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    OCCUPATIONALSAFETYANDHEALTHPROGRAM February, 2008  - We are responsible for occupational safety health, as well as for the others who work with us-   Article 1All employees of company BZ ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION d.o.o. (in further text „BZ“) duringtheir work in the facilities of BZ, as well as at the construction sites and territory of other companies, are liable towork with full caution so that their and other workers' lives and health are not thretened. Employees are alsoobligated to abide to safety and occupational health measures regulated by law, Rule book of occupationalsafety and health and this Program. All employees must properly use work gear, tools and machines, they mustfollow the producer's manual, properly handle hazardous materials and make sure that the measures of occupational health and safety are being applied and improved.Article 2Safe work systemAll jobs must be exclusively done in a safe way so that the basic goals could be achieved:-maximum safety of body and health of a worker -avoiding and prevention of calamities and accidents-prevention of property or equipment damage-protection and preservation of working and life environmentAbove mentioned goals are valid for all employees of BZ, as well as for sub-BZ (sub-contractors), or those,who find themselves in the facilities or other location where BZ is conducting work, in the role of a representativeor a visitor.In case that the above mentioned persons do not follow occupational safety and health rules andpreservation of working and life environment practised by BZ or investor, they will be removed from the site.Article 3A job can only be performed if basic safety measures are accomplished: − If maximum caution measures are undertaken − If potential dangers are identified and risks brought down to the lowest possible level − If all persons involed in a job are trained for performing work in a safe way − If a prior consensus was reached and previous consultations were performed with supervisory committee,regardless if it was done within BZ or on location of other companys − If all equipment is mantained in a safe condition and regularly checked − If personal protection equipment is being used.Article 4Basic safety principles − Never and under no condition put yourself or others in danger  − Drugs, alcohol or any other narcotics are completely forbidden at work − Smoking is forbidden except at special locations − Do not take a task or a job if you do not posses enough knowledge or skill − Always provide help to others − At any moment stop work which is unsafe.Article 5Staff organization in BZFor each project or a separate business being done, BZ is responsible to designate the followingpersons:  - Project Manager - Site Manager, if a job is being done on investor's property − Safety Manager (a person skilled for safety issues)Project Manager takes care of project realization and time limits. His tasks, among other things, are: ã project planning and implementation, as well as reporting on the plan to an investor  ã assigning Work Orders to workers ã compiling safety documentation for a project, in cooperation with the Safety Manager and personresponsible for occupational safety and health ã managing, i.e., participating in safety meetings ã managing,i.e., participating in talks and consultations with investor's or partner companies (sub-contractors) ã identifying potential safety risks and taking appropriate measures.Site Manager is in charge of: ã a construction site evaluation, risk identification and estimate ã organizing a construction site ã performing and giving Work Orders on a construction site ã performing a weekly check of construction site and regular check of job positions ã organizing and participating in safety meetings, also attending safety meetings organized by investor  ã establishing, implementing and controlling all safety related measures, especially for jobs with increaseddanger and recommending corrective measures for jobs where potential danger exists ã reporting on calamities and accidentsSafety Manager, who is adequately trained and has a certain professional experience in this area, is incharge of managing and implementing the complete Safety Program during a job realization. Especially, he is incharge of: ã preventing injuries or material damage ã taking action in case of accidents ã purchasing and providing,as well as regular checking of personal protection equipment ã creating job positions and work flow planning in accordance with safety needs ã implementing and supervising the application of relevant safety measures, health protection andperservation of living environment ã enforcing all law regulations, as well as regulations prescribed by BZ or investor, related to occupationalsafety and health measures. ã preventing dangers, evaluating and estimating dangers and establishing measures for danger prevention ã organizing fire protection ã cooperating on regular basis and taking joint actions with a person in charge of occupational safety andhealth (also with Quality and Ecology Manager). Safety Manager also participates in making decisons onvarious programs regarding safe work (e.g. Procedure for safe work at height, which is attached to thisProgram, Procedures for emergency situations, Programs for drug, alcohol testing etc.)Article 6All employees of BZ, as well as those who work as its sub-contractors, have the right and obligation topurposefully use personal protection instruments and equipment, to handle them carefully and keep them inworking condition.Personal protection instruments and equipment must be adequately stored, maintained and checkedbefore every usage.Article 7.Personal protection instruments and equipment used by employees of BZ must be in accordance withthe existing regulations and standards of occupational safety and health.  Personal protection instruments and equipment must be used by all persons performing jobs, whereexposure to danger exists, in a workshop or on site of other companies during the whole time they are in a plant,without exception.Article 8.BZ issues to each employee instruments and equipment for personal protection, regulated by thisProgram and keeps a Record on it.Compulsory instruments and personal protection equipment consist of: - hard hat– which satisfies existing standards, and which is wore with the bill pointed to the front when theactivities of welding and cutting are not performed. Hard hat has a sticker with “BZ d.o.o. Šabac” and nameof the worker on it. - working suit– with long sleeves and legs. In some facilities or plants belonging to investor, where there isflame, or where hot metal is handled, fireproof suit is compulsory (synthetic fabric is forbidden). - Industrial working glasses - protection glasses with side protection, which are in accordance with existingstandards. Flexible glasses, which are put on from the side are not acceptable. - working shoes with enhanced tip (with permanent heel protection ) and metal piece in the sole. - working gloves – in accordance with existing standards for handling metal - safety belts – during work at height or if investor requires them for certain kinds of jobs in its plants.Article 9.For special jobs BZ is liable to provide to its workers special equipment- in case of welding, grinding, cleaning, scuffing,working with pneumatic hammer etc. protection glassesand complete face visor are obligatory, dim glass is not allowed, except for special purposes when they areapproved by job manager or investor.-In some cases wearing hearing protection is obligatory.- In production halls it is forbidden to wear contact lenses, jewelery or anything that might decreasesafety at that job position.-it is also obligatory to cover long hair and to put it under the hard hat. At job position where welding isdone it is forbidden to wear beard.-if a job is performed in zones with possible gas danger, wearing CO gas detector is obligatory. Again,all this should be done in accordance with the manual and Program for working in gas dangerouszones of the employer. The employer is obliged to warn workers of the gas dangerous zones at theconstruction site which require special protection measures.Article 10.Purchasing of personal protection instruments and equipment, their quality and model are determined bydirector of BZ who consults with safety personnel, Safety Manager and appropriate experts, depending on thenature of a job or on requirements of investor, if a job is performed on investor's location outside of BZ.Article 11.An employee, before starting a job is obliged to get familiar with the rules and occupational safety andhealth measures prescribed by BZ and investor (if a job is performed at his location), to organize and implementthese measures and to be tested on capability for safe work.Article 12.During the job realization, BZ must ensure that all its workers, representatives, visitors and sub-contractors, participate in daily safety meetings at the beginning of each shift, especially when work conditionschange or the level of risk at work increases. They are also obliged to participate at these meetings periodically,once a month, or when some workers are replaced.If a project consists of jobs with increased risk (so-called dangerous jobs) BZ will organize, together withinvestor, regular safety meetings and keep neat records about them.Safety Manager of BZ, Site Manager or Project Manager are obliged to attend to all preliminary meetingsorganized by investor, as well as other meetings related to occupational safety and health and to keep necessarydocumentation as requested by investor.BZ is also obligated to give detailed and quality training to all of its representatives, visitors and sub-contractors (or partner companies) on occupational safety and health and preservation of living environmentduring work.
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