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  Byza.nriwm and the Emer gence of Musfirn-Tunkfsh Anatolia ca 1 4 113 The arrival of theSeljukTurksinAnatoliaformsanindispensable part ofmod- ern Turkishdiscourseonnationalidentity but Westernscholars bycontrast haverarelyincludedthe Anatolian Turksin their discussionsabouttheformation of European nationsorthetransformation of the Near East. The Turkishpen-etrationofByzantineAsia Minor is primarily conceivedofasaconflict among empires sedentary and nomadic groups and religious and ethnicentities. This bookproposesanewnarrative whichbeginswith thewaning influenceof Con stantinople and Cairo overlarge parts of Anatolia and theByzantine Muslimborderlands aswellasthefailureofthenascentSeljuksultanatetosupplant them asa leading supra regionalforce. In both ByzantineAnatolia and regions of theMuslimheartlands localelites and regionalpowerscametotheforeasholders of politicalauthority and rivalsinincessantpowerstruggles.Turkishwar-riorgroupsquicklyassumedaleadingroleinthisprocess not becauseoftheirraids and conquests but becauseoftheirintrusionintopre existingsocialnet-works. They exploitedadministrativetools and localresources and thusgainedtheacceptanceoflocalrulers and theirsubjects.Nucleioflordships came intobeing whichcouldevolveintolargerterritorialunits. There wasnoByzantinedeclineorTurkish triumph but rather thedrivingforce of changewasthesuc-cessfulinteractionbetweenthesetwospheres. Alexander DanielBeihanuner receivedhis PhD from the University of Vienna and isa member oftheInstitutfurOsterreichischeGeschichtsforschung. From 2001to2015 he taught at the University ofCyprusand is currently AssociateProfessorofByzantineHistoryattheUniversityofNotreDame.HehaspublishedwidelyonByzantineofficialdocuments diplomacy and cross-culturalcommunicationbetweenByzantium and theMuslimworld aswellasonByzantine Latincontacts and mutual perceptioninthe crusader states and the EasternMediterranean.  Birm.ingham. Byzantine and StudiesGeneralEditors LeslieBrubakerA.A.M.BryerRhoadsMurphey John Haldon Birmingham Byzantine andOttoman Studiesisdevotedtothehistory culture and archaeologyoftheByzantine andOttoman worldsoftheEast Mediterranean regionfromthefifthtothetwentiethcentury.Itprovidesaforumforthepublication of researchcompletedbyscholarsfromthe Centre forByzantine Ottomanand Modern GreekStudiesattheUniversity of Birmingham and thosewithsimilar researchinterests. For afulllistof titles inthis series please visit The Emper-or TheophilosandtheEast 829 842 Courtand frontierinByzantium duringthe lastphase of iconoclasm Juan Signes Codofier Rebuilding Anatoliaafter the MongolConquest Islamicarchitectureinthelands of rum 1240-1330 PatriciaBlessing IInperial LineagesandLegacies in theEasternMediterranean Recording the imprint of Roman Byzantine andOttoman rule  ditedby Rhoads Murphey Byzantfum and theEInergence of MusliIn-Turkish Anatolia ea 1040-1130  lexander  aniel Beihammer Centre forByzantine Ottomanand Modern GreekStudiesUniversity of Birmingham Byzantfurn andthe Erner gence of Musfirn Turkish Anatolia ca. 1040 1130 Alexander Daniel Beihaltlltler   ~~o~ ~ n~R~up  ON ON  N NEWYORK   bdleian  ibraries Contents TypesetinBaskervilleby codeMantraBirmingham Byzantine and Ottoman StudiesVolume20Firstpublished2017byRoutledge2 Park Square,MiltonPark,Abingdon, OxonOX14 4RNand byRoutledge711 Third Avenue,NewYork,NY10017 Routledge is animprint q the Taylor   Francis Group an informa business © 2017 Alexander Daniel Beihammer The rightof Alexander Daniel Beihammer tobeidentifiedas author ofthisworkhas been assertedby him inaccordancewithsections77 and 78oftheCopyright,Designs and PatentsAct1988.Allrightsreserved.No part ofthisbookmaybe reprinted orreproducedorutilisedinanyformorbyanyelectronic,mechanical,or other means,nowknownorhereafterinvented,includingphotocopying and recording,orinanyinformationstorageorretrievalsystem,withoutpermissioninwritingfromthepublishers. Trademark notice: Product orcorporate names maybe trademarks orregisteredtrademarks, and areusedonlyforidentification and explanationwithoutintenttoinfringe.  ritish LibraryCataloguing in Publication  ata AcataloguerecordforthisbookisavailablefromtheBritish Library Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication  ata Acatalogrecordforthisbookhas been requestedISBN:978-1-138-22959-4 hbk ISBN:978-1-315-27103-3 ebk MIX «  u Paperfrom responsible sources  ~S FseeC 36 4 Printed andbound byCPI Group  UK Ltd Croydon CRO4YY List   maps Acknowledgments Introduction:Conquests, modern nations, and lostfatherlandsSources,images,perceptions PART I First encounters in Byzanrium/s eastern JDarches ca. 1 4 71 The easternprovinces,Turkishmigrations, and theSeljuk imperial project2Byzantine-Seljukdiplomacy and thefirstTurkishfootholds3 EmperorRomanos IV and Sultan AlpArslan,1068-71 PART 11 Decay of Imper-ia authorityandregionalization   power 1 71 96 4Sulayrnanb. Qutlumush and the firstTurkishlordshipsinSyria5Revolts and Byzantine-TurkishcoalitionsinAsiaMinor,1071-866Seljukrulebetweencentralization and disintegration, 1086-98 7Turkish and Byzantine-Armenian lordshipsinAsia Minor vu IX 2649 51 92133169   198244265
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