Chapter 027

Chapter 27: HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1. Which sexually transmitted disease can be prevented through immunization? c. Hepatitis B 2. What is the most common reason that people do not immediately seek medical treatment when they irst become ill with H! ? c. #hey don$t recognize their symptoms as possibly being due to H! . %. & student asks the college nurse how &!'( is diagnosed. #he nurse$s best response would be) *& diagnosis o &!'( is made when+ c. *&nti
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  Chapter 27: HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1.Which sexually transmitted disease can be prevented through immunization?c.Hepatitis B2.What is the most common reason that people do not immediately seek medical treatment when they irst become ill with H! ?c.#hey don$t recognize their symptoms as possibly being due to H! .%.& student asks the college nurse how &!'( is diagnosed. #he nurse$s best response would be) *& diagnosis o &!'( is made when+c.*&ntibodies to H! reach peak levels o 1,,,-ml o blood./.#he correctional health nurse is doing a 0uick assessment on a newly admitted inmate who is H! positive. Besides ollowup tests to conirm or correct that diagnosis) what other test should the nurse do immediately?d.#B antoux3.& school nurse asks a class about the ways H! can be transmitted. Which comment by a student indicates a need or additional teaching?a.4! wouldn$t sit next to someone with H! .45.What is the main reason some health clinics allow clients to be tested or H! anonymously with no record o the client$s name) address) or contact inormation? b.6lient may be engaged in illegal activities 7drug use8.9.Why is chlamydia a ma:or ocus o public health eorts? b.Because it can cause problems in inants born to inected mothers;.!n what way is H( 2 inection more challenging or a client than gonorrhea inection?a.H( 2 is a viral inection that is both chronic and incurable.<.When a nurse discovers that a woman has been treated or cervical cancer) the nurse asks the woman whether she has ever been tested or H! or other (#'s. #he woman is oended and asks why the nurse would ask her such a thing. ! you were the nurse) how would you respond? b.6ervical cancer usually is caused by H= ) and oten the presence o one (#' is accompanied by other (#'s.1,.What is the characteristic appearance o lesions o human papillomavirus 7H= 8? b.>levated growths with a *caulilower appearance11.Why are many health care providers more araid o getting hepatitis B than H! ?d.#here is no treatment or HB ) which can be a very serious illness. 6opyright  2,1,) 2,,5) 2,,2 by osby) !nc.) an ailiate o >lsevier !nc.  #est Bank 12.& nurse explained to a new mother that since she had tested positive or the hepatitis B virus) her newborn son would need the hepatitis B vaccine immediately and then also an immune globulin in:ection. *Wait) said the new mother. *Why is my son getting two  shots? How should the nurse respond?a.*@ne in:ection protects your son) while the other encourages his body to build up immunity.1%.What is the most re0uent reason that liver transplants are needed?c.Hepatitis 61/.& client with tuberculosis 7#B8 asks why the nurse is re0uired to watch the client swallowthe medication each day. How should the nurse respond? b.4#his therapy is recommended to make sure that you receive the treatment you need and the inection doesnAt become resistant to the drugs.413.& client was clearly very relieved when an H! test came back negative. *#hank goodness. !$ve had sex several times without a condom) and when one o my riends said he was sick) ! think ! panicked. What is important to emphasize immediately beore the client draws too many conclusions?d.#he test would not cover any recent inection) so i the client has had recent unprotected sex) the test should be repeated in % months.15.!n the nited (tates) which demographic group has the highest risk or H! inection?a.&rican&merican homosexual men19.& nurse was reading ==' tests 2/ hours ater another nurse had administered them. Which inding on an arm would cause the nurse to interpret the test as positive?d.1, mm o swelling and increased irmness in a client recently released rom a correctional acility1;.& high school student is planning to volunteer at the hospital ater school) so she needs to have a antoux test beore beginning. What should the nurse tell the new volunteer?d.*Cou will need to return in 2 to % days to have any reaction interpreted.1<.Dor the nurse concerned about the prevalence o tuberculosis among migrant armworkers) what tertiary prevention would best be used? b.!nitiate directly observed therapy 7'@#8 or tuberculosis treatment.2,.& mother elt very guilty that her baby was born H! positive. When the nurse suggested the usual ='# and E immunizations) the mother was extremely upset. *'on$t you know H! children are immunosuppressed? she exclaimed. What would be the nurse$s  best response? b.*Being H! positive) your child is more likely to catch an inection and be very ill i not immunized. 6opyright  2,1,) 2,,5) 2,,2 by osby) !nc.) an ailiate o >lsevier !nc. 292  #est Bank 21.& client who is very upset says to the nurse) *But we always used a condomF How could !have genital warts? How could the nurse best respond?d.*(kin to skin contact to a wart may have occurred outside the area that the condom covers.22.Which individuals should routinely be assessed or their risk or a (#'?a.&ll sexually active adults M!TI !# $#S %&S# 1.(ome clients are reluctant to tell their primary care provider that they have tested positiveor H! . What are some legitimate reasons or this reluctance? (elect all that apply.d.#hey don$t trust the government$s ability to keep inormation conidential.e.#hey are araid o discrimination 7:obs) housing) insurance) etc.8.2.!n which o the ollowing cases would the school nurse be correct to advise the parents o an H! inected child to keep the child home rom school? (elect all that apply. b.#he child persists in biting behavior or is unable to control body secretions..#here is an outbreak o chickenpox in the school.%.& woman and man who have come to the health clinic begin to argue loudly. *Cou gave me an (#'F the man yells. #he woman screams back) *Got me.  I don$t have an (#'F Which o the ollowing would be appropriate or the nurse to say to them? (elect all that apply.a.*&ctually) you$re very ortunate to have been tested so you and your partner can  begin treatment beore more serious damage is done. b.*(ome (#'s may not have any symptoms) so you need to be tested or other conditions and treated i necessary.c.*(ometimes the test is inaccurate) so beore getting too upset) you should ask to be tested again./.#he public health nurse comes to the hospital to see a client :ust diagnosed with hepatitis &. #he nurse says) *!$m sorry to bother you when you$re not eeling well) but ! need to ask you a ew 0uestions. What should the nurse ask? (elect all that apply.c.*Where are you employed?e.*Who lives with you?.*With whom have you had sexual relations? 6opyright  2,1,) 2,,5) 2,,2 by osby) !nc.) an ailiate o >lsevier !nc. 29%
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