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    Current Affairs solved MCQs Current Affairs solved MCQs  1 .1988 noble peace prize has beenawarded to:a.Diego Cordovezb.Anwar Sadat c.United Nations2 .Dan Quayle is:a.Mexican footballer b.American Politician c.Prime Minister of Brazil 3 .Gen. Augusto Pinochet is:a.Leader of Contrast in Nicaraguab.Military Dictator of el-Salvador c.President of Chile4 .Robert Mugabe is: a.President of Zimbabwe b.President of Kenyac.Prime Minister of Angola 5 .Sakharov is:a.Anti-Soviet Polish Leaderb.Secretary General of the HungarianCommunist Party c.Soviet Nuclear Scientist6 .The last day of the Quaid-e-Azam waswritten by:a.M. A. H. Isphanib.Fatima Jinnah c.Col. Illahi Bukhsh (probably, iamnot sure)7 .The new Olympic Champion in Hockeyis:a.Australiab.West Germany c.England (during the year 1988)8 .The process of European integration is10.The Black Sea and the Mediterraneanare connected by:a.Shattal Arab b.Dardanelles c.Strait of Gibraltar 1989 11.Which country makes the EntacMissiles:a.U.S.A.b.England c.France d.U.S.S.R.12.How many Radio Stations are inPakistan:a.Twelveb.Sixteen c.Twenty (probably, I don’t know howmany were there in 1989) d.Twenty five13.What is Cathay Pacific:a.Islandb.Revolutionary leader c.Air line d.Newspaper14.President of U.S.A. is:a.George Hubert Norman Bush b.George Hurbert Walker Bush c.George Thomas Ross Bushd.George Paul James Bush You are here: Home CSS Prep Subjects Current Affairs Current Affairs solved MCQs TOPARTICLES/STORIES فيرش   زبش   ہلبقب   ٹخ Post: 2013-09-19 Mard e Qalandar General Zia Post: 2013-08-29 ےنسا   وس   تقيقح   يا   ميا   وي ميا Post: 2013-08-29 Too Beautiful Post: 2013-08-25 IS PAKISTAN GOING TO BE NEXT EGYPT Post: 2013-08-25 ZAMURD KHAN ke Daliry Post: 2013-08-17 Riyasat aur aiyasati amaldari Post: 2013-08-17 Hum Kis siyary pe Abad hai Post: 2013-08-17 MOSTPOPULAR     2/4 Current AffairssolvedMCQs User Name Password Remember Me LOG IN Forgot your password?Forgot your username?Create an account CSSPREP CSSPREPOTHERTESTSEBOOKSJOBSADMISSIONNOTICESFATAUPDATESTOPARTICLESCONTACTUS Last update 06:39:17 AM Headlines: 10212014 SEARCH Chronological order of major events in Islamic His... Current Affairs solved MCQs of 1210/21/2014 11:15 PM  scheduled to be completed by:a.1990b.1992c.1994 (Do you have any idea about that?Wild guess is option c)9 .The Bofors Scandal occurred in:a.Italy b.India c.Japan16.What is the actual name of F-16: a.Fighting Falcon b.Atomic Bomberc.Concordd.Jumbo Jet 1 7.“Daughter of the East” is anautobiography of:a.Fatima Jinnahb.Nusrat Bhuttoc.Rana Liaquat Ali d.Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto 18.The Headquarters of AsianDevelopment Bank is in:a.Tokyob.Bangkok c.Manila d.Jakarta19.Pakistan left CENTO in:a.1971b.1975 c.1979 (when it was dissolved) d.198120.Gorbachev’s Peredyshka is:a.Free Trade b.Breathing space (I think, pleasecomment) c.Terrorist Movementd.Non-Alignment21.Premadasa is:a.President of Chileb.European Comedianc.Terrorist Movement d.President Sri Lanka 22.Sunsuke Uno is:a.Maker of Micro-Computers15.The ‘Great Leap Forward’ was:a.American Policy towards Latin America b.Chinese Economic Programme c.Russian Diplomatic moved.Cuban Military Strategy25.Literacy rate in Pakistan is:a.15%b.20% c.30% (probably, I am not sure) d.50%26.How many people were stampeded inFootball Match at Sheffield Hill BoroughStadium:a.38b.67 c.95 d.11027.Venezuela President is:a.Paul Alfonsinb.Daniel Ortega c.Carlos Andrez Perez d.Augusto Pinochet28.Jabar-bin-Hayyan was a:a.Mathematicianb.Astronomer c.Chemist d.Philosopher (actually he was an astronomer andphilosopher as well, but more famousforchemistry, so does that mean all the 3are correct options but option C ismoresuitable.) 