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  0:06C.S.I first exclusive news! B.A.P Bang Yong Guk's relationship report!0:09What's the truth about B.A.P Bang Yong Guk's relationship rumor?0:12Today, we reveal it all at none other than C.S.I press interview!0:16B.A.P did something wrong again , right?0:19I knew they were going to do something0:21Let's get an exclusive news0:23Let's get down to the details of B.A.P today0:27Is B.A.P's relationship rumor or real?0:30Who is the angel of Bang Yong Guk?0:32B.A.P 1004 relationship rumor C.S.I press interview0:34Press interview place full of tension0:38B.A.P finally enters...0:43Hello we are B.A.P0:53I'm reporter Him Chan of LOEN TV0:55Yong Guk, I heard you are dating someone?1:01Is Bang Yong Guk finally telling the truth about his relationship?1:06We're done1:09I'll reveal the truth today1:12Just spill it1:14As you know,that's true1:18C.S.I first exclusive news! B.A.P Bang Yong Guk said he is dating someone!1:20I've seen her for 5 months and her name is 1004(angel)1:29Who is that? Tell us1:33He smiles hearing the the word 10041:35Should I answer?1:37We want answers from Yong Guk1:39Him Chan gives up1:43Yong Guk starts talking about his love again1:45When I met her for the first time she was nice1:48And also very ethical She touched on our sensitivity1:56We put the 13 kinds of feelings we felt through 10042:00Into this album2:04That's why the name of our title is 10042:10I'm Dae Hyun reporter from LOEN patch2:12I can't believe it, sing it for us2:16Sing it!2:21We'll sing that part she likes2:25Those five words that she likes2:30You're like an angel~2:34That's it2:36Sing a bit more2:38It's too short2:41Please check out 1004 at MelOn Music2:43I'm reporter Jong Up from LOEN Daily2:45It's weird to think about '1004' compared to the songs B.A.P sang2:52Like 'warrior', 'power' and those kinds of songs2:54The six warriors declaration of war to change the world 'WARRIOR'(2012)2:58Six warriors angry at the unfairness of the society, POWER(2012)3:03Six warriors that shook the hearts of the fans, ONE SHOT(2013)3:08Where did the charismatic warriors go?3:10Was there no more you can do?3:13The reason we changed from a warrior to an angel is because3:18We got a lot of inspiration when we met her3:24Fitting the name 'Sensibility' we have those kinds of songs in the album3:32Do you think B.A.P goes well with those kinds of sensibility?3:37Although they look strong they are very sensitive boys3:43Who is most sensitive out of B.A.P members?3:47Please chose one person?3:49Show us3:50This is point out talk?  3:53One,two,three!3:55Who is the most sensitive member in B.A.P?3:58It's Zelo~4:01Give us a sensitive expression please4:07One,two,three4:09Capture the sensitive face expression of Zelo now~4:12What..........4:15Hey,you4:16I'm embarassed if you keep doing these kinds of things4:22B.A.P sexy photo collection that they prepared ~4:33Next question4:36I'm reporter Young Jae from LOEN sports4:38I heard the keyword for this album was 'Maturity'4:41So can we see how mature you got?4:44This is a bad question4:46He's exactly right He got the point4:49Is that the best question you can ask?4:52Sorry for no being able to give you a fresh answer4:56He couldn't give us a good question5:01Let's go to next question5:03I'll answer5:06Sorry, what was the question?5:09I really can't remember5:12I think we could express ourselves well since it's a song5:16That shows our sensitive sides5:19Yong Guk went through a lot of heartache5:21He broke up 6 times in 6 months5:24He broke up once a month and wrote lyrics at those times5:30I matured while I was watching him5:32Did you wear white because you matured?5:38The concept of this album is dandy sexy5:40Dandy sexy~5:42It's hidden in the choreography5:46What's the dance point of the song 1004?5:49Is it really angel dance?5:51Is it going to be angel wings?5:53That's way to childish5:55They're B.A.P5:57It's a dance that uses mike6:01Please stand up and show them6:03Let's see it6:04This is the mike6:06First revealed!6:08Zelo's 1004 dance that he made !6:11Since it's a sensitive song the dances show them as well6:18Please watch those points closely6:23I'm reporter Zelo from LOEN daily6:25How much did the members help in making the album?6:28Yong Guk did the most so let's do other members6:34I joined as hip parts6:38He dances from start to the end non-stop6:42I joined as voice and sensitivity6:47I joined as 'tears' and the feelings6:51With Jong Up, he joined dance part a little6:56Earnest feelings and responsibility is where I put efforts7:04I joined in the album producing again, so you can feel different kinds of charm7:12To put it short, he joined in deciding outfit, music video, and album jacket7:19And our opinion got involved a lot as well7:24Yong Guk is the best  7:26I'm Bang Yong Guk from LOEN Business7:29Please to a promise for 10047:43If we become no.1 on music chart, us six and7:47Company staff, and our fans will go to a place where help7:53Is needed and help others7:58Round of applause8:01Should we go together?8:02Let's go together~8:03Stop!8:05Say one word to your fans who have been waiting8:09This was B.A.P at C.S.I interview, and please love our album8:17You know that angel of B.A.P is fans, right?8:27B.A.P Comeback C.S.I press interview8:30My dream girl is8:33My reason for life is you8:36I might die if I I can't see her8:40It's someone who makes me go crazy and zone out8:46I want to find her but I don't know where8:49But I'll find her8:52It's someone who can love my 'worst' parts8:58My dream girl is 'You', are like an angel
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