Copulas Financial Risk Management 2000 Rank

Copulas in Financial Risk Management   Department for Continuing Education University of Oxford Dr Jorn Rank A thesis submitted for the diploma in Mathematical Finance 4 August 2000 Diploma in Mathematical Finance Department for Continuing Education OXFORD UNIVERSITY Authenticity Statement I con rm that the work in this project is my own work and I guarantee its authenticity. Name Dr Jorn Rank Address Mainstr. 7e 65520 Bad Camberg Germany Signed Date To Christiane and Maximilian Ac
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  CopulasinFinancial  RiskManagement         DrJ ornRank  DepartmentforContinuingEducation UniversityofOxford Athesissubmittedforthediplomain  MathematicalFinance  4August2000   DiplomainMathematicalFinance DepartmentforContinuingEducation OXFORDUNIVERSITY AuthenticityStatement IconrmthattheworkinthisprojectismyownworkandIguaranteeitsauthenticity. NameDrJ ornRank AddressMainstr.7e 65520BadCamberg Germany Signed Date   ToChristianeandMaximilian   Acknowledgements   IwouldliketothankmyemployerArthurAndersenWirtschaftspr ufungs- gesellschaft,SteuerberatungsgesellschaftmbH,andinparticularDrHans- PeterDeutsch,headoftheFinancialandCommodityRiskConsulting Group,foroeringmetheopportunitytotakepartinthecourse\Diploma inMathematicalFinance attheUniversityofOxford.Inaddition,I wouldliketothankDrJeDewynne,DrSamHowisonandDrPaul Wilmottforalltheirinterestinglecturesduringthemodules.Ofcourse, manythanksalsogotoMsTianyFlissfororganizingeverythingsowell andreliably. Myspecialthank-youisdedicatedtomybelovedwifeChristianeforall herpatienceduringthemanyweekendsthatIhadtospendonwriting thisthesisandonotherdiploma-relatedwork. 
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