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Dirty Tricks,, TransparencyPlanet[5/28/20143:05:16PM] search Franklin Scandal Omaha pictorial index sitemap home GOP Dirty Tricks NFU Go to Alphabetic list Academic Freedom Conference Obama Death List Rothschild Timeline Bush / Clinton Body Count MOST ACTIVE PA Purple Hotel WMR has learned that the Purple Hotel weekday afternoon parties were attended by Rezko, Stuart Levine, and Obama. Neocon Rogue Government Fai
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  Dirty Tricks,, TransparencyPlanet[5/28/2014 3:05:16 PM] searchFranklin Scandal Omahapictorial indexsitemaphome GOP Dirty Tricks   NFU Go to Alphabetic listAcademic FreedomConferenceObama Death ListRothschild TimelineBush / Clinton Body CountMOST ACTIVE P   Purple Hotel WMR has learnedthat the Purple Hotel weekday afternoon parties wereattended by Rezko, Stuart Levine, and Obama.  N eocon Rogue Government Failed Coup Emanuel & Obama at the Man's Country gay bath house, is nota dirty trick. More    ...................................Refresh F5... archive  home  50th Anniversary of JFK assassination Event of a Lifetime at the FessParker Double Tree Inn.JFKSantaBarbara.  News for the 99% =go to NFU related page   Controversial words and terms.Karl Rove dirty tricksPolitical humor sitesDirty tricks links related topics Corporate Fraud PovertyDomestic SurveillanceBush (Wired?)Pharmaceutical CompaniesHealthInsurance IndustryDe-regulationMilitary Privatization.TaxesWar   Reference Republican Dirty Tricks   topic index  sitemap   Dirty tricks start here... newcategory: Hillary Clinton Dirty Tricks, Clinton Rove DirtyTricks   Will Mukasey sabotage the RosenWeissman spy trial? Go to: research pages  Rovian,    Dirty Tricks,, TransparencyPlanet[5/28/2014 3:05:16 PM] They will have photo of Dunham wearing a bikini inJuly of 1961, and not pregnant, Obama was bornin August of 1961.   Hillary, Rose Law, billingrecords, she knew much morethan previously believed,Hubbell, W. Neil Eggleston,Madison, Whitewater, SusanThomases,White House DeputyCounsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.had collected copies of themduring the 1992 presidentialcampaign. Notes in red ink and in Mr. Foster's handwriting areon the copies and appeared to beaddressed to Mrs. Clinton. Mr.Foster, whose July 1993 death atFort Marcy Park in Virginia has been ruled a suicide, also served at the time as the Clintons' personal attorney. He had expressed concern over theClintons' involvement inWhitewater Development Corp.,an Arkansas real estate venturethat also involved Madison'sowners, James and SusanMcDougal, and he is thought tohave been involved in removingrecords from the Rose firm in1992 that later turned up at theClinton campaignheadquarters..... Castle Grande,2008 story, Washington Times The mystery creator of theOrwellian YouTube ad againstHillary Rodham Clinton is aDemocratic operative whoworked for a digital consultingfirm with ties to rival Sen.Barack Obama. Philip de Vellis,a strategist with Blue StateDigital, acknowledged in an  Gannon, with no professional journalism experience sits at National Press Clubspeakers table with Cheney, wife and daughter ... Blackmail, White Housesleepovers ... more 700 Club, 2002 election, MediaMatters  The Christian Broadcasting Network's Paul Strand revived a dubious allegationadvanced by conservatives -- that as a racial insult, Democratsthrew Oreo cookies at then-candidate for Maryland lieutenantgovernor Michael Steele at a September 26, 2002, debate. Steele isnow running for the U.S. Senate. But as  Media Matters for  America  previously noted, this allegation is disputed byeyewitnesses to the debate. Steele himself has offered differingversions of what occurred during that debate.. 700 Club A close study of the Quran makes very clear theviolent spirit fueling what is being spun as a 'peaceful' religion . Ted Haggard. and Tammy Baker. Muslim bashing? 9/11 Commission, loaded with Bush administration officials eager to pass along the 'official' version of what happened on 9/11. Widespread skepticism permeates the country about their findings. 9/11, Kissinger,, .. Bush's biggest laugh (dirty trick) came fromappointing the 79 year old Henry Kissinger to head theinvestigation into the actions -- or inactions -- of governmentagencies around the 9/11 events .. more search termsCounterPunch A ABC miniseries The Path to 9/11 is called a dramatizationrather than a documentary. Clinton figures Bruce Lindsey and Douglas Band, Madaleine Albright, Sandy Berger, all say theseries filled with factual errors. Director David Cunningham, $40million budget, ABC News, tried desperately for weeks (Spring 2008) to take outObama by continually broadcasting Reverend Jeremiah Wrightcomments, ... didn't work. and see: Trinity United Church of Christ, God, America, NAACP speech, ... he served in the MarineCorp, part of medical team that cared for Lyndon Johnson, butaccused Obama of being an insincere politician.... and see worstdebate atrocity, Charles