29.Battle of Ohad was fought in: a.625 A.D. b.626 A.D.c.628 A.D.d.629 A.D.30.How many times has MartinaNavtatilova won the Wimbledon title:a.Six timesb.Eight timesc.Nine times d.Eleven times (counting both singlesand doubles titles won) Current Affairs solved MCQs of 1210/21/2014 11:15 PM  b.Prime Minister of Singaporec.Chinese Town d.Prime Minister of Japan 23.India launched its first Missile with thename of:a.Indirab.Verma c.Agni d.Monica24.Who has been named as the firstrecipient of Gaddafi International Prizefor HumanRights:a.Hosni Mubarak b.Nelson Mandela c.Rajiv Gandhi, d.Mrs. MargaretThatcher32The constitution of European Unionhas not been ratified by:a.Italyb.Netherlands c.France d.None of these33.After United States, the largestcontributor in the United Nations Budgetis:a.Germanyb.Francec.U.K. d.None of these (Japan is and was in2005 as well) 34.“Ariana” is an Airlines of:a.Australiab.Egyptc.Iran d.None of these 36.China’s fastest growing economy isfacing a major challenge of: a.Population Explosion (not sure,major problem facing Chineseeconomy, as Ifound on the internet, was incomeinequalities, so I related it withpopulation) b.Shortage of Energyc.Challenges of WTO regimed.None of these37.U.S. president George Bush hascreated Millennium Challenge Account to:a.Improve national security network 2005 31.The world’s oldest International HumanRights Organization is:a.Amnesty Internationalb.Freedom House c.Anti Slavery (probably, its older thenthe other two) d.None of these40.Pakistan has recently been givenobserver status in:a.Organization for Economic Cooperationand Development (OECD)b.Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) c.Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) d.None of these41.Pakistan and U.S. Navies recentlyconducted Joint exercises in the ArabianSea by thename:a.Optimum Impactb.Diver’s Move c.Inspired Union d.None of these42.Which of the following Internet SearchEngines will introduce the World’s BiggestdigitalLibrary:a.Yahoo b.Google c.Gigablastd.None of these43.The recently appointed United NationsHigh Commissioner for Refugees, AntonioGuterres is the former Prime Minister of:a.Denmarkb.Romaniac.Canada d.None of these (he was primeminister of Portugal) 44.When a country grants another countryMFN (Most Favored Nations) status inmutualtrade, it implies: a.Providing same trade concessions asare being given to other countrieswithoutany discrimination b.Trade will be through exchange of Commodities rather than foreignexchanges Current Affairs solved MCQs of 1210/21/2014 11:15 PM  b.Provide financial aid to Iraq andAfghanistan c.Help poor countries pursuingdemocratic ideals d.None of these38.38th parallel is a boundary linebetween:a.Canada and Americab.North and South Vietnamc.Greek and Turkish Port of Cyprus d.None of these (its boundary linebetween North and South Koreas) 39.In which month does the U.N. GeneralAssembly usually meet every year:a.Januaryb.March c.September d.None of these 46.The largest Agency of FATA (FederallyAdministered Tribal Areas) by area is:a.North Waziristan b.South Waziristan c.Khyber Agencyd.None of these47.Reuter’ is the news agency of:a.USAb.Germany c.UK d.None of these48.SAARC Human Resource DevelopmentCenter is located at:a.Delhib.Colomboc.Karachi d.None of these (it is in Islamabad) 49.Under “Vision 2025” WAPDA willconstruct SATPARA Dam on Indus riverin:a.Balochistanb.NWFP c.Northern Areas d.None of these 2006 50.How many medals were won byPakistan in the 18th Commonwealthgames:c.Imports and Exports payments will be inlocal currencies onlyd.None of these45.The programme “United NationsMillennium Development Goals” is focusingon:a.Eradicate extreme poverty and hungerb.Achieve Universal Primary educationc.Promote gender equality and empowerwomen d.All of these 54.Zalmay Khalil is the US ambassador to: a.Iraq b.Syriac.Lebanond.None of these55.H5N1 is the name of a:a.Medicineb.Vaccine c.Virus d.None of these56.Biman is the Airline of:a.Sri Lankab.Nepal c.Bangladesh d.None of these57.Which country’s border with Pakistan iscalled Durand Line:a.Iran b.Afghanistan c.Indiad.None of these58.Xinhua is the news agency of: a.China b.Russiac.North Koread.None of these59.The Headquarters of the UN SecurityCouncil is located at:a.Washingtonb.Paris c.New York d.None of these60.Who is the governor of the State Bankof Pakistan a.Dr. Shamshad Akhtar (in 2006) Current Affairs solved MCQs of 1210/21/2014 11:15 PM
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