Coach carter pres

Coach carter pres
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    Coaching Coach Carter Case StudyFeedback    Feedback Feedback is The information which occurs after or during an activity that allows the performer to determine how successful he/she has beenIntrinsic FeedbackExtrinsic Feedbackositive/!egitive FeedbackEffective Feedback    Intrinsic Feedback Intrinsic Feedback is sensory information that arises as a natural conse"uence of producing a movementExample # coach carter is always talking during trainng sessions$ clapping and cheering them on during games$ and acting like an extra player from the sidelines    Extrinsic Feedback Extrinsic Feedback is %ugmented feedback$ Information provided by coaches about an athletes performance Example  # The coach refers to the first game$ none of the players had a problem shooting the ball but they all had a problem getting up and down the court&e punishes the team for taunting the opposition during a match'Coach carter cancels training due to the poor academic performances of the team until they can improve their grades    ositive Feedback ositive Feedback is used to inform the athlete what was correct about the movement$ (einforcement$ )erbal * !onverbal$ Can raise self#esteem and confidence of a player or team' Essential for motivation$ +ood way to get athletes attention Example  , coach carter tell the playersthat there in better shape than the opposition %nd always talking to the players during a game giving instructions and calling plays&e tells the players$ he thinks they are all good enough to play college basketbal-uring the final game in the bay hill tournament$ in the final time out when the team is loosing the coach tells the players not to panic and its their time$ showing confidence in his team and raising self esteem of the players'
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