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Lesson plan with examples for media arts teachers.
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  Creativity “Constant labour is the law of art as well as the law of life, for art is the creative activity of the mind. And so great artists, true poets, do not wait for either commission or clients; they create today, tomorrow, ceaselessly. And there results a habit of toil, a perpetual consciousness of the diculties, that keeps them in a state of marriage with the muse, and her creative forces.”!al"ac#hat is creativity$Creativity is about not knowing what is possible, being open to all possibilities and making things from such a place. %t is about seeing in a new way, as if for the very &rst time, in a simple clarity which may open us up to new ways of thinking, being and doing. 'o do this we constantly need to (uestion our thinking and seeing and to e)plore di*erent things as a way of developing your individuality and creativity. • +ollow a new path  try changing your routine or how you usually go about things. • -tart looking at things you do not usually pay attention to. • -tudy your art form, learn about its history and contemporary practice. ive it all the time. %ntegrate it into your life and integrate your life with art. • et your mind play freely  daydreaming, creating associations, strange /u)tapositions, and imaginings. 0o not censor yourself. • 0o something new. • !e curious, passionate, determined, aware, energetic, open, empathetic and observant. • !e generous do your fellow artists, you are in community with them,not competition. %n fact, try to be open and generous to everyone.%t is also useful to1 •  'o learn about collaboration 2  •  'o be creative •  'o learn how to network3ow we communicate and collaborate with others is vital in ensuring our survival as a speciesas well as the very survival of our planet.As artists it is unhealthy to think of ourselves as being in competition with one another. #e are, rather partof a greater whole, a nurturing, sustaining interdependence and mutual recognition.4ur goal is interdependence in the form of collaboration  where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and comes about as a result of group thinking, cooperative intelligence. 3ere, individual achievement is subordinated to collective e*ort. 'hink also of interdependence between art forms  3ow painting needs writing to e)plain and conte)tuali"e it  3ow words can be thought of as pictures  %ntermedia, interdisciplinary art or mi)ed media art, where di*erent disciplines and approaches come together in a single work of art 'he Artist as %ndividual1+ocus on the  processes one goes through in creating things and what may be learned from those processes. -ometimes artists need to work alone, looking into themselves and the demands of their work in order to create. -olitude can be your greatest friend.“'o e)periment is at &rst more valuable than to produce, free play 5 develops courage. 'herefore, we do not begin with a theoretical introduction; we start directly with the material.” 2   6osef Albers 2  6osef Albers in 7incent 8at" 9ed:1 Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art. Cambridge,assachussets, 'he %' <ress, =>2? p== =  @)ercises and tasks should encourage in(uiry, lateral and critical thinking as well as empathy through collaboration and pro/ectfocused practice. As an artist, you may also need to be alone.“#e learn courage from art work. #e are alone and we are responsible for our actions.” =   Anni Albers “%f you hold to ature, to the simplicity that is in her, to the small detail that scarcely one man sees, which can so une)pectedly grow into something great and boundless; if you have this love for insigni&cant things and seek, simply as one who serves, to win the con&dence of what seems to be poor1 then everything will become easier for you, more coherent and somehow more conciliatory, not perhaps in the understanding, which lags behind, but in your innermost consciousness, wakefulness and knowing.” ?   Bainer aria Bilke“And do thy duty, even if it be humble, rather than anothers, even if it be great. 'o die in ones duty is life1 to live in anothers is death.”   Aryan Dita =  Anni Albers, op. cit p?= ?  Bainer aria Bilke, Letters to a Young Poet, ew Eork, 0over, =>>= pp =>,=2 ?  “4nce an inner gift has been reali"ed, it may be passed along, communicated to the audience. And sometimes this embodied gift  the work  can reproduce itself the gifted state in the audience that receives it.” F   ewis 3yde 'o really get this across a teacher would take a student to a place of darkness and leave them there alone to &nd their own back.!ut no contemporary course built around the notion of creative %ndustry would be willing to teach this, nor even speak of it. %t is the place for the in(uisitive student to go in their own time. @)ercise1 Create something out of language, applyinglanguage as a layer in other forms of art making tocreate a multifaceted work. 7ideos Dary 3ill1 Why o !hings "et #n A Mu$$le% &Come on Petunia' , 2GHF on 7imeo #hy 0o 'hings Det in a ;uddle 9Come 4n <etunia:, 2GHF on 7imeo.mht %n this video 3ill e)plores the structure of language and how it determines our thoughts and actions. 3e recorded his performers speaking and, at times, moving backwards then replays the action backwards towards an illusion of normal speech and action. 'he words and their meanings become slurred and the action seems strangely unnatural, suggesting the possibility of other states and ways of being.4r, alternately, and locally F  ewis 3yde. !he "i(t. =>2=, ondon, Canongate, p2I? F  Dabriel #hite1  Aucklantis   9=>>H:, @)cerpt on Eou'ube Aucklantis.mpF  'he artist becomes confused about the meaning of words as he wanders through the city. 9#hat is the meaning of the city$:. 3is misreading of words creates whole new meanings and associations.#hat do these videos make you think about language as a medium$#hat does language bring to these pieces$ anguage does not always have to make sense /ust aspainting J music do not make sense. Kuestions you can ask yourself as a creator1#hat do you want to create$ +ocus on one thing and start working on it. 3ow will % do it$ %n what form, style etc 3ow will it end, how will it begin$ +orces you to think about progression 3ow long will it take to make$ A time frame focus helps you to think, create and do things spontaneously #ho is telling the story$  'hird person, &rst person, second person$ #ho is the winner and who is the loser$ I
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