Business Ethics Assignment

Business Ethics Assignment level 2
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  BBM208/05 Business Ethics Tutor-marked Assignment 1(TMA1 – 15%)Submission ate! 27 Aug 2010  BBM208/05 Business Ethics Tutor-marked Assignment 1 nstru#tions1$ TMA 1 #oers &nit 1$ 2$ TMA 1 #ontains ' ai#ation *uestions+$ TMA 1 #arries 15% o, our ,ina tota marks'$ T.e assignment s.oud be ted using Times e oman ,ont si3e 12and doube sa#ed aro4imate 2000 ords$5$ T.e deadine ,or t.e submission o, TMA is 2 Aug 2010$ A so,t#o s.oud be submitted ia 6nine Assignment Submission Sstem Questions 1$ n t.e #onte4t o, a business organisation di,,erentiate beteen 7rig.t 7rongand 7diemma$ 9ease roide reasoning ,or our :usti,i#ation$(+0 marks)2$Bot. et.i#s and t.e a strie toards determining .at is rig.t in .umanintera#tion in a business organisation$ n a business #onte4t identi, and e4aina#tions taken b t.e business manager / organisation .i#. are!a$et.i#a ; ega< b$et.i#a but iega< #$unet.i#a but ega and d$unet.i#a and iega$ 9ease roide reasoning ,or our :usti,i#ation$('0 marks)+$=o do ou di,,erentiate beteen >doing .at is rig.t? and >doing t.e marks)'$.at is ike to be t.e roe o, 7et.i#s? in tomorros so#iet@(10 marks) Sem: July 2010Page 2 of 2
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