Gibson, Huffington Post   , ever, GeorgeStephanopoulos, PennsylvaniaAbomb, Iran Iran paid $25 million for what appears to have beentwo tactical atomic weapons smuggled out of the former SovietUnion in a highly classified operation aided by technicians fromArgentina, according to Iranian government documents marked top secret and obtained by The Jerusalem Post. All this, of course, was pure, sheer fabrication by Israel, their US alliesand their Iranian dissidents  Payvand News   , Iran .... moresearch terms: Adelman, US Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, nuclear bomb, Khomeini, Iran 2 yearsaway from bomb in 1998, warheads from Kazakhstan, breakup of the Soviet Union, Jerusalem Post, Revolutionary Guards, dualcontainment, White House pedophile,midnight tours, 1989. Kissinger, Argentina, 1976   , If there are things that have to bedone, you should do them quickly, . gave (right-wing) generals carte blanche for the dirty war against their opposition. Pinochet.  Riggs Bank.Kissinger, 9/11, .. Bush's biggest laugh (dirty trick) came fromappointing the 79 year old Henry Kissinger to head theinvestigation into the actions -- or inactions -- of governmentagencies around the 9/11 events .. more search termsCounterPunchKissinger, Nazi spy, see WMR  With documentation onKissinger's alleged Nazi past either destroyed or hidden, there wasa seeming dead end to the story of America's most diabolical and dastardly foreign policy official. Until a trip to London's Foyle's bookstore and the discovery of a book titled Hitler's Jewish Spy:The Most Extraordinary Tru Spy Story of World War II, writtenin 1985 by Israeli author Michael Bar-Zohar, who also wrote anacclaimed biography of Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Obama has named him a special envoy to Moscow. file L Lavon Affair, False Flag Operation: The Lavon Affair refers tothe scandal over a failed Israeli covert operation in Egypt knownas Operation Suzannah, in which Egyptian, American and British-owned targets in Egypt were bombed in the summer of 1954. It became known as the Lavon Affair after the Israeli defenseminister Pinhas Lavon, who was forced to resign because of theincident from Wikipedia and MORE BELOW Leland, Mickey ... Texas Democratic Representative MickeyLeland also died in a plane crash. In his case, the six-termmember of Congress and outspoken advocate of sanctions againstthe apartheid government of South Africa, died while traveling inEthiopia EricKeyesLennon, John, Beatles ... U.S. vs Lennon, Washington Post searchterms: 1972 election threat to Nixon, 'Give Peace a Chance',anthem to the anti-war movement, passage of 26th amendmentlowered voting age to 18 creating new demographic, Lennondeported Lennon on misdemeanor drug conviction, David Leaf documentary, FBI files on Lennon, Ono, and the 15 yr. battle toobtain them FOIA, INS deportation battle by Strom Thurmond failed, 'Imagine', Let me finish Bush wired in Apr 05 news conference? see  and debates  Dirty Tricks,, TransparencyPlanet[5/28/2014 3:05:16 PM] interview with The Associated Press that he was the creator of the video, which portrayed Clinton as a Big Brother figureand urged support for Obama's presidential campaign. DeVellis said he resigned from thefirm today after he learned thathe was about to be unmasked bythe, aliberal news and opinion Internetsite. Blue State designed Obama's Web site and one of thefirm's founding members, JoeRospars, took a leave from thecompany to work as Obama'sdirector of new media. source:LATimes   20% own 50% of Americanwealth. Income gap. CBOreport.Abortion, coat hanger, RU486.ACT UP, SUVs, civildisobedience. Card carrying member of theACLU. Ambulance ChasersBay of Pigs, Operation Northwoods, carry out acts of terrorism to justify invasion of Cuba. Kennedy. FOI docBeatniks, Hippies,   Peace sign. Chappaquiddick    Pres. Bill Clinton, MonicaLewinski, the blue dress, ' RightWing Conspiracy?'. Impeachment, Stock MarketBubble.Common Dreams The PentagonUnleashes a Holy Warrior.Ann Coulter imagefrom All Hat No Cattle and Coulter, Ann 2007 speech to ConservativePolitical Action Conference... I wasgoing to have a few comments on theother Democratic presidential candidate,John Edwards, but it turns out that youAnti-Affirmitive Action bill by GOP is called the Michigan CivilRights Initiative , would add an amendment to the state'sconstitution barring the use of race and gender to ensure thatminorities and women have access to jobs, outreach programs,educaiton and contracts in the state. People's Weekly World AIDS, Ronald Reagan, he said nothing about the disease for years,seriously hampering efforts to understand and confront it. AIPAC   , Frainklin Rosen Weissman, Case 1:05-cr-00225-TSE dirty tricks Air Traffic Controllers, 11359 fired, 1981, Reagan union busting, Allen, George, MediaTransparency Virginia junior RepublicanSenator, hired Scott Howell for campaign ads, questioned opponents patriotism with flag burning issue, American Blackout   Whatever you think you know about our election systems or Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, this filmwill make you question further why the news media fails toaccurately inform the public. Directed by GNN's Ian Inaba, creator of Eminem's Mosh music video, American Blackout criticallyexamines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence voices of political dissent.   