Chapter 1: Holistic Caring

Chapter 1: Holistic Caring
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  Copyright © 2016 F. A. Davis Company Chapter 1: Holistic Caring   Multiple Choice    Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.   ____ 1. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, approximately how many Americans are older than age 65? 1) 2% 2) 5% 3) 13% 4) 20% ____ 2. What is the average life expectancy today? 1) 70.2 years 2) 75 years 3) 81.1 years for women and 76.3 years for men 4) Longer for men than for women ____ 3. Which statement is NOT true about holistic nursing? 1) Holistic nursing focuses on the specific disease or disorder a person has in order to treat it effectively. 2) Holistic nursing aims to treat the whole person, not just a specific disease or disorder the person may have. 3) Holistic nursing focuses on the individual patient and uses many techniques, such as empathetic listening, music, and imagery, as well as specific clinical skills. 4) Holistic nursing weaves the technical skills of nursing with the social science skills that enhance communication and rapport between the nurse and the person receiving care. ____ 4. The Science of Human Caring theory was developed by 1) Florence Nightingale 2) Clara Barton 3) Jean Watson 4) Savage and Money ____ 5. Which is NOT emphasized in The Science of Human Caring? 1) Providing transpersonal caring 2) Focusing on the person while you are with him or her 3) Ensuring that all nonessential tasks, such as bathing, are given according to a strict schedule 4) Reaching out to the patient, making eye contact, touching if appropriate, speaking softly ____ 6. Which of the following is included as a basic concept of holistic nursing? 1) Using your developed clinical expertise 2) Developing a close relationship with the patient’s family members and significant others  3) Remembering the personal intuition and creativity of patients in your nursing plan 4)  All of the above ____ 7. Most elderly people having a heart attack have 1) Pain diffused over the entire chest area 2) No pain 3) Crushing sternal pain 4) Pain on the left side of the chest and pain that radiates down the left arm Andersons Caring for Older Adults Holistically 6th Edition Dahlkemper Test Bank Full Download: This is sample only, Download all chapters at:  Copyright © 2016 F. A. Davis Company ____ 8. Compared with the doses of medication given to a young adult, the doses given to an old-old person are usually 1) Smaller 2) Larger, because the old-old person is probably sicker 3) The same 4) Minimal, because the person is very old and probably near death ____ 9. What communication technique has been developed specifically for dealing with demented elderly persons? 1) Cognitive therapy 2) Validation therapy 3) Geriatric Depression Scale 4) Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) ____ 10. An 82-year-old patient is diagnosed with liver cancer and has long-standing cardiovascular problems. The patient begins screaming and pushes his meal tray away. What would be an appropriate response? 1) Take the meal tray and leave the room without saying anything. 2) Tell him to stop screaming in a loud voice. 3) Calmly ask him what he is upset about and listen carefully to him. 4) Call your supervisor. ____ 11. The nurse is overhead addressing an 87-year- old patient as “honey.” What is this an example of?  1) Beneficence 2) Paternalism 3) Caring 4) Malfeasance ____ 12. The term “elite - old” is used for people  1) 65 to 74 years old 2) 75 to 84 years old 3) 85 to 100 years old 4) Older than 100 years ____ 13. Which is a key concept in holistic nursing? 1) Following physician instructions and follow-up with the physician 2) Developing a relationship with family members of the patient 3) Using what you have learned  —  your clinical experience 4)  All of the above ____ 14. How should the nursing instructor explain the term “gerontology” to a new class of students?  1) It means the use of older medications to treat illnesses. 2) It comes from a Greek word that means “related to old age.”  3) It focuses on the housing needs of people who are underserved. 4) It is a way of explaining health problems of people over age 50. ____ 15. Which term should the nurse use when explaining medical care that an older patient requires? 1) Genetics 2) Geriatrics 3) Gerontology 4) Gentrification ____ 16. During lunch a nursing colleague states that she never wants to be assigned to care for an older patient. What behavior is this nurse demonstrating? 