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  Case study 4 What is a multi touch?  Multi-touch is a method of input on a touchscreen that allows two or more ngers to be used on the screen at one time. Apple's iPhone is famous for introducing multi-touch to the cell phone world by using it to allow pinching and stretching gestures on the screen to control zooming. Multi-touch is something typically associated with capacitive touchscreen displays rather than with more common resistive touchscreen displays. Source http!!!denition. sp#term$multi-touch %n computing& multi-touch refers to a touch sensing surface's trac(pad or touchscreen) ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contact with the surface. *his plural-point awareness is often used to implement advanced functionality such as pinch to zoom or activatingpredened programs.%n an e+ort of disambiguation or mar(eting classication some companies further brea(down thevarious denitions of multi-touch. An e,ample of this is M dening multi-touch as a touch-screen's ability to register three or more distinct positions Source http!!en.wi(!wi(i!Multi-touch  What problems does multitouch technology solve?  elps people with disabilities - elps autistic students to spea( to and communicate with others./eplace the use of mouse and (eyboard - 0or users who cannot grasp a mouse and want the functionality of a P1. e.g the 2ell 3atitude 4* tablet.)Minimize clutter with portable device - Such as the Android operating systems for smartphones has support for multi-touch. 5sers can manage emails& contacts& calendars and hold virtual meetings through a built-in webcam and microphone.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multitouch interface? How useful is it? Explain.  6,tremely good for ob ect manipulations - *ouch& drag& 7pinch8 to zoom in and out& slide nger up and down or sideways as if they were physical ob ects without moving a mouse& pressing buttons or stri(ing (eys. 0or e,ample&Perceptive Pi,el o+ers pressure-sensitive multi-touch displays that can sense an unlimited number of simultaneous touches with accuracy and precision. *heir displays come bundled with the right software and have applications in broadcasting& medical imaging& data e,ploration& digital storyboarding& industrial design and more. More versatile than single-touch interfaces - as opposed to the single-touch screen& which recognizes only one touch point. Multitouch interface allows one or more ngers to perform gestures to manipulate ob ects.Multi touch gestures are easier to remember than commands - 9ased on ingrained human movement that do not have to be learned. touch is ideal for consuming!presenting information. 9ecause it is a more natural interface& it increases user productivity.1ollaborative use - before the multitouch technology was invented& even with computer display connected to an e,ternal pro ector and another mouse& it was impossible for more than one person to ma(e edits when pulling together a PowerPoint presentation. *here is now an operating  system that would support a minimum of dual input for 7group conversations8 on a single wor(station. Made editing easier as more than one person can ma(e edits to a pro ect or presentations at the same time. *here are some disadvantages for the multi touch that might be a problem to some and to others might be only a simple accommodation to new technology. 6yes on *ouch screen interfaces are nearly all 7eyes on8. :ou cannot type by touch while your eyes are occupied elsewhere li(e most cases of ;<-;= year old (ids than can te,t and type without loo(ing. >ith an all touch-screen interface you generally cannot start& stop& or pause your MP player& for e,ample& or close and answer your phone by reaching into your poc(et& purse& or briefcase li(e you usually do since you don't have a one mechanical (ey to memorize it's locationand operate eyes free. *his ris(s serious accidents for e,ample if someone tries to operate a multi touch car radio while driving. ands onandheld devices that rely on touch screens for input re?uire two hands to operate one to hold the device and the other to operate it. *hus& operating them generally re?uires both eyes and both hands. 5nli(e the usual phones that can be operated and held using one hand one hand to hold the device and a nger of the same hand to operate it. 0ingers on :our nger is not transparent the smaller the touch screen& the more you obscure what is being pointed at. *hat is why a stylus or pointer should be used it is very s(inny and accurate in such away that nothing on the screen gets obscured. *here is a reason we don@t rely on nger painting even on large surfaces& writing or drawing with the nger is generally not as e+ective as it is witha brush or stylus. And on small surfaces& it is even more ine+ective to try and draw or write with a nger. *his is a disadvantage as for note ta(ing and writing as well as for applications for drawing and design since it is ine+ective& a stylus should be used instead to replace the (eyboard on a multi touch surface. PricesPrices of such devices might be too high at the beginning as it is for every new emerging technology. *hat might be a disadvantage and people might refrain to buy it and be afraid to try new stu+ but eventually prices will continually decrease year after year until the product reachesevery customer it can in order to spread the new technologySourceshttp!!!resources!documents!note-*ouchscreens.pdf  http!!!mac!blog!<=!;!theBfutureBofBmultitouch.html  Multi touch in businesses  Multi touch has several uses in the business model of today@s technological era. *here are several connections that today@s case study will have to emphasize on. 6,amples are such as  Mobile applications   *ools for sales teams& technicians& medical sta+& logistics trac(ing& ban(ing& insurance& and teaching professional mobile apps are popping up in all industry sectors& particularly for tablets. ere are some of the latest to appear on the mar(etC An in-store digital sales companion developed by S0/ Dodaphone) for its in-store sales representatives. >ith access to catalogues& prices& special o+ers& real-time updates& etc.& the sales reps now have new ways to pitch and sell products and services via an attractive interface.C >hat do 3@ErFal& the 0rench boy scouts and 9ouygues have in common# *hey all use the services of 75rban Gaming8& a 0rench company that claims to 7turn the city into a playground8 with touch-screen tablet-based team-building and incentive activities. 6?uipped with tablets with 7serious game8 apps& the teams are let loose in a city as part of a team-building e,ercise with a di+erence.  he long!neglected o ce!based wor#ers  *ouch-screen devices are huge at the moment tablets enhance users@ image and are ideal for mobile sta+ and e,ecutives. 9ut what about sta+ who are chained to their des(s all day# *he future will doubtless see an increase in interactive des(s& i.e. touch-screen features but copied onto a physical des(& with all the advantages of interactive& paperless functions.C Microsoft and Samsung have already begun with the launch of Surface < , a H@@ multi-touch table that can be laid horizontal or mounted on to four legs and costing around IJ&. %t can be used for anything from medical imaging to air patrol conguration and post-Kight debrieng as demonstrated by 2assault at this year@s Paris Air Show). 1anadian company 6,oP1 is also wor(ing on a H@@multi-touch interactive des( that is compatible with >indows = and can be hoo(ed up to a monitor. 6,o2es( will be on sale for around I;&. Souce http!!!blog!multi-touch-devices-and-apps-for-businesses!#lang$en
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