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  1 Caste Annihilation Movement C-141, Sainik Nagar, Near Nawada Metro Stn, New Delhi-110059, Ph. 011-25332343 Email: Circular no. 3, Dated 2 nd  October, 2017 To: All members of All India Coordination Council, State CAM Committees and All concerned. Comrades,   A meeting of the Central Executive of the CAM and invitee comrades: Thin Deb, Pravin Nadkar and Samar Sengupta was held at Nagpur on 24th September. It took the following decisions: 1. The next All India Conference of the Caste Annihilation Movement shall be held at Nagpur on 13-14 January, 2018, at Nagpur. To organize it a 25 member Reception Committee was formed with com. Jinda Bhagat as convener. 2. The meeting decided o hold discussions with dalit and other class organizations/ movements, rationalist and Mixed Marriage organizations, Student/ Youth/ Cultural Organizations and Individuals who agree with the aims and objectives of the CAM and to win over them as constituents of the CAM. 3. State Committees and district committees of the CAM wherever they exist and wherever new committees can be formed should convene district/state level conferences to discuss the Program and Organizational Principles of CAM and to propose new proposals for developing them. Similarly conferences of the Constituent organizations/movements also should be encouraged to discuss these documents and to select delegates for Nagpur Conference. A draft Political Resolution shall be sent by first week of December for discussion in these conferences and finalization at Nagpur Conference. 4. The main slogans for the All India Conference shall be: Reject traditional caste based occupations; Provide agricultural land and alternate jobs for dalits; and Struggle for caste-less, classless society.  5. Complete all state level conferences by 31 st  December and send their reports to all India convener. 6. Organize fund raising for the conference process. Extend maximum help for the all India Conference. 7. Try to send as many volunteers as possible to Nagpur for two weeks from Chhattisgarh, Telengana and other nearby states for organizing the all India conference. 8. All committees are requested to intensify their activities as decided by the All India Coordination Council in its 17 th  June meeting at Bhopal to develop all activities and to make the Conference a great success. Comradely, Sanjeev Khudshah, Acting Convener, CAM  2 Program of Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM) 1. THE caste system is a basic feature, unique to Indian society. In spite of centuries old movements against it, especially from the time of the social reform movements which emerged according to specific features of different regions, and which made significant contributions to the caste annihilation movement, it has spread its sway in more heinous forms to different religions and over the society as a whole in many parts of South Asia. As caste system, patriarchy and private property are inter related in the Indian social system, with the intensification of the hegemony of the international finance capital, it has taken more vicious forms. After the imposition of imperialist globalization-liberalization-privatization based policies, the atrocities against dalits, adivasis, other oppressed classes and sections and women have further intensified. Contrary to the claims of the central and state governments, they are deprived of even the rights and economic benefits they were hitherto getting. Even the benefits of reservation are diluted under ever-intensifying privatization. The caste system has developed under a definite social organization of labour. So the struggle for the annihilation of the caste system is part of the class struggle. These two aspects should be continuously linked. Though the society has undergone many changes, the caste system is continuing adapting itself to the new changes. The reformist measures under the present state structure are implemented not to eradicate the caste system, but for the assimilation of the sections of oppressed castes and class under the exploitative social system. 2. It is in this situation, the two days’ Seminar on various aspects of the case question like Class, caste and patriarchy; Caste, state and imperialism; Character of caste based parties, other parties/organizations and NGOs; and Caste, mode of production and path of its annihilation was organized by the Preparatory Committee  formed by Anti-Caste Organization [ACO], New Democratic Party of India [NDPI], All India Nepali Unity Society Mul Pravah [AINUS, Mul Pravah] and Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) [CPI-ML] on 20-21 April, 2012, at New Delhi. During the Seminar many papers were presented and an in-depth discussion took place on how to develop the anti-caste movement with the orientation of abolition of the caste system in its entirety. It was followed by the  Anti-Caste Convention  on 22nd April attended by representatives of more than twenty organizations. The Seminar and Convention have created favourable situation to carry forward the task of launching the Caste Annihilation Movement, taking up various aspects of caste system, coordinating the numerous movements active in different regions with the objective of caste annihilation. 3. The caste system is continuing for thousands of years adapting itself to each and every new situation utilizing the intensification of the sway of the religions over the people. It has survived all hitherto efforts for its annihilation. So the Caste Annihilation Movement shall take up studies and evaluation of the hitherto movements against the caste system, and organise theoretical discussions for putting forward a long term program for its abolition. It shall include the following major tasks:   a. As all hitherto studies on the land question and as analyzed in the papers presented in the Seminar show, dalits are denied land rights and the adivasis’ lands are snatched away. Even existing land ceiling laws are diluted to serve the corporate-MNCs and land mafias. The Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM) shall wage continuous campaigns andmovements for revolutionary land reforms including distribution of land to the landless and shall support all movements working for it, including the struggle against the large scale displacement taking place under the globalization policies. b. As caste system is reflected in the continuing influence of old habits, beliefs, traditions, marriage system, name, dress and food codes, the CAM shall take up various studies and theoretical discussions and develop a long term program of campaigns and struggles against them. It shall include various efforts to fight all superstitions and  3 caste/religious taboos through the dissemination of scientific outlook and democratic ideas. c. Brahmanical concepts enforcing caste system are imposed based on Manu Smriti like works propagated by Hindutua forces. Religions through their fundamentalist concepts are assisting the perpetuation of the caste system. The CAM shall organize powerful campaigns and struggles to enlighten people against the caste system and for anti-caste, secular social values. 