Crime and Punishment

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  Todd McCardleAdvanced Placement Literature & CompositionMemorial High School Crime and Punishment Study Guide DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR CRIME AND PUNISHMENT PART I 1. What does Raskolnikov's removal of himself from life and the real world indicate about him?2. Summarize the conversation between Marmeladov and Raskolnikov in the tavern.3. omment on the content of !ulcheria's letter and Raskolnikov's reaction to it. What is his view of un#a's marria$e?%. What is Raskolnikov s dream and how is it si$nificant to his situation?&. What is Raskolnikov's reflection on criminals? ow is it a((ro(riate to what is $oin$ on in his mind?). !art * ends with the murder. What is the effect of +izaveta's murder on Raskolnikov? Wh#? PART II ,. omment on the turmoil that Raskolnikov e-(eriences re$ardin$ the bloodstained sock and his four da# delirium./. escribe +uzhin as osto#evsk# introduces him. What do #ou think irritates Raskolnikov? 0ive s(ecific descri(tion.. -(lain in #our own words +uzhin's rationale for selfinterest. What is #our o(inion of it?1. What do we learn about Raskolnikov from his conversation with 4ametov in therestaurant? *nclude in #our comment his immediate res(onses to Razumikhin.11. *s there a si$nificance to Raskolnikov's witnessin$ the attem(ted suicide? ow5in other words5 does this scene fit with what is ha((enin$ to Raskolnikov?12. Wh# does Raskolnikov become involved with the death of Marmeladov? escribe his behavior as he watches the events of their home and his reaction as heleaves. e had intended to $o to the (olice station for confession. Wh# doesn't he? PART III 13. What kind of a man do we think Razumikhin is from the interview with !ulcheria and un#a? ow do un#a and her mother come across?1%. ow is the second scene with Raskolnikov and his mother and sister an e-cellent e-am(le of the difference between the thou$hts of an individual and his e-terior fa6ade? 7ind one sentence that illustrates this characteristic of osto#evsk#'s st#le. 8e5 b# the wa#5 e-(erimentin$ with the interior dialo$ue5  Todd McCardleAdvanced Placement Literature & CompositionMemorial High School Crime and Punishment Study Guide $ives first e-am(les of what later becomes streamofconsciousness (oint of view.9 ontinue #our re(l# to the behavior of Raskolnikov when he and Razhumin are enterin$ !orfir# !etrovitch's home.1&. What does Razumikhin think about the socialist e-(lanation of the cause of the crime? :*f societ# is normall# or$anized5 all crime will cease at once.: PART IV 1). Wh# does Svidri$ailov make such comments to Raskolnikov as :We are birds of a feather5: and :;here is somethin$ about me #ou like:? <t this (oint5 is there an#thin$ about Svidri$ailov that #ou like?1,. Wh# does +uzhin become so offended durin$ the interview with the Raskolnikovfamil#? Wh# does +uzhin want un#a even more after she re=ects him? 8W>W  the $ames (eo(le (la#  even back then91/. What is the si$nificance of Raskolnikov's biddin$ his relatives farewell? Wh# does Raskolnikov want to hear the stor# of +azarus?1. @ote details of how !orfir# works on Raskolnikov durin$ the interview in !orfir#As office. What is the effect of @ikola#'s confession? PART V 2. o #ou a$ree with +ebeziatnikov's contention that the :honorable5 useful work: like cleanin$ out a cess(ool is better than the work of a $reat (ainter or writer? Wh# or wh# not?21. @otice how the author (oints u( the traumatic character of the murder of +izaveta on RaskolnikovBs mind b# havin$ him see her face in Sonia's. What best shows us Sonia's beautiful character? PART VI 22. Wh# does !orfir# talk at such len$th about the (roof that (s#cholo$# of the (ainter's 8@icola#'s9 $uilt? i.e. Wh# does @icola# make such an outra$eous confession? 8cree(#923. What sort of man does Svidri$ailov reveal himself to be in his conversation withRaskolnikov? *n s(ite of bein$ the villain5 does he evoke an# s#m(ath#?2%. *s it out of character for un#a to have brou$ht a $un to the meetin$ with Svidri$ailov?2&. What is the im(ortant feature of Raskolnikov's musin$ to himself after he leaves his mother and sister? EPILOGUE 2). ;he (ilo$ue has been called the (oorest (art of Crime and Punishment  . What  =ustification can be found for this ar$ument?  Todd McCardleAdvanced Placement Literature & CompositionMemorial High School Crime and Punishment Study Guide Prepare to answer the following question: If ou were sitting on a !ur to a# an were pri$ to the e$i en%e re$eale in this no$el# how woul ou$ote& 'ustif our e%ision(

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