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Claiming Your Trust in the Word of God Using the Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible is on Trust Special Deposit into the Library of Congress. It is not copyrighted and is therefore there for all to reference and/or make use of by reference in relation to anything quoted or spoken of in the Word of God
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  Here is the way that I see how claiming the Gutenberg Bible works. First, as you already know, the Gutenberg Bible is on, “TRUST SPECIAL DEPOSIT,” into the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. So what you say, well it actually is a so what . . . that is until one starts to connect the dots, and what better way to connect dots than to form and ask questions. So then, let us start with, “  Why is that Gutenberg Bible on Trust Special Deposit  ,”  and, “W hy not the Geneva Bible ,”  as Daren asked? How about because the Gutenberg Bible is one of only 21 Bibles spread over the Planet in different places throughout the nations. Why? For anyone can use that trust special deposit for their needs, in honor of all needs being provided for as promised by the our Father and Creator. Now, how can I possible connect that Bible to being a link for taking away sin, or what is more correctly called DEBT? Seems like that connection would be a reach, would it not? Well, since that Bible actually represents an account, but not just any account, meaning not a general deposit account, but more correctly a Trust Special Deposit account, then the question that arises is, “W hat exactly what has been intrusted and deposited into that account that makes it so special, and so different from all other Trust Special Deposit accounts for all time and eternity? Before I explain what I have concluded that is, I want to clearly express to you that account is a, “CLOSED ACCOUNT,” an d its simple, pure, and unadulterated purpose is to make adjustments and bring the balance to any and all unbalanced accounts. So then, since that account is closed, most people would think that it couldn’t   be accessed. But, you and I are fully aware that is an incorrect conclusion, because we know that a closed account can indeed be used for adjustments, which are sometimes called setoffs. Now, since the account is closed, then the account had to be opened at some point did it not? You bet it did! When that account was opened, the most precious thing ever was deposited into it, and that was the Blood of the Lamb, Yehoshuah, which was spilled from him during his crucifixion ONTO the land in a literal bloodletting, being deposited into the land forevermore. So then, the RES of the TRUST provided by the SETTLOR is his very own blood, and this deposit can never be denied, else the one denying that deposit will be held accountable directly for the blood and body of Christ, and I personally feel that they could suffer an immediate death not unlike Ananias and Sapphira. (If you re unfamiliar with that Biblical story, I encourage you to look it up. It is most revealing, but of course). So then, the Gutenberg Bible is a representation of that trust special deposit that when claimed by a Son and Heir of God in Christ as having taken away all of the sin/DEBT of the world, it requires an order from the one making the claim to have the books adjusted thus bringing all things into balance, and only a Son and Heir of God in Christ will have the faith to give and make said order. Once made, such claim can never be denied because that is the exact purpose for that trust special deposit, and as I pointed out earlier, they risk everything that they are if they foolish deny that claim, for it is written that it is, “Fool that says there is no God.”  All the claimant, which is the Son of Heir of God in Christ has to do, is to claim that their TRUST is in Yehoshuah their Redeemer, for he has indeed and action already redeemed all debts for all eternity. Once that declaration is made, then any presumption and/or assumption of having any trust in the traditions of men, and their laws, is automatically null and void for no man can serve two masters, and the one that has clearly declared that, is definitely not of double-mind.  The only way for any man and/or woman to make this claim is BY FAITH! Faith is the evidence of things not seen. The Trust Special Deposit Account of the Blood of Yehoshuah can only be accessed by Faith, for the blood of Christ cannot be seen, and the Blood of Christ is not physically there, but it is on Trust Special Deposit of the closed side of that account, and that account was created by the wrongful death of Christ for he had done no harm, caused no damage, inflicted no loss, and injured no one single living Spirit. I want you to NOTICE that a key factor to this is where on places their Trust, and that if one has not placed their TRUST into their Father of Lord Yehoshuah, it is possible that they may actually be tempting themselves, and this action may draw things into their life that they are not prepared for at this time. Therefore, it can be said that this Trust Account is a Resulting Trust being formed by the actions of the accusers, the fraudulent court trial, and ultimately, by the actions of all the people that have deviated into the inferior world of charge-discharge and taxes, because if all the people had never deviated into such a world, then no redeemer/SETTLOR would have ever been needed. For that error required payment, and that payment was supplied by the trust special deposit of the res into that account for all of our needs, that res is the Blood of Yehoshuah. Now, if one does not know that they are Co-heir with Christ, that Christ in them, IS THEM for they were crucified with Christ, where buried with Christ, and were resurrected with Christ, then they should not make such a claim until they come into the knowledge and awareness of who they truly are as that identity was established before the foundation of the world of bankruptcy was laid, and as Christ died before that world came into being known, they must also recognize, acknowledge, and accept that by claiming this right, that there are duties and responsibilities that do indeed go along with such a claim. This is not to be feared, but it is to be embraced joyfully!
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