Transport Bureau (DSAT) to Portuguese newspaper Tribuna de Macau. Bus services in Macau are provided by three public bus companies: Transmac – Transportes Urbanos de Macau, S.A.R.L.; TCM – Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau,S.A.R.; and New Era – Macau New Era Public Bus Company Limited. According to the response the government currently provides an average of MOP4.6 for every passenger to the bus companies, and that the recently announced increase in bus tariffs was to reduce the need for this level of financial support using public funds. Recently, DSAT proposed that fares be increased from MOP2 to MOP3 for Macau Pass holders who take normal bus routes while the express route would increase fares to MOP4. ‘Reduced financial support will allow the number and frequency of bus routes to increase and theHeavyweight divisionDSAT also told Tribuna de Macau that currently “some public buses crossing the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge don’t fill the weight requirements for the bridge”. Currently, vehicles over 15 tonnes are not allowed to cross with the department contacting the relevant operators to adjust bus routes or replace vehicle types to guarantee bridge safety. These involved the replacement or adjustment of bus route numbers 50, 73, MT1, MT2, 22 and 52 with DSAT stating the last two bus routes transported more than 15,000 passengers daily.introduction of sustainable energy buses,’ the DSAT response added. Meanwhile, Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosário stated on Wednesday that the amount in revenue made by bus companies was lower than “one third of the companies’ expenses” and that without government support bus tariffs per p
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