Draft BS en ISO 15614-9-2000 Part 9 Underwater Hyperbaric Wet Welding

BS EN ISO 15614-9-2000 Part 9
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I _.:traII,v.f  STll·C[N ~ I U IS CI 15b l,ll- 9-EltGl 2tlOO ã 3~(]456 l O i I 73 'l3 81lT ã F ~3V Commenting on drafts Introduction h it dra ft ltand~rd ia 'bas ed on Euro pean discussi ons in Wh ich ' ille UK tooK an aGt i'le part, our oommetl 5 Oi n tfll$ draft are wsrccme and ,II , as sist i r> 1M jlIepat atiDr> Of th& cOn&eque nt 8MliSh S1lIndard. If no oomm ents a<e J< Iosi sd 10' th co nlrary. th or> the UK will i approve lit iS draft and Imple ment It a$ B r1 ia h Shm da t d. C ommen t Is parllcu1aM~ we l co m t} on fl atlo na l Qo l &lat l ~e or similar d BViaJlions l1 at m ay be neoe~ sary. E' ie n If 1I1 i8 drsff .ã andard is IJD t appo'O. d b)' 1I I e UK, 1I   1 eeeives th e c.\ S BJJ'y support in Eunope . the ã lJK .... be- obliged to pu bliSh tile Dff Jda I English la ng uag e lexl und \an gedas a Bri li sh Slandarcl and to ...... 1hdrllYi ~ n y GQfl1Iicmg standard_ UKvo;>t. F'le l< le indica . whether ~o u cansider Ihe UK shou ld s tJ bm ll. a negatl l/e {Wlrh reasons) <lr poSitiVe \/Ole on d~ . Formal The If uidance liven b eloW Is Irrte n d&d to ensllre hat all OOl Yllrnen l$ reoe lYe efficie nt li n ,;; Nl P nop ria le altention by t h cesponsi blo; SSI co. l1Il'r'Iitlile. 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(EN P~H l U~ 1 i614-'l-ENGL 2DtlO ã 340~58'l D2l7.395 652 ã DRAFT EUROPEAN STANDARD pr'EN ISO 15614-9 NORME EUROPEENNE EUROpAiSCHEI\K)RM I CS =ng ~ sh version Specification and approvall of welding prooedure for metaUic materials· Welding procedure test· Part 9: Underwater hyper'oaric wst welding (ISO/D~S 15614-9:2(00 ) DEI ::.::r=~r 111 Qlinl r:.JlI:J:1 d J, miJ10 cop6::noi de-1$~iJ I )U' L:t:,. m .. ~ r ' ALX ~I1=1J~ : ~U\o'C' DI qUII ih: r.ion 1;'11' 1 1I ~1 ... ~r-ilMI'(:l SI d;',t :: [ ~[ ~ F :JltI ~ 9: . : t::uj lQe ·1,per.I. 'I ... ~n r:l-=iflA Jtft.IJ O =;= t Cl5 1 i:i1.:L · l:2(CC) j.J o( 'i'lJn~ I Y I ~ A.~~ ' · Iu-.:. v{ln ~f) crr.:.tren hlr ijiElI9~~ IHI W.er1o;.f.rClT't - s~ 1 In~'(t · tfEltu'~r.Ul ~ ã Tal 90: t~ .I::h.l:4i ' h -l Ofl I:I ()) I I II .hlll ...... 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