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  The sample questions that follow are NOT  intended or designed to bea sample examination and do NOT  represent an exact model of the Pharmacist Qualifying Examination-Part I, in terms of difficulty and proportion of topics. owe!er, individually, these examples are intended to be representative in format and phrasing style  of the types of questions found in the Qualifying Examination-Part I. They also illustrate a !ariety of the competency areas contained in the examination blueprint. Please note that these questions are re!iewed and updated periodically. ee the bottom of the page for the answers to the sample questions. COMPETENCY 1 Patient Care #. $% is an &' year old male who li!es alone, currently ta(es #) different medications. *or the past ) wee(s he has telephoned to as( the pharmacist what dose of diuretic he should be ta(ing +this medication loo(s similar to another tablet that he ta(es. e calls again today with the same question. fter answering his question, themost appropriate pharmacist action should be toa. call $%/s family doctor to suggest changing the diuretic to something that loo(s different.b. suggest that $% ha!e the labels on his prescription bottles changed to a bigger font for easier reading.c. recommend that the pharmacy use a blister pac(aging dosette todispense $%/s medications.d. suggest that $% write down the answer to his question so that he does not need to phone again.e. recommend that $% ha!e his hearing and !ision tested at his nextphysician !isit. ). 0 is a '& year old male with diabetes, angina and erectile dysfunction. is physician consults the pharmacist in order to decide if 0 would be a good candidate for sildenafil. The use of sildenafil is CONT! #N$#C TE$  for 0 if he ta(esa. isosorbide '-mononitrate.b. metoprolol.c. glyburide.d.  .e. enalapril.  1. $P has a prescription for famciclo!ir for shingles +prescribed ) days ago, and is uncertain about filling it, due to the high cost. 2asedon the (nown effecti!eness of famciclo!ir for herpes 3oster, benefits that the pharmacist should discuss with $P includeI pre!ention of acute 3oster-associated pain. II faster healing time for rash.III less and shorter duration of post-herpetic neuropathic pain.a. I onlyb. III onlyc. I and II onlyd. II and III onlye. I, II and III 4. 5ommon etiologic agents of community-acquired pneumonia includeI Escherichia coli. II Haemophilus influenzae. III Mycoplasma pneumoniae. a. I onlyb. III onlyc. I and II onlyd. II and III onlye. I, II and III '. Iron may decrease the absorption of which of the following medications6a. $amiprilb. tenololc. 7oxifloxacind. Ibuprofene. 8lyburide 9. :hich of the following medications is the most appropriate choicefor treatment of neuropathic rather than nocicepti!e pain6a. ;abiloneb. Tramadolc. Ibuprofend. 7eperidine  e. ;ortriptyline <. ppropriate auxiliary labelling for clarithromycin suspension includes which of the following6a. ha(e well before using.b. Ta(e with plenty of fluids.c. !oid prolonged exposure to sunlight.d. =eep refrigerated.e. 7ay cause discolouration of urine. &. The pharmacist fills a prescription for sumatriptan #>> mg tablets for a patient with migraine. ppropriate information to pro!ide to the patient includes which of the following6a. If the sumatriptan does not relie!e the headache within four hours, ergotamine may be used.b. If no relief is achie!ed in two hours, sumatriptan may be repeated.c. If the headache is partially relie!ed with a single tablet, the dose may be repeated after two hours.d. The maximum dosage of sumatriptan #>> mg in any )4 hour period is six tablets.e. If relief is not achie!ed, no other medication can be used for at least )4 hours. ?. @8 has been ta(ing metoclopramide )> mg, po q9h for the past 1 days as part of her chemotherapy regimen. he normally ta(es 4 doses daily, with each meal and at bedtime. This morning, she forgot to ta(e her morning dose before lea!ing home for a hospital chec(-up. :hen she arri!es at the clinic, she as(s the pharmacist what she should do about her missed dose, as she expects to be home again around ##>> am. The pharmacist should ad!ise @8 toa. ta(e the missed dose immediately when she gets home and continue as scheduled.b. ta(e two doses at lunchtime to ma(e up for the missed dose.c. s(ip the missed dose and ta(e the next scheduled dose at lunchtime.d. s(ip today/s medication and resume her normal schedule tomorrow.  e. space 4 doses into the remaining hours between when @8 gets home and her bedtime. #>. E= is a )' year old female who presents to the pharmacy requesting Plan 2 A  +le!onorgestrel for emergency contraception following an episode of unprotected sex #) hours ago. fter spea(ing with E=, the pharmacist decides she is a good candidate to recei!e Plan 2 A . The pharmacist should include all of the following information in counselling E=, E%CEPT a. the effecti!eness of Plan 2 A  in E=/s situation is li(ely to be better than ?>B.b. Plan 2 A  wor(s mainly by dislodging an implanted fertili3ed egg from the endometrium.c. E= should ta(e two tablets of Plan 2 A  as a single dose.d. side effects may include nausea, !omiting, breast tenderness, cramps and spotting.e. if !omiting occurs within one hour of dosing, a repeat dose may be warranted. ##. ll of the following are reasons that elderly patients are more susceptible to drug-induced cogniti!e changes, E%CEPT a. they are more li(ely to ta(e multiple drugs.b. they may ha!e hepatic dysfunction.c. they may ha!e renal dysfunction.d. they are more sensiti!e to 5; effects of drugs.e. they ha!e increased metabolic rates for producing psychoacti!e metabolites. #). *or a child with asthma, all of the following factors are indicators of poor control, E%CEPT a. number of !isits to the Emergency $oom.b. limitations on daily acti!ities.c. awa(ening at night with asthma symptoms.d. (eeping one canister of salbutamol at home and one at school.e. number of parent wor( days missed due to the child illness. #1. ssessment of a patientCs asthma control should include all of the following factors E%CEPT 
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