The American Way of Life , Freedom, Cadillac, concealed weapon. Does the word 'freedom' really mean 'unregulated 'capitalism' to conservatives?American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise Jewish Visual Library, Sharon, Likud,   The Security Fence American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Sen. Rick Santorum speech. Committee assignments include: Committee onRules and Administration, with Sen. Trent Lott. ANWR , Alaska National Wildlife Reserve, and energy independence. American Spectator, Scaife WSWS Published charges by Arkansas state troopers who claimed to have procured sex for Clinton while he was governor, and later retracted by the author AEI, An End to Evil, How to Win the War on Terror  American Enterprise Institute, by David Frum, Richard Perle.   NeoConservatives FoxNews Muslim-bashing image?Why did Andersen change its name to Accenture? Enron. PhillipMorris Altria? Andrew Card, dirty tricks?   Lee Atwater, Center, Ed Rollins, left, and Lyn Nofziger, smoke cigars during the finalsession of the GOP National Convention in 1984 in Dallas. And see SourceWatch on Harvey Leroy Atwater, known also as 'the Darth Vader of the Republican Party', the happy hatchet man ,search terms: push polling tactic on Tom Turnipseed, and use of Turnipseed's teenage depression as a campaign smear. And heorchestrated the 1980 Willie Horton / Dukakis smear. John Lehman, 9/11 Commission dirty tricks   Liberal Media I admit it -- the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse byconservatives for conservative failures. William Kristol, asreported by the New Yorker, 5/22/95 and see O'Reilly Sucks'Liberals' is a four letter word, liberal bashing eventually leads tonew term 'Progressive'. Lieberman, Joe, Republican in Democrat's clothing: Stamford Advocate Aug 2006 Lieberman's independent run questioned byDemocrats ... Critics asked a New Haven election official toremove Sen. Joe Lieberman from the Democratic Party onMonday, a request that could lead to a hearing in which thelongtime Democrat would have to argue that he still adheres to the party's principles. dirty political trick 'Light' cigarettes. U.S. Judge Gladys Kessler ruled Aug. 2006 thatthe nation's top cigarette makers violated racketeering laws and deceived the public for years about the health hazards of smoking. She ordered the companies to stop using terms such as'light'. They fought to continue selling their toxic productsoverseas. 'Limited hangout' Literacy tests, impediments to voting .Log Cabin Republicans, largest   gay conservative  political group.Lott, Trent now the Chairman of the Committee on Rules &Administration of the U.S. Senate, oversees all U.S. electionslegislation. better off ... if   Strom Thurmond  had won the presidency in 1948 . and in 2006 Tom Paine Lott gets partyleadership back, 'The Party of Exclusion'. M Matalin, MaryMcCain: Bomb Bomb Iran, 100 years in Iraq, will come to haunthim. He also used PMA, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, escort services, prostitution.McCain Obama Dirty Tricks ....McCain, Forrestal, 'cooked off' jet behind him on flight deck, that jet fired a missile that started the fire the killed 134 airman... 1st person evacuated from carrier, not injured, death threats fromcarrier crew. more McCain Online Journal GOP dirty tricks operatives dispatched toKenya to dig up any useful dirt on Obama, Kenyan father... butgrandparents are white, born in Hawaii, Christian, McCain / Rick Warren Aug 2008, Huffington Post .. In an interview with Rick Sanchez the pastor admitted McCain was noteven at the Church for the first half hour of the event. Thisadmission comes as a surprise to those of us who watched theevent and were told many times that McCain was at the Churchand in isolation.   McCain, John , South Carolina primary, Bush smear campaign.  (more) election campaign 2000, 'you ought to be ashamed . CounterPunch  The 2000 GOP primary was a chance for Rove tohone his skills in dirty tricks. His target then was Senator JohnMcCain who appeared to be within striking distance of Dubya inSouth Carolina after the then-GOP maverick's surprise upsetvictory in New Hampshire. Rove's operation proceeded to targetMcCain with false stories: McCain was a stoolie for his captors inthe Hanoi Hilton (this from a lunatic self-promoting Vietnam veteran ); McCain fathered a black daughter out of wedlock (adespicable reference to McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter);Cindy McCain's drug abuse ; and even McCain's

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Aug 2, 2017
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