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  A Detailed Lesson Plan in ICT 2 (ICT Learning for Children) I.   Objectives At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:    Distinguish between hardware and software.    Understand how hardware and software work together. II.   Subject Matter Hardware and Software Reference: Tekids 2 (Premium ICT Learning for Children) pages 18-23 Materials: Visual Aids, Pictures. III.   Procedure I.   Learning Activities TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S ACTIVITY  Class! Let me read to you a short conversation of Uncle Cesar, Jojo and Nikko titled “A Joystick Is   Not Enough”  But let me ask you first do you know what is a Joystick? Yes. Teacher. It used for controlling the Game. That’s good.  (I will now read the Short Conversation) (AFTER READING) Nikko and Jojo discovered that a software can’t run/function  without a hardware. Computer Hardware are the parts of the computer that can be seen  and touched. Can you give me an example? Keyboard Teacher. Mouse Teacher. Yes! Very good. These are examples of computer hardware. (I will present to them some examples of a computer hardware and I will ask them the names of those objects.) A mouse, Keyboard, Monitor(loptop) CPU. Now. Let’s move on to Computer software. Computer software refers the instructions that the computer follows to do the task, such as opening a game. These also called as Programs. Example to this is the Camera. (I will open the app Camera) That Camera found in your computer is one of the example of a computer hardware. the one I opened is just a program, So if there Is no camera to the computer it’s only the program  Do you think we can take pictures? No! Teacher. Why? There is no Camera. Yes! Very good, without a camera the program won’t take pictures by itself. So we need both hardware and software. Do you understand? Yes! Teacher. But, How Hardware and Software work together? Your body needs two things in order to work: A brain and parts like hands and feet. The computer also needs two things to work, Hardware  and software. We can compare the parts of your body to hardware and software can be compared to brain, which includes your memory, knowledge and thoughts. Before you go to school, you wear shoes and tie their shoelaces right? Yes! So, do you remember how you were taught step-by-step on how to tie them? Yes! Teacher I still remember it. Good. With practice, you memorized how it’s done.  The process is now in your head. It’s like having a program for tying  your shoelaces! The software is your mind and the hardware are your eyes and hands. Now you know how hardware and software work together right? Yes! Teacher. B.   Summary Hardware and software are both needed by a computer to run. Hardware are physical things while software are instructions that the computer follows. Hardware and software always work together to maximize their potential. C.   Generalization “We need both hardware and software to give function to the Computer”  D.   Application Group A for Girls and Group B for Boys, Each group must compete to match the five names of the hardware in the white board to its matching picture. The teacher will fold the names and in the count five they will paste it on the white board. The group who finish first will be the winner. IV.   Evaluations  The following are simple activities. For each activity, identify the hardware and software used. 1.   Nikki creates a birthday card for her mom. Hardware: Eyes and Hands Software: Brain 2.   Father listens to his favorite music. Hardware: Software: 3.   Mother uses her favorite recipe to bake a cake for merienda. Hardware: Software: 4.   The family members watch their favorite TV program. Hardware: Software: V.   Assignment 1.   Find out what other computer hardware you can attach to your computer. Give at least three. Draw and label them. 2.   Ask your parents what computer software are installed in your home computer. List it down.
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