1) Ageism  Copyright © 2016 F. A. Davis Company 2) Stereotyping 3) Ethnocentricity 4) Personal preference ____ 17. How should a nursing instructor explain the term “baby boomers” to new students?  1) People who have large families 2) People who advocate for the care of infants 3) People who have decided not to have large families 4) People born between 1946 and 1965 after World War II ____ 18. What explains the decline in the elderly black population since 1980? 1) Diabetes 2) Homicides 3) Hypertension 4) Heart disease ____ 19. Why are older people more likely to participate in exercise programs? 1) They have more time to exercise. 2) They are trying to avoid boredom. 3) They initiated the fitness movement. 4) They want to spend time with their grandchildren. ____ 20. What information would be helpful when explaining Social Security to a group of new nursing students? 1) It is a federal and state supported process that provides health care to financially disadvantaged people. 2) It is federal regulation providing health care for individuals older than age 65 or individuals who are permanently disabled. 3) It is a federal benefit check paid to persons older than age 65 or persons with disabilities who are unable to work. 4) It is a federal benefit check paid to retired workers of a specific age, disabled workers of any age, and spouses and minor children of deceased workers. ____ 21. What should be used to describe a nursing philosophy to a new nursing student? 1) It is a personal concept. 2) It defines goals and aspirations. 3) It outlines steps to a successful career. 4) It recognizes the importance of education. ____ 22. Which behavior demonstrates that a nurse is developing a healing relationship with a patient? 1) Answering a call light using the intercom system 2) Telling a patient that there is no time to try something new 3) Sitting down in the patient’s room to discuss the plan of care  4) Reminding a patient that other patients are waiting for the nurse ____ 23. Which skill is essential to promote holistic nursing? 1) Critical thinking 2) Active listening 3) Time management 4) Care coordination ____ 24. Who should the nurse identify as being members of the holistic health-care team for an older patient? 1) The nurse, doctor, and pharmacist 2) The nurse, dietician, and discharge planner  Copyright © 2016 F. A. Davis Company 3) Those who will help meet the patient’s needs  4) The social worker, physical therapist, and nurse ____ 25. Which action demonstrates a safe environment? 1) Telephoning a patient prior to arriving for a home visit 2) Mounting grab bars near the commode and in the shower 3) Ensuring that a patient receives a requested daily newspaper 4) Making sure that the television in the room has adequate volume ____ 26. What action should a nurse take who desires to become a more caring nurse? 1) Become a caring person. 2) Ensure adequate daily rest. 3) Set aside time for personal activities. 4) Consume nutritious meals and exercise. ____ 27. An older patient with heart failure refuses any diagnostic tests and does not want to take any medication because of having limited health insurance. Which action should the nurse take that demonstrates caring? 1) Recommend that the patient be discharged home as soon as possible. 2) Ask family members if they are willing to help pay for the patient’s care.  3) Contact a social worker to talk with the patient about health insurance coverage. 4) Find out if the patient has any resources that can be liquidated to pay for the care. ____ 28. During a home visit, an older patient is planning to have dinner with a close friend and then see a movie. What does this behavior indicate to the nurse? 1) Industry 2) Self-absorption 3) Identity diffusion 4) Gerotranscendence Multiple Response    Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.   ____ 29. The home health nurse is completing an admission assessment of an older patient. Which health problems should the nurse identify as being leading chronic diseases of older adults? Select all that apply. 1)  Cancer 2)  Diabetes 3)  Heart disease 4)  Hypertension 5)  Multiple sclerosis ____ 30. What should be identified as reasons for the increased number of older adults in today’s society? Select all that apply. 1)  Better nutrition 2)  Earlier retirement 3)  Increased exercise 4)  Improved health care 5)  Consistent sanitation ____ 31. What should the instructor emphasize as being essential elements of a nursing philosophy with beginning students? Select all that apply. 1)  Simple 2)  Popular  Copyright © 2016 F. A. Davis Company 3)  Specific 4)  Meaningful 5)  Inexpensive
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