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Drug addiction is harmful for family, society, state as well as individual himself /herself. It's been a rapid growth problem in Banladesh. That's why it is needed to seek the condition of addicted people in a area like khulna. Normally
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  Author:MdNazmulHoosain Topic : Drug addiction on khulna in Bangladesh and study on street children Contents Introduction: 2Framing the Research Question: 3Literature Review: 3Research Methods: 3Design: 3Subjects or participants: 4Instruments: 4Procedure: 4Outcome: 4Limitations and Weaknesses: 5References: 6  Abstract: Drug addiction is not only a curse for Bangladesh but also for the whole world. Generallythe young generations have the tendency of being drug addicted than the people ofother ages. But now a day the tendency of drug abuse among street children inBangladesh is highly increasing day by day which is a very serious problem of recenttimes. This study will be conducted to identify the exact rate of drug addicted streetchildren, causes of this alarming tendency and to determine the impacts of thissituation to the society. The study is very much significant for the betterment of thesociety because due to drug addiction various types of crimes are occurring in oursociety. If appropriate steps are not taken to stop this situation then the whole countrywill be suffered from various types of difficulties because children are the future of thenation. If they remain involved with drug addiction, then the situation will get worse. Theobjectives of the study to the present status of drug abuse by street children inBangladesh, to identify their socio-economic condition, to investigate strategies for theprevention of drug abuse and finally finding recommendations so that how the problemcan be uprooted. To conduct this research the quantitative approach will be followed.By using different sample method, the desire result will be collected from the streetchildren and the research will be based on a survey and questionnaire will be used tocollect the necessary data. This study will help us to know the present scenario of drugaddiction among the street children in Khulna division and suggest the way to eliminatethis dangerous situation. Introduction: As a developing country, Bangladesh is surrounded with a thousand of problems. Drugis one of the acute problems of them. Drug abuse directly influences the economic andsocial aspects of a country. Though the young people are mostly addicted to drug, but itis very alarming that recently the children (i.e. street children) are also committing todrug. So at the very beginning we have to identify the actual condition of drug addictionamong the street children in Khulna division and then the identification of the causes ofdrug addiction will be justified that why the street children are addicted to drugs andwhat are impacts. Since the street children are mostly addicted to drugs due to various  reasons, the society is anxious about this problem. Because it is not the health butdiseases are always contagious. If this problem cannot be removed, then our futuregeneration will be fully collapsed and finally our society will be dropped to the edge ofdestruction. There are two key variables which exist in this study. Drug is theindependent variable and theft is the indirect variable which is carried out by the streetchildren in order to manage the sufficient money for taking drugs. In this study we willidentify not only the causes of drug addiction among street children but also theimpacts of it in our society. FramingtheResearchQuestion:   What is the rate of drug addiction among the street children?   Why the street children are addicted to drugs?   What are the impacts of drug addiction to the society? LiteratureReview: For conducting this study I have reviewed a number of relevant literatures to get clearidea on this topic. I have studied different literatures from online journals, thesis papers,articles and other relevant literatures through internet. By reviewing these I have foundthat the prevalence of street children has been escalating in most of the developingworld mostly in Bangladesh. As  NarayanSharmaandSureshJoshi 2013 have said -“The problems of street children are more significant in the developing than developedworld and it was estimated that more than 100 million children live and work on thestreets in the developing countries.” There are various reasons for being street childreni.e. poverty, over population, illiteracy etc. In this context  NarayanSharmaandSureshJoshi 2013 have said - “It was found that most of the street children were from jointfamilies and higher percentage of street children had illiterate parents.” Most of thecases the street children are addicted to drugs for different causes.  VivekBenegal,KulBhushan,ShekharSeshadriandManiKarott 1998 have said - “Much of the drug use isnot mindless nor necessarily pathological. Relief of boredom or hunger or depressionand frustration, wanting to feel good, to keep awake or get to sleep or to dream may besome of the functions served by drug use.”  ResearchMethods:Design: To conduct the research Quantitative approach will be used to quantifygathered data and generalize the findings from a sample population. Because beforesolving any problem, identification of the problem accurately is the prime requirement.The study will be conducted by questionnaire method because here the children themain focusing point. So in order to collect the appropriate information about their actualcondition, reasons for taking drugs and what are the impacts to the society thequestionnaire method will be followed. Subjectsorparticipants: In this study the drug addicted street children will be therespondent. In order to conduct the study I will use probability sampling. Among thevarious types of probability sampling I will use cluster random sampling for selecting adefinite geographical area like Jessore because it will be convenient for me to reachthere and take data from respondents. There are 10000 street children exist in Khulnadivision which is the theoretical population of my study. The accessible population ofmy study is 800 which is located in Jessore district as they are accessible to me so theywill be treated as the study population of the research. Then by using the samplingframe I will choose 100 street children as my final sample for the study. Instruments: In order to conduct the research survey method will be used. The primaryor initial data will be collected by questionnaire for this study. The questionnaire willcontain 8-10 questions, where 2 questions will be open ended, 1 will be mixed and therest of all will be open ended to ensure the proper way of data collection. Procedure: If I get the opportunity for doing the research then at first I will collect thesufficient data about the drug addicted street children. Then I will analyze the collecteddata and finally after exploring all the data the possible outcome will come to my hand.Then we will get to know that why most of the street children are addicted to drugs andwill get to know the current ratio of drug addiction in Khulna division. Finally afterfinding out the exact situation we will be able to take appropriate steps so that theproblem will be permanently uprooted from our country. For conducting the research Imay require two month. Within this time the research will conducted.  Outcome: It is expected that after conducting the study we will be able to find out not only thecauses of drug addiction but also the impacts of it to the society. We guess the causeswill be:   Poverty   Over population   Impact of bad companion   Depression and frustration   Unconsciousness of parents   Illiteracy   Easy availability of drugs in the border areas at lower rateAfter the study we will get the expected variables that affect our society by the streetchildren. Due to drug addiction the tendency of stealing is at an alarming rate. Becausefor managing the sufficient money for drugs the street children become involved intovarious types of crimes and theft is the most common of all. So the estimated impactswill be:   Stealing   Eve teasing   Mugged   Domestic violence LimitationsandWeaknesses: For conducting the research, as a researcher, there are some problems that I may faceand I may have some limitations too. Those are:i. For conducting the research the time frame is very limited. As a matter fact due
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