Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
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  Business ethics and corporate social responsibility: Narrative of future of the key topic, after the accounting scandal and economic crises, people talk about the business ethics and CSR, in the context of global economy, I talk about after the new classical economy in 1970, the notion of SR in not belong in the class room, adam smith wealth of nation talks more about this . Corporation aims for profit, service needs, stake holder theory, reducing transaction cost, beside the corporation is the privileged one which allows you to do things which you cannot do as individuals, allowing to take risk and providing opportunity to grow and with the privileged of protection of liability comes with higher responsibility in its economic prosperity, leaders of the corporates have to think about what they are protected from and have to think about the ways which they can engage in social goods or greater social norms than they would have to do as much as an individuals, always teach the students these are the crucial forms of corporates all about. Enduring question: What is it mean to think about the role of corporates in society? What is it mean how corporate priorities the issues of the man and the stake holders, how they think about where they directed to the society and of course it is also important to think about ethics? When we think about the ethics , SR, shareholder value, debate as it is , I would probably mark the beginning debate in 1970, when northen freedman wrote his article “ capitalist all over the world “ to think about the idea of shareholder values in new york times magazines, which he made very provocative position, corporation shave no business thinking about CSR, he says they have to increase the values to their shareholder that’s the only thing matters. People thinks corporate social responsibility as an result of pressure from the public movements , green peace emerging in the 1970’s started thinking about we need to think about the environment , labor issues by number of other human rights organization, I would make the case this conventional wisdom of CSR is fundamentally historical and the misunderstand one basic fact that is crucial in this discussion that corporates themselves created the construct of CSR because it was their own interest for the voluntary campaign rather than regulation. Corporate citizenships in the United States today What is your right as a citizen, 1.You may think that you have to pay the taxes. 2. Subject to the loss of the land 3. I have the opportunity to influence that to the democratic board. On the other-hand corporates are in the better position on every one of its process; Because of reduced taxes corporates can increase their investments resulted in boom in global economy during 1990, government, corporates and NGO should come together to solve all the issues.  Case like red line, buildings through highways dividing the cities issues; regulations made the fair housing act, equal opportunity act, during 1970 stakeholders were thinking about community investment so they need to change the regulation, CSR initially started like if the bank need a place for their ATM machines in the cities they need to give it something to those cities but this system changed very little so than the government stated welfare state system in which American banks will pay money to the government in which the government will pay for the housing and development but all this did not work so in 1986, was an amazing accident in the tax code and the completely transformed corporate community relationships across America, this was something called low income housing tax credit
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