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Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Capstone Projects Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering December 08, 2005 Development of a new arm for the foster-miller talon robot Jon T. Hastie Northeastern University Ben Jacobs Northeastern University Chris Martell Northeastern University Tim Parker Northeastern University Amir Talakoub Northeastern University Tis work is available open access, hosted by Northeastern University. Recommended Citation Hastie, Jon T.;
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  Northeastern University  Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate CapstoneProjectsDepartment of Mechanical and IndustrialEngineeringDecember 08, 2005 Development of a new arm for the foster-millertalon robot  Jon T. Hastie  Northeastern University Ben Jacobs  Northeastern University Chris Martell  Northeastern University Tim Parker  Northeastern University  Amir Talakoub  Northeastern University is work is available open access, hosted by Northeastern University. Recommended Citation Hastie, Jon T.; Jacobs, Ben; Martell, Chris; Parker, Tim; and Talakoub, Amir, Development of a new arm for the foster-miller talonrobot (2005).  Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Capstone Projects. Paper 51. hp://    Development of a New Arm For The Foster-Miller TALON Robot MIMEU701-702 Technical Design Report The Capstone Design Course Report Format Project #F07 Mid-Term Report Sponsor: Foster-Miller Inc. Design Advisor: Prof. Mavroidis Design Team Jon Hastie, Ben Jacobs Chris Martell, Tim Parker Amir Talakoub Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering College of Engineering, Northeastern University Boston, MA 02115 December 8, 2005    Development of a New Arm for the Foster-Miller TALON Robot: Final Analysis  Design Team Jon Hastie, Ben Jacobs Chris Martell, Tim Parker Amir Talakoub  Design Advisor Professor Dinos Mavroids Abstract Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots save the lives of soldiers and civilians every day. The TALON robot by Foster-Miller is the choice of many military EOD teams and civilian bomb squads. The TALON robot’s manipulator arm is extremely capable, but does have its limitations. The addition of a shoulder rotational degree of freedom while maintaining the ruggedness, ease of maintenance, and mounting points to the platform would greatly improve the soldier’s ability to disable explosives. This paper examines similar EOD robot arms, especially the TALON’s closest competitor, the Packbot EOD. It also discusses alternative power transmission methods as well as novel manipulator designs. Our design leaves two motors in the base of the robot and transmits power to the shoulder  pitch and shoulder rotation using a setup similar to a differential. The elbow motor will  be mounted above this and transmit power within the upper arm. The paper also discusses challenges that occurred during the design process and a detailed analysis of all major components within the arm. Solid modeling of the arm, an in depth discussion of how the arm works, and the prototype build process are also included in the report. The arm was ultimately assembled at Northeastern University. The design was integrated with the TALON platform and was tested for dexterity. The test demonstrated the successful rotation and pitch of the new shoulder joint as well as the new elbow drive.  Acknowledgments The design team would like to thank Professor Dinos Mavroidis and Brian Weinberg of Northeastern University for their guidance during this initial phase. They would also like to thank Tony Aponick, Hoi Tong, Ray Jenoski, Joe Dunne, Dan Cocuzzo, Jen Sarkis, and Jeff Wiley of Foster-Miller Incorporated for their guidance and cooperation. Their financial support throughout the project has also been greatly appreciated. The team would also like to thank East Coast Machine and Design for their devotion and hard work during the fabrication and assembly phase of this  project.
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