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Dimensional Space: 'Void' Singularity

The phenomenon of 'void' pertinent to dimensional consciousness is discussed. It is explicated that there exists domains outside the dimensional space where there is total absence of matter-antimatter, which are referred to as the
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  Dimensional Space: ‘Void’  Singularity By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract The  phenomenon of ‘void’ pertinent to dimensional consciousness is discussed. It is explicated that there exists domains outside the dimensional space where there is total absence of matter-antimatter, which are referred to as the ‘void,’ herein.  Accordingly, within such  provinces there is immediate consciousness communication without any impediment from space-time and/or matter-antimatter constitution. Furthermore, it is elucidated herein that there exists certain ‘micro tubules’ or ‘wormholes’ within each time-space continuum that act as ‘time gates’ or ‘star gates’ through which immediate consciousness communication can take place across time and space, but would require focused attention, and thus, expenditure of a rather significant amount of conscious energies. It is reported herein that recently Russian scientists have found that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized ‘wormholes . ’ These ‘wormholes’ may be considered as microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges that are usually found in the vicinity of black holes left by stars after going supernova. These are ‘tunnel’ connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside the space- time continuum. These tiny wormholes are usually highly unstable, and only persist for a small fraction of a second. Under certain conditions stable wormholes can organize themselves and form distinctive vacuum domains resembling self-radiant balls of considerable energy, transforming gravity into electricity. Frequently observed in Russia, these vacuum domains are often mistakably   perceived as UFOs sliding across the sky with high velocities that can be guided by thought, emitting waves of low frequency like our brains. Traditionally, spiritual teachers create such visible balls or columns of light in deep meditation or during energy work that appear as clouds when photographed. These are now believed to be associated with the interaction of gravity and anti-gravity forces. The hyper communication that occurs via stable wormholes with energies that srcinate from outside of our time and space continuum, were  perceived to be due to appearance of ‘angels’ until recently, but now have found scientific validation. It is clarified that the phenomenon of gravity anomalies often seen on earth also srcinate from the  formation of very same vacuum domains. Russian scientists now conclude that DNA attracts bits of information from these domains of void and vacuum, and transmits them on to our consciousness that  form the basis for our intuitive deductions and inspiration. During such incidences, a human being often generates inexplicable electromagnetic fields within its vicinity that are known to render electronic devices inoperable until the generated electromagnetic  field is slowly dissipated. Finally, it is expounded that remote viewing, remote healing, self-healing, remote sensing, premonition, clairvoyance, and telepathy, are all examples of phenomena that occur as a result of hyper communication through such ‘voids’ or vacuums. Introduction    The author has spoken of the phenomenon of dimensional consciousness and the concept of space and time continuum [1-5].      It has been explicated that there exists a total of 356 dimensional space, with each being interlaced as layers inside one another.       In essence, one can think of a series of nested spheres being contained by one another, not unlike Russian Matryoshka dolls.      There exists boundary layers between each two consecutive pairs of interlaced spheres that represent a dimensional space layer.      At the innermost boundary layer of each dimensional space, there exists a magnetic repulsion zone, an energetic barrier, which needs to be overcome before entry to an inner dimension can be achieved.      And, the nature of morphology and arrangement of spherical dimensional space layers is such that, as the ‘ inner ’  radii is reduced, a higher dimensional space can be accessed.      This way, a higher dimensional space is actually contained within a lower dimension, and not vice versa.      Furthermore, while a lower dimension is immediately accessible and one can ‘see’ t hrough a lower dimension from a higher dimension, the opposite is not true [6].      And, in the limit, as dimensional space number is increased, ‘ contraction ’  towards a point of singularity is achieved [7-13].      It is envisioned that the Prime Creator, the Mighty God, resides within this point of singularity.      And, the phenomenon of inception of space with its constituent containment of matter and antimatter occurred as a result of implosion of this point of singularity upon itself, giving rise to what is referred to as the ‘ cosmos ’  [14].      Thus, space as we know it, is a conglomerate of a series of ‘innerspace,’ all being contained within one another.      It is space that creates ‘separation,’ and puts distance between particulates of matter or antimatter.      And, it is the degree of constitution that shields and puts barriers between ALL THAT THERE EXISTS, of matter or antimatter,  preventing one to have access to, or effectively communicate with one another in an, otherwise, immediate and instantaneous manner.      It has been elaborated by the author that it is constitution (matter or antimatter) that impedes consciousness [15].      And, consciousness is what describes sentience, and provides coherent and intelligible communication among ALL THAT EXIST and thrive in the overall continuum of cosmos.    To diminish space is to ‘contract’ to the point of singularity, and get full access to the Prime Creator, who is all knowing, and exists ‘ everywhere ’  at all ‘ times. ’      To mimic the Prime Creator is to be omnipotent and to be HERE and in the NOW.      At the same time, ALL is ever connected to the SOURCE, the Prime Creator, who provides stability and equilibrium for ALL at all ‘times , ’ and ‘ wherever ’  they are.  The Structure of Dimensional Space and Realm of Physicality    Of the 356 dimensions of consciousness, 12 may be categorized as being ‘physical.’      Physicality is a realm in which matter exists and dominates.      Higher dimensions contain only antimatter.      And, it is not that antimatter acts ‘against’ matter, or leads to tot al annihilation upon encountering matter.      Antimatter, is simply another word for ‘ non-matter, ’  that, which is ‘ not ’  matter.      Antimatter is relatively of much lower constitution.      And, there exists a ‘spectral density’ according to which the extent of antimatter decreases in the higher dimensions.       In contrast to antimatter, matter exemplifies the highest degree of constitution that may lead to coalescence of particulate form or even clumping and solidification.      Matter also exists in a wide spectrum of density from solid to liquid to gas to plasma, and with a wide spectrum of frequencies.      The extent or spectral density of matter increases in the lower dimensions of physicality.      Only 12/356 = 3.37% of cosmos constitutes matter.    The rest is of antimatter.    And, the highest extent of matter exists in the first dimension, which is the realm of crystals and minerals.    The first dimension is the realm of the ‘ inanimate. ’      However, ‘inanimate’ does not imply lack of consciousness.      It simply infers lack of dynamism or movement.    In fact, crystals, which are of ‘ordered state,’ have a great degree of precision in morphology and possess coherency.    And, coherency epitomizes consciousness. The Phenomenon of ‘ Void ’      The dimensional space exist in conjugate pairs in odd or even dimensions.    The odd dimensions are the primary continuums that accommodate a significant change in morphology or status of existence for its sentient beings residing within.    For example, the first dimension is the realm of inanimate.    On the other hand, the 3 rd  dimension epitomizes the inception of sentience or self-awareness.    The morphology of the 3 rd  dimension constitutes the realm of amorphous carbon-based incarnate sentient beings.
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