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Samantha Tejada December 15, 2008 Business Ethics Final Dr. Roseman Case 1: Holland Hardware & Wichita Supermarket You here people say all the time say “business is business and it’s a dog eat dog world”. People are out to do the best for themselves and their families. This is true for everyone isn’t it? In the case of Wichita, Kansas resident Matt Holland money was not everything, but it helped make life a lot easier. He was given the chance to make his life a lot easier by taking a position wi
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  Samantha TejadaDecember 15, 2008Business Ethics FinalDr. Roseman Case 1: Holland Hardware & Wichita Supermarket You here people say all the time say “business is business and it’s a dog eat dogworld”. People are out to do the best for themselves and their families. This is true for everyone isn’t it? In the case of Wichita, Kansas resident Matt Holland money was noteverything, but it helped make life a lot easier. He was given the chance to make his life alot easier by taking a position with Wal-Mart, but what would have to give up his familystore that has been open for over a hundred years. Other family businesses in Wichita werealso at risk of being put out of business. Matt Holland had the future of Wichita on hismind and a decision to make.Matt Holland waited to give an answer to Wal-Mart because he cared not only for himself, but for also in the town. He used his basic moral judgments meaning he firstevaluated the social costs and benefits of taking the job with Wal-Mart or not taking it. Heshowed he had respect for individuals of Wichita by holding off and not giving and answer even when he was getting pressured by Wal-Mart executive Bill Harrington. Matt knewthat the principal of fair opportunity was not being offered to all the residents and it wasonly him getting a chance. Not every person employed at his hardware store or at hissupermarket would be able to be employed by Wal-Mart and he knew that. Matt had theupper hand on what Wal-Mart wanted to do in Wichita and had a duty to do what was rightfor its people.However, on the other hand Matt had a duty to his family in giving them a better life and didn’t want to pass up an opportunity that could allow him to do that. Matt always  wanted to send all of his children to college and Wal-Mart was willing to pay twice theincome he was making now and with that extra money he could afford to pay all their college tuitions. He also wouldn’t have to manage the supermarket nor the hardware storeanymore. So the way Matt saw it was he was loosing a legacy of his family business, butmaking a new investment for him and his family and their futures.Matt Holland is a smart business man and knew a lot of people in Wichita, Kansaswhich made him a huge asset. Wal-Mart knew that and that is why they chose him to set ameeting up with. Matt could give them all the inside information about what the people of Wichita wanted and what they liked and didn’t liked. Bill Harrington as did Wal-Mart sawthat Matt understood business and had a strong work ethic because if he didn’t he wouldn’thave kept both the supermarket and hardware store open for the last 22 years nor would hehad turned a profit.What should Matt have done? Taken the job with Wal-Mart or not? In my point of view I believe that Matt Holland should take the offer with Wal-Mart not because theyoffered him a job and no one else but, that over time if Wal-Mart didn’t establish a storenow they will eventually work its way into the Wichita area. Matt has done nothing wrongand if he takes the job offer it is not a crime. Matt needs to get the most utility possible because it’s just a matter of time that Matt’s supermarket and hardware store would be outof business because of Wal-Mart. Why should Matt compete with a conglomerate of acorporation when they want him? That would be outrageous. Then where would Matt beworking? Or the rest of Matt’s employees? Times are changing and Matt knows that the best way to keep up with it is by taking this offer and even though people may loose jobs inhis stores, there will be new positions for higher when Wal-Mart were to open. Matt has a  right to give his family the best life possible, but to his workers he has a right to assurethere will be job openings at Wal-Mart if he were to close down his supermarkets andhardware. Matt knows if he passes this opportunity up it may not come around again and itmay affect him and his family in the long run so he can’t let it go.Wal-Mart can put Wichita, Kansas on the map and could bring more businesses tothe area which in the future could be great for Matt’s children as well as his workerschildren. John Rawls wrote “leave the world no worse then you found it”, Care wrote”leave our children a world no worse than we received it” and Robin Attfield wrote “leavethe world as productive as we found it.”(  Business Ethics Concepts and Cases 6  th edition p. 245) As aman and a father Matt has all these obligations to fulfill so his children and children of hisworkers can have a chance to give themselves a better life as well as their children. ByMatt taking the job as manager he isn’t being unjust to his friends, workers or communityhe is making Wichita, Kansas a better place than when he found it. Case 2: Merck & Co., Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. during the seventies was one of the largest producers of  prescription drugs at the time and made their money off of their famous discoveries:Indocin and Aldomet. Indocin was used for rheumatoid arthritis and Aldomet was atreatment for high blood pressure. Moreover, Merck knew that they needed to come upwith a new prescription drug because the future of the company depended on it greatly. Sothe spending began for new ideas because studies had shown, on average it took 12 yearsand $200 million dollars to bring a new drug to the market.  River Blindness, a disease that is common in third world countries had no cure. Itaffected over 85 million people world wide, especially in Africa, the Middle East, andLatin America. This disease caused a horrible itch that some people killed themselves because they couldn’t deal with the itch anymore. Could their ever be a cure for this? Many people didn’t think so even the World Health Organization didn’t think so.Ivomec was introduced by Dr. P. Roy Vagelos as an anitparasitic for cattle andanimals. It had a potential to be a major advance in animal healthcare. Then when further research was done by Dr. Campbell with Ivermectin, he saw that if Ivermectin might just be the answer to cure River Blindness. The reason being was because it might kill off the parasites that cause humans to have a terrible itch.Dr. Campbell and Dr. Vagelos believed that it was a long shot, but there was achance that they could find a treatment for River Blindness if they could get the funding.However, other questions got raised could they get the funding for finding the cure and if they did would there be a great enough demand for the drug. Also would people be able toafford it so Merck wouldn’t take a hit of loosing money on their product? It was a hugegamble but, both doctors new ethically it could help a lot of people live a better life in thirdworld countries. Merck & Co., Inc’s philosophy was “we try never to forget that medicineis for the people, it’s not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have rememberedthat, they have never failed to appear. The better we have remembered it, the larger theyhave been.”( The Role of Organizational Values Merck & Co ., Inc) Also Merck was alsoraising the question if Ivermectin, the veterinary drug would have lower sales and not sellas much because of the testing with the drug on humans. Should Merck take the chance or no? If they did it was a huge risk and if they didn’t was Merck & Co., Inc. being unethical


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