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For further details and to get your copies of theseeBooks go to our  Shopping page A Brief Introduction Hi there! Let me introduce myself. I'mknown as Brian Northmore to friends andfamily and by various alternative names anddescriptions to oh so many others who shallremain nameless. Suffice to say, I am thesrcinal founder and researcher of all you willfind on this incredible site. Having said that,all that remains now is for me to welcome you to a website designed to cover  ALL matters relating to the occult.You might be interested to know that you are visitor number since it was srcinally uploaded to our server. If this isyour first visit  please  spend a couple of minutes reading thisintroduction - it will definitely   help you. Seasoned visitorsand/or those exper ienced in the terminology used in occult circles can take advantage of the links displayed above to go directly to a specific topic as navigation through this site should be relatively straightforward. However, for those of you not soexperienced, or even new to the subject, and because of thevast diversity of topics relating to it which fall into specificcategories, it could prove to be daunting and possiblyfrustrating. Consequently, in addition to an excellent SiteSearch  facility, we have provided a Site Plan  showing themajor headings for the various topics discussed within thosedifferent categories of the occult. Our comprehensive Dictionary of Magick and the Occult , which certainly ranksas one of the better ones to be found on the internet based onour own observations and comments from our readers, shouldhelp to clarify any terminology about which you are uncertain. If you are still unsure, don't hesitate to Contact us . Certain termsapplicable to Aleister Crowley's Religion/Philosophy of Thelema  may be found in the Glossary of Thelema  on our sister site To Mega Therion . If you are even mildly interestedin the life and times of the greatest magician of the 20th centurythen To Mega Therion  is an absolute must - make sure youtell your friends about it!Two further sections relating to the occult in general follow thisbrief introduction. Click on the link provided below to goimmediately to that section, or simply scroll down the page until  business on more thanone page, and hittingvisitors with 'IN YOUR FACE'  advertisements. Early birds don't just catch the worms,they grab the prime positions. If you would like tohelp out this small butinformative website,which will also benefityou through your ownpermanentadvertisement on thesite, . . .. . . just click on thePaypal ® link below:you reach it. So, what is the Occult?Societies/Organisations to be found in OccultismIn addition to the two subjects shown above, afurther page of great interest relating to signs andsymbols used in occultism can be found by clickingHERE . So now to our new visitors ... ... first of all I would like to thank you for visiting this site, which,as you will no doubt have noticed, is one of the very fewdedicated to all   aspects of the occult. It may seem at firstglance that the site does not get many visitors, so perhaps weshould explain that unlike the vast majority of other sites thatspecialise in the occult (and probably millions relating to other topics), this counter is genuine , i.e. it started at zero registering only one hit per unique IP address  as opposed toonce (or however many times it is set to) for every visit  .I spent many years researching the occult prior to preparing,then coding (after learning how to code html - the 'language' of the internet) and finally developing the site, as a consequence of which it now contains a vast amount of information, above138,000 words at the last count, which is clearly far too much toread with just a fleeting glance - check out the Site Plan  whichwill give you some idea of just how big this site is. It isconstantly being revised and updated with subtle changes toindividual paragraphs to clarify a point or whole new sectionsadded due to further research and/or experimentation, or newdevelopments, so is certainly well worth visiting on a regular basis. While you're here, why not take the opportunity to Bookmark this site ! It is because of the time and effort alreadyspent, and that still being spent, that we do mean it when wesay, We really would appreciate any feedback from you with suggestions for other topics to be included on the sitethrough our Contact  page. Similarly, please do not hesitate tosend us a query on any matter whatsoever - we will reply asquickly as possible and try to help you to resolve that query.  Alternatively, please notify us of any   errors you might notice asyou browse the pages (factual - if you have found somethingwhich differs from what we have discovered through our ownresearch, grammatical, spelling etc.). It is only with your helpthat we can possibly hope to make it one of the most interesting, informative and comprehensive websitescovering this complex, varied and intriguing subject. Every page is completely unbiased in any way, my own beliefs,experiments and experiences remain as such, i.e. my own ,and have not influenced anything that has been written, exceptwhere I have stated something along the lines, my own personal opinion is . . . . . The site was designed not simplybecause of my obvious fascination with the occult, but to assistthose of you who are curious to learn a little about certainaspects of it, to enable you to read facts and to dispel themyths before making up your own minds about this diversesubject to which, I iterate, I have now devoted many years of research. Perhaps I should explain that it was only after experiencing numerous unexplained profound psychic  phenomena as long ago as 1991 that I got so deeply and seriously involved  . As a result of these experiences I felt   Power of LoveB.J. NorthmoreBest Price £6.99 or Buy NewPrivacy Information  obliged to write a book titled The Power of Love  (ISBN 0 86332796 6), and am including a copy of Part Two of Chapter Seven of this book on our 'Aspects of the Occult' CD, which shouldcertainly help to explain why it was absolutely essential   for meto discover so much more about this fascinating subject.  