Chapter 2 (Student) biology form 4

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   Biology Teaching and Learning Module CELL STRUCTURE AND CELL ORGANISATIONCELL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONCONCEPT MAP CELLAnimal CellPlant CellStructure, Function and Comparison OrganellesNon organellesNucleusi!osome Chloroplast acuole Plasma Mem!raneCytoplasmEndoplasmic Mitochondrion #olgi Apparatus Cell $alleticulumCell organi%ation and speciali%ation 1   Biology Teaching and Learning Module CELL STRUCTURE AND CELL ORGANISATION2.1 Understanding Cell &o 'ou (no) $ho is o!ert *oo+eSuggestion -or e.periment/01 Prepare slide o- onion epidermal cell and cells o- Hydrilla sp.  lea- to study a plant cell structure121 Prepare slide o- human chee+ cells to study an animal cell structure131 State the techni4ue that you use in these e.periment11 2   Tips -or you/01All li5ing organisms are made o- cells121A cell is a !asic unit o- li-e 131Plant cell di--er -rom animal cell61Each cell component has speci-ic -unction   Biology Teaching and Learning Module CELL STRUCTURE AND CELL ORGANISATION 2.1.1 a7 By using di--erent pencil colour, dra) and match the organelles in a plant cell and in an animal cell !elo)1 3 Cell )allPlasma mem!raneCytoplasmMitochondrion 8dar+ !lue7Chloroplast 8#reen7#olgi Apparatus8 orange7Nucleus 8red7ough endoplasmic reticulum 8purple7Smooth endoplasmic reticulum 8!ro)n7i!osome 8!lac+ 7 acuole 8yello)7 esicles 8light !lue7Plant CellAnimal Cell   Biology Teaching and Learning Module CELL STRUCTURE AND CELL ORGANISATION !7List the organelles )hich ha5e i) single laer !e! raneii) d#$ le laers !e! rane c79denti-y organelles and non organelles i) #rganellesii) n#n #rganelles d7Complete structures 8 organelle : part o- cell 7 and -unctions in the ta!le !elo) Organelle % &art #'(ellF$n(ti#n NucleusA!sor! light -or photosynthesisi!osomeough endoplasmic reticulumSmooth endoplasmic reticulumProcessing, pac+aging and transporting phospholipids and glycoproteinMitochondrion 4

Lect 4 Centrif

Jul 29, 2017
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