Crazy Therapies : What Are They? Do They Work?

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  Copyright © 1996 by Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy-ing, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of JosseyBass Inc., Publishers, 350 Sansome Street, San Francisco, California 94104Copyright credits are on p. 265.Substantial discounts on bulk quantities of JosseyBass books are available to corpora-tions, professional associations, and other organizations. For details and discount information, contact the special sales department at JosseyBass Inc., Publishers (415) 4331740; Fax (800) 6052665.For sales outside the United States, please contact your local Simon & Schuster International Office.Manufactured in the United States of America on Lyons Falls Pathfinder Trade book. This paper is acidfree and 100 percent totally chlorinefree. Library of Congress CataloginginPublication Data Singer, Margaret Thaler.“Crazy” therapies : what are they?, do they work? / Margaret Thaler Singer, Janja Lalich. — 1st ed. p. cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 0787902780 (alk. paper)1. Psychotherapy—Popular works. 2. Psychotherapy patients—Abuse of. 3. Psychiatric errors. 4. Consumer education. I. Lalich,Janja. II. Title.RC480.515.S56 1996616.89T4—dc20 9616107CIP HB Printing  10 987654321 FIRST EDITION  Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi1. What’s Wrong with This Picture? 12. Back to the Beginning: Regression,Reparenting, and Rebirthing 233. Backwards and Forwards:Past-Life/Future-Life Therapy 474. They’ve Got You Coming and Going: EntitiesTherapists and the Channeling Connection 675. You Were Abducted by ETs—That’s What the Matter Is 876. Cry, Laugh, Attack, Scream—Cathart Your Brains Out 1077. Therapeutic Seductions—or Sexual Hanky-Panky 1338. Alphabet Soup for the Mind and Soul:NLP, FC, NOT, EMDR 1679. How Did This Happen?And What Can You Do? 197Notes 217Further Reading 247The Authors 249Index 253 Vll  To my parents, Margaret McDonough Thaler and Raymond Willard Thaler    To my husband, Jay   To my children, Sam and Martha   To my grandchildren, James and Nicholas   —Margaret Thaler Singer To my mother, and to my Aunt Darlene,   both of whom always believed in me   —Janja LalichWe also dedicate this book to all those who suffered a crazy therapy, and   especially to those who shared their experiences in the hope that others migjht not   fall prey to a similar fate.  Acknowledgments Many thanks to the numerous friends and colleagues who helped us gather material and locate sources, especially R. Christopher Bar-den, J.D., Ph.D.; Priscilla Coates; Patricia Crossman, M.A.; Ford Greene, Esq.; Alan Jacobs; Jesse Miller, Ph.D.; Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.; Sidney L. Widens, Esq.; John D. Winer, Esq.; and Russell Worral, O.D.Our enduring gratitude goes to various reference librarians at the University of California, Berkeley; the Oakland Public Library; the Alameda Library; and the Graduate Theological Union in Berke-ley for their patience, perseverance, and helpfulness.We appreciate the encouraging words and kind but necessary “fixings” of our editor extraordinaire, Alan Rinzler. His contribu-tion to this book has been invaluable. And we heartily thank all the staff at our publisher, JosseyBass, who’ve been among our great-est fans, as well as a steadfast source of support and good cheer.Most of all, we send barrels of thanks to Janja’s partner, Kim, for all those sensational homecooked meals, which helped get us through these many months of research and writing.Margaret warmly thanks her husband, Jay; son, Sam; daughter inlaw, Marian; grandchildren, James and Nicholas; daughter, Martha; and soninlaw, Richard—a cheerful and encouraging group whom she loves dearly. Margaret also wants to acknowledge that her entire career was made exciting and wonderful by her teachers IX 
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