Classification of Internal Combustion Engines

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    INTERN L COMBUSTION ENGINE   Cristine Joy Santos JANUARY 1, 2019 ADVANCE FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM CORPORATION  Classification of Internal Combustion Engines 1.   Application a.   Automotive a.1 Car a.2 Truck/Bus a.3 Off-Highways b.   Locomotive c.   Light Aircraft d.   Marine d.1 Outboard d.2 Inboard d.3 Ship e.   Power Generation e.1 Portable (Domestic) e.2 Fixed (Peak Power) f.   Agricultural f.1 Tractors f.2 Pump Sets g.   Earthmoving g.1 Dumpers g.2 Tippers g.3 Mining Equipment h.   Home Use h.1 Lawnmovers h.2 Snow Blowers h.3 Tools i.   Others 2.   Basic Engine Design a.   Reciprocating a.1 Single Cylinder a.2 Multi-Cylinder a.2.1 In-line a.2.2 V-Type a.2.3 Radial Type a.2.4 Opposed Cylinder a.2.5 Opposed Piston b.   Rotary b.1 Single Rotor b.2 Multi-Rotor  3.   Operating Cycle a.   Otto (For the Conventional SI Engine) b.   Atkinson (For Complete Expansion of SI Engine) c.   Miller (For Early or Late Inlet Valve Closing Type SI Engine) d.   Diesel (For the Ideal Diesel Engine) e.   Dual (For the Actual Diesel Engine) 4.   Working Cycle a.   Four Stroke Cycle a.1 Naturally Aspirated a.2 Supercharged/Turbocharged b.   Two Stroke Cycle b.1 Crankcase Scavenged b.2 Uniflow Scavenged b.1.1 Inlet Valve/Exhaust Port b.2.2 Inlet Port/Exhaust Valve b.2.3 Inlet and Exhaust Valve 5.   Valve/Port Design and Location a.   Poppet Valve b.   Rotary Valve c.   Reed Valve d.   Piston Controlled Porting d.1 Valve Location e.   The T-head f.   The L-head g.   The F-head h.   The I-head h.1 Over head Valve (OHV) h.2 Over head Cam (OHC) 6.   Fuel a.   Conventional a.1 Crude Oil Derived a.1.1. Petrol a.1.2. Diesel a.2 Other Resources a.2.1 Coal a.2.2. Wood a.2.3. Tar Sands a.2.4. Shale  b.   Alternate (Total Replacement) b.1 Petroleum Derived b.1.1 CNG b.1.2 LPG b.2 Bio-mass Derived b.2.1 Ethanol b.2.2. Vegetables Oil b.2.3. Producer Gas b.2.4. Biogas b.2.5. Hydrogen (Partial Replacement) b.3 Blending b.4 Dual Fueling 7.   Mixture Preparation a.   Carburetion-perhaps soon to be obsolete b.   Fuel Injection b.1 Diesel b.2 Gasoline b.2.1 Manifold b.2.2.Port b.2.3.Cylinder 8.   Ignition a.   Spark Ignition-homogenous charge a.1 Conventional a.1.1 Battery a.1.2 Magneto a.2 Other Methods b. Compression Ignition-Heterogeneous Charge (Conventional) c. Compression Ignition-Homogenous Charge (HCCI) 9.   Stratification of Charge a.   Homogeneous Charge (Also Pre-mixed charge) b.   Stratified Charge b.1 With Carburetion b.2 With Fuel Injection 10.   Combustion Chamber Design a.   Open Chamber


Sep 11, 2019

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Sep 11, 2019
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