4. As an integral part of this long term programme, the following immediate programme according to the concrete conditions of today is put forward: a. The CAM shall organize continuous campaigns for revolutionary land reforms in order to transform the economic base which perpetuate the caste system. b. In order to perpetuate the caste/ sub-caste based marriage system and to terrorise those who act against it to submission, Khap Panchayat like medieval systems are imposed. Those who go against it are brutally murdered. The CAM shall launch vigorous campaigns against these and shall propagate for inter-caste marriages. c. Under the policies of globalisation education, healthcare, housing etc are continuously privatized and commercialized. As a result the slogan of equal education and opportunities for all is reduced to mere writing on the water. The content of the syllabus is also changed to suit the reactionary social system. The CAM shall campaign against all these policies and for equal and compulsory education, for housing, healthcare and employment for all. Education must be through mother tongue and discrimination on the basis of knowledge of English must be stopped. The CAM shall support all struggles waged with these perspectives with special emphasis to make these rights available to dalits and the most oppressed sections in the society. d. The CAM shall campaign for reservation in education, employment and promotions in both public and private sectors and campaign against ‘creamy layer’ like concepts which dilute these rights. e. All sorts of caste oppression, suppression and discrimination in all spheres of life, including practice of untouchability in any form shall be severely opposed, campaigned against. Through continuous campaigns and struggles necessary conditions shall be created for their abolition. f. Under existing caste and communal domination, especially with the spread of communal fascism by the Hindutua forces, even Brahmanical name, dress and food codes are imposed, denying the right to consume beef and pork to dalits and other oppressed sections in particular. In the name of stopping cow-slaughter, cutting of buffalos and oxen are banned denying this cheap source of protein for the poor sections. The CAM shall campaign against these joining hands with all progressive forces and launch a vigorous campaign for the spread of secular approach which shall demolish the boundaries imposed by the caste system. g. The CAM shall discuss various immediate tasks to be taken up by it to oppose the caste system and develop a concrete immediate program in each region according to the specific conditions there and launch movements to fulfil them. h. Promote inter-caste marriages. Oppose patriarchy in all forms which enforce caste system and women’s slavery. Campaign against name, dress, food codes etc imposed under the cast system and enforced by the religious fundamentalists. Organize appropriate struggle forms according to the specific conditions of each region against these.  4 i. Culture is a powerful media to launch anti- caste campaign and to carry the message of the CAM to the masses for creating anti-caste, secular awareness among them. It shall make all efforts to utilize the cultural movements to the maximum extent for this purpose. 5. In order to create necessary conditions for the continuation of the discussions initiated in the Seminar and to develop the perspective on its long term and immediate programmes, the CAM shall initiate a publication wing starting with the publication of all the papers presented in the Seminar and discussions on them in English and Hindi. Besides, in order to continue the discussions on the question, a quarterly magazine in English and Hindi shall be published along with online publications. Necessary action shall be taken to promote publication of these in other languages also. The CAM shall publish the news and fact finding team reports and other materials and propagate to expose caste based atrocities, taking place against the oppressed sections/ classes. 6. In order to carry forward these tasks, the CAM shall have an All India Coordination Council (AICC) including representatives of all the organizations who agree to become part of it. The constituents shall try to win over more organizations from different regions to the CAM. The CAM shall not allow NGOs, organizations linked to ruling classes and organizations receiving foreign and government funding to become part of it. Organizational Principles 1. Name : Its name shall be Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM). 2. Structure : The CAM shall be a co-ordination of different parties and organizations committed to work for the annihilation of the caste system at all levels. 3. Organizational Form : At all India level it shall have an All India Coordination Council (AICC) with its office at Delhi. For carrying out day to day functioning it shall have a Central Working Group (CWG). The CWG and the Central Coordinator shall be elected by the  AICC. 4. The state level organizations  which are part of the AICC shall constitute State Coordination Councils (SCCs) of the CAM, uniting organizations active at state level and dedicated to work for the annihilation of the caste system. For carrying out day to day functioning the SCCs shall also have State Working Groups (SWGs). The SWGs and the State Coordinator shall be elected by the SCCs. 5. All these councils and groups shall work based on consensus. 6. The Editorial Board  for the central quarterly publication shall be elected by the AICC and for the publications at state levels by the SCCs respectively. 7. Parties/organizations which accept the Program and Organizational Principles of the Caste Annihilation Movement (CAM) and are ready to function based on these can be enrolled as its members and their representative can be taken in the AICC or SCCs, as the case may be. 8. The AICC shall elect the CWG and the Central Coordinator and the SCCs shall elect the SWGs and the State Coordinator once in two years.
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