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Business Decision Making Project Final doc2

Business Decision Making Project Final doc2
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  Running header: Business Decision Making Project, Final 1   Business Decision Making Project, Final Freda Ballard, Amy McBroom, Anna Humphreys, NateN!"#$%Aug &', #'&%Ahmed (amel)eri*on +Net ork-  Running Header: Business Decision Making Project, Part .#+ADD /N!R0D12!/0N- Data analysis  Numerous cell phone customers e3perience dropped calls or no ser4ice on a daily 5asis6 !eam A collected data 7rom 7our major cell phone pro4iders8 )eri*on, A!9!, print and !;Mo5ile and root metrics6 A7ter analy*ing the o4erall per7ormance o7 netork speed and relia5ility and dropped call data, the solution is adding cell 5oosters6 A cell 5ooster is compact and porta5le, so you can take it ith you anyhere at all times6 A cell 5ooster is the most 5ene7icial solution in relation to cost, signal strength and longer  5attery li7e6 !he collected data shos )eri*on recei4ed the highest per7ormance aard in call relia5ility6  Running Header: Business Decision Making Project, Part ..A7ter per7orming a marginal pro5a5ility on the purchase o7 cell 5oosters 7rom the top threecell phone pro4iders, the outcome illustrates )eri*on leads 5y &#< or more6 CellVerizonBoostersAT&T T-Mobile TotalPurchaseNo 0.1 0.13 0.07 0.3 Yes 0.38 0. 0.1 0.7 Total 0.!8 0.3" 0.17 100  Running Header: Business Decision Making Project, Part .= )eri*on is one o7 the largest netork leaders and is a glo5al /P leader in the residential and commercial industry6 )eri*on>s in4estment in ireless, 7i5er optic and glo5al /P netorks  places them at the 7ront o7 the line 7or poer7ul groth markets6 !heir netorks allo them to deli4er inno4ati4e ser4ices to people around the orld6 Data Collected  Doing the research o7 the cell netork e3tender as a great ideal6 /n order to analysis i7 this ould sol4e the customer>s issues, he netork repair team ould ha4e to test the resolution6 !esting the resolution can 5e hard at time6 /t normally in4ol4es the customer and sending a cell toer techian out to that locating6 Data and records ill 5e ran to gi4e the toer tech, an ideal has to here in that location that customer is e3periencing the most dropped calls in6 !his report is called the R!! record or +Real !ime !ool-6 !his tools also pro4ides the tech6 ith data that illtell him the highest and loest ?2/0 4alues6 !he ?cios 4alue are data that is sho o77 o7 ho much or ho lo the connecting 7rom the cell toers to the customer de4ice6 Probability analysis or statistical test  A7ter success7ully ha4ing the data6 !he ne3t important part is the statistical testing6 By ha4ing the ?cio 4alue the customer ill add the netork e3tender or signal 5ooster in their home6 @oing o77 the higher ecio 4alues that the data pro4ides ill help the customer to kno the right location to place their netork e3tender location6 !he tech6 ill then get the latitude and longitude o7 the cell toer matching it to the netork e3tender 6!he customer ill then place a call6 As the call is  5eing made, the tech6 ill monitor the 7reuency ith his mo5ile de4ice6 !his ill pick up any inconsistency that may happen hile testing6  Running Header: Business Decision Making Project, Part .% Interpretation of results  When testing the new equipment. The results should shoe that the customer is able to complete acall without it being dropped. The ecio value will go from being in the negatives to being in the positive state. The meaning of the results is to show how adding this device can improve the customer’s calls. This can also show that the customer can have improvement with not just only their calls but their data, text messages as well. y having these results can also be held for comparing of further issues as well. The meaning of the results are to show if this is a good spot for coverage or if there is still some type of frequency then an order may have to be put in to build another cell tower in that location . The results will reflect as to how good or bad the area can be. !or example if the customer is surrounding by a lot or terrain issues, such as tree, buildings etc.  /n conclusion, )eri*on takes pride in making sure that their customer are taking care o7 ith their de4ices6 hen customers ha4e netork issues, these are normally resol4ed 5y using, netork e3tenders or signal 5oosters6 /n order to make sure this sol4es the issues there is data that is collected and analysis6 A7ter doing so this is also tested as as e3plained and sho in the a5o4e statements6 o the Hello, hello can you hear, or the 7rustration o7 customers dropping calls are o4er6
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