Alternatively, the complete book is available on Amazon, wherean image (despite what it says) is available  - click on it andsee.It is probably worth mentioning that each highlighted link withinthe pages on this site performs one of three functions:1. Clicking on it takes you to a description of thehighlighted word in the Dictionary .........., or 2. hovering over it displays further details relating to thehiglighted word .........., or 3. clicking on it takes you to a completely new pagerelating to the highlighted word (in some cases this maybe one of the main menu items). We sincerely hope you enjoy what you read and discover! Should you wish to learn more, much more,why not 'splash out' and spend a couple of quid on our  Aspects of the Occult download which containscertainly in excess of 400 eBooks and documentsrelating to almost every aspect of the occult (including (in)famous authors not listed in the description), plus acopy of each of the poems on the site, by going to theShopping  page? Not only will you be supporting thisimportant site, you'll be amazed at just how muchinformation relating to all aspects of the occult iscontained in this download. Other items relating to theoccult are also available from here. On the Useful Links page we have provided direct links to variousorganisations from which you might glean moreinformation on specific topics, plus other sites fromwhich you can download many free scripts, appletsetc., to enhance your own site. Return to top  of page. After years of toil andresearch, havingfinally completed theimpossible, (not the GREAT WORK but nevertheless amarvellousachievement indeveloping a sitecovering all   aspects of the occult insignificant depth), I So, what is the Occult? The word 'occult'   is a word in very common usage nowadays. However, it is also a word which has become widely misused,and as a result has become associated with the Black Arts .  As a consequence, it tends to instil revulsion and abject horror in the hearts and minds of the majority of people. It stems fromthe Latin word 'occultus'  , which, in its very basic translationmeans 'hidden'  . The modern meaning of the word occult is oftentranslated incorrectly in that it is used as a term for secret knowledge  or hidden knowledge , in the sense of meaning knowledge meant only for certain people  or knowledge that must be kept hidden . For most practicing occultists, however,it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual ‘reality’ that cannot be  am ready to move onto a new project. Consequently, thissite is now FOR SALE in its entirety to theright buyer. If youhave a serious interestin continuing tomaintain and updatethis site, please Contact me with your proposal.understood using pure reason or any of the known physicalsciences. Alternatively, it is the study of Truth , or rather thedeeper truth that lies buried beneath the surface.Thus the occult should be regarded and accepted as an'interest' or 'activity' which relies upon and uses a 'knowledge',that knowledge normally being inaccessible to, or, at the veryleast, 'hidden' from the general public (you and I). Fortunatelyfor all of us, this knowledge will never   be lost, because it can be gleaned gradually through commitment and prayer by anyone  who is prepared to put in the time and effort. Theseaspirants learn  how to use their latent talents, talents which lie beyond our normal five senses , to engage with supernatural forces. A young child uses a sixth sense  automatically, butchildren tend to lose this natural gift   as they begin to matureand lose their basic spirituality - or are their spirit guides (their 'strange imaginary friends with whom they converse for hours')simply a figment of their vivid imagination from which theyeventually grow out of? Who knows? Not you or I, nor the poor child who has not yet learnt to tell the difference between factand fiction, true spirituality and dogma.The majority of individuals involved in occult activities view suchactivities as both mysterious and harmless (unless they are inthe minority who have ulterior motives). At the same time theyfind it spiritually fascinating and uplifting, whilst gaining atremendous source of knowledge and potential power  . Butopposing the occultist's view, modern Western religions (andothers) tend to look upon occultism as being spirituallydestructive, totally evil and predominately Satanic  . Perhapsthese Western religions with their subservient doctrines, andthat other religion which stemmed from Judaism, and whosesole purpose is to dominate the world with its sadistic and even more submissive doctrines , should stop and consider that WE ARE ALL MADE IN GOD'S IMAGE  . Our surgeonswho are now repairing irreparable bodies, i.e., bringing peopleback from the ‘dead’, our scientists who are getting closer tounderstanding the meaning of ‘I exist, therefore I am’, and our brilliant occultists who have completed the Great Work  andwho are now communicating with the Divine, are actuallycarrying out our Creator’s wishes.Despite the churches' condemnation of the occult, there is anexplosion of occultism in our modern world. In the USA, for example, there are more than 10,000 'Astrologers', and,according to statistics, well in excess of 40,000,000 peopleconsult their horoscopes on a daily basis. The SatanicChurch  in San Francisco alone has 8,000 members! Englandboasts some 9,000 witches, although this is vastlyoutnumbered by the known 60,000 in France. In Latin Americathere are literally millions of brujos , santeros  and mediums .In Theosophy , a system frequently synonymous with the esoteric  philosophy or secret doctrine, the study of genuineoccultism signifies penetrating deep into the causal mysteriesof universal being, whereas the occult arts, by contrast, includepsychism, black magick , hypnotism , psychologisation, andsimilar uninstructed or even malevolent uses of astral andmental forces.So having attempted to provide a brief explanation of the truemeaning of the word occult  , I shall resort to taking the openinglines from Eliphas Lévi’s   Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, which says it all:   The OccultColin WilsonBest Price £9.39 or Buy New £21.24Privacy Information
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