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Transcript place for Projects, Presentation, seminar, summer training report and lot more. NO!:-his wor is copyright to its #uthors. his is only for !ducational Purpose.$!%&N&&ON O% !-'#N(&N)!lectronic ban ing, also nown as electronic funds transfer *!%+, is simply the use of electronic means to transfer funds directly from one account to another, rather than by cheue or cash. ou can use electronic funds transfer to:a0e your paychec deposited directly into your ban or credit union chec ing account.1ithdraw money from your chec ing account from an #2 machine with a  personal identification number *P&N+, at your con0enience, day or night.&nstruct your ban or credit union to automatically pay certain monthly bills from your account, such as your auto loan or your mortgage payment.a0e the ban or credit union transfer funds each month from your chec ing account to your mutual fund account.a0e your go0ernment social security benefits chec or your ta3 refund depositeddirectly into your chec ing account.'uy groceries, gasoline and other purchases at the point-of-sale, using a chec card rather than cash, credit or a personal chec .se a smart card with a prepaid amount of money embedded in it for use instead of cash at a pay phone, e3pressway road toll, or on college campuses at the library5s  photocopy machine or boo stores.se your computer and personal finance software to coordinate your total  personal financial management process, integrating data and acti0ities related to your income, spending, sa0ing, in0esting, record eeping, bill-paying and ta3es, along with  basic financial analysis and decision ma ing. place for Projects, Presentation, seminar, summer training report and lot more. NO!:-his wor is copyright to its #uthors. his is only for !ducational Purpose.6#7&O8 %O728 O% !-'#N(&N):&N!7N! '#N(&N):&nternet 'an ing lets you handle many ban ing transactions 0ia your personal computer. %or instance, you may use your computer to 0iew your account balance, reuest transfers  between accounts, and pay bills electronically.&nternet ban ing system and method in which a personal computer is connected by a networ ser0ice pro0ider directly to a host computer system of a ban such that customer ser0ice reuests can be processed automatically without need for inter0ention by customer ser0ice representati0es. he system is capable of distinguishing between those customer ser0ice reuests which are capable of automated fulfillment and those reuests which reuire handling by a customer ser0ice representati0e. he system is integrated with the host computer system of the ban so that the remote ban ing customer can access other automated ser0ices of the ban . he method of the in0ention includes the steps of inputting a customer ban ing reuest from among a menu of ban ing reuests at a remote personnel computer9 transmitting the ban ing reuests to a host computer o0er anetwor 9 recei0ing the reuest at the host computer9 identifying the type of customer  ban ing reuest recei0ed9 automatic logging of the ser0ice reuest, comparing the recei0ed reuest to a stored table of reuest types, each of the reuest types ha0ing an attribute to indicate whether the reuest type is capable of being fulfilled by a customer ser0ice representati0e or by an automated system9 and, depending upon the attribute, directing the reuest either to a ueue for handling by a customer ser0ice representati0e or to a ueue for processing by an automated system.#O2#!$ !!7 2#;&N!8 *#2+: #n unattended electronic machine in a public place, connected to a data system and related euipment and acti0ated by a ban customer to obtain cash withdrawals and other  ban ing ser0ices. #lso called automatic teller machine, cash machine9 #lso called money machine.#n automated teller machine or automatic teller machine *#2+ is an electronic computeri<ed telecommunications de0ice that allows a financial institution5s customers todirectly use a secure method of communication to access their ban accounts, order or ma e cash withdrawals *or cash ad0ances using a credit card+ and chec their account  balances without the need for a human ban teller *or cashier in the (+. 2any #2s also allow people to deposit cash or cheues, transfer money between their ban accounts, top up their mobile phones5 pre-paid accounts or e0en buy postage stamps.On most modern #2s, the customer identifies him or herself by inserting a plastic card with a magnetic stripe or a plastic smartcard with a chip, that contains his or her account number. he customer then 0erifies their identity by entering a passcode, often referred toas a P&N *Personal &dentification Number+ of four or more digits. pon successful entry of the P&N, the customer may perform a transaction.&f the number is entered incorrectly se0eral times in a row *usually three attempts per card insertion+, some #2s will attempt retain the card as a security precaution to place for Projects, Presentation, seminar, summer training report and lot more. NO!:-his wor is copyright to its #uthors. his is only for !ducational Purpose. pre0ent an unauthorised user from disco0ering the P&N by guesswor . ;aptured cards are often destroyed if the #2 owner is not the card issuing ban , as non-customer5s identities cannot be reliably confirmed.he &ndian mar et today has appro3imately more than =>,??? #2@s.!! '#N(&N):nderta ing a host of ban ing related ser0ices including financial transactions from the con0enience of customers chosen place anywhere across the )O'! and any time of date and night has now been made possible by introducing on-line eleban ing ser0ices. 'y dialing the gi0en eleban ing number through a landline or a mobile from anywhere, the customer can access his account and by following the user-friendly menu, entire  ban ing can be done through &nteracti0e 6oice 7esponse *&67+ system. 1ith sufficient numbers of hunting lines made a0ailable, customer call will hardly fail. he system is bi-lingual and has following facilities offered #utomatic balance 0oice out for the default account.'alance inuiry and transaction inuiry in all &nuiry of all term deposit account8tatement of account by %a3, e-mail or ordinary mail.;heue boo reuest8top payment which is on-line and instantaneous ransfer of funds with ;'8 which is automatic and instantaneous tility 'ill Payments7enewal of term deposit which is automatic and instantaneous6oice out of last fi0e transactions. 82#7 ;#7$:# smart card usually contains an embedded A-bit microprocessor *a ind of computer chip+. he microprocessor is under a contact pad on one side of the card. hin of the microprocessor as replacing the usual magnetic stripe present on a credit card or debit card. he microprocessor on the smart card is there for security. he host computer and card reader actually Btal B to the microprocessor. he microprocessor enforces access to the data on the card. he chips in these cards are capable of many inds of transactions. %or e3ample, a person could ma e purchases from their credit account, debit account or from a stored account 0alue that5s reload able. he enhanced memory and processing capacity of the smart card is many times that of traditional magnetic-stripe cards and can accommodate se0eral different applications on a single card. &t can also hold identification information, which means no more shuffling through cards in the wallet to find the right one -- the 8mart ;ard will be the only one needed. 8mart cards can also be used with a smart card reader attachment to a personal computer to authenticate a user. 8mart cards are much more popular in !urope than in the .8. &n !urope the health insurance and ban ing industries use smart cards e3tensi0ely. !0ery )erman citi<en has a smart card for health insurance. !0en though smart cards ha0e been place for Projects, Presentation, seminar, summer training report and lot more. NO!:-his wor is copyright to its #uthors. his is only for !ducational Purpose.around in their modern form for at least a decade, they are just starting to ta e off in the .8. $!'& ;#7$: $ebit cards are also nown as chec cards. $ebit cards loo li e credit cards or #2 *automated teller machine+ cards, but operate li e cash or a personal chec . $ebit cards are different from credit cards. 1hile a credit card is a way to Bpay later,B a debit card is away to Bpay now.B 1hen you use a debit card, your money is uic ly deducted from your chec ing or sa0ings account.$ebit cards are accepted at many locations, including grocery stores, retail stores, gasoline stations, and restaurants. ou can use your card anywhere merchants display your card5s brand name or logo. hey offer an alternati0e to carrying a chec boo or cash.!-;!C!:#n e-;heue is the electronic 0ersion or representation of paper cheue.he &nformation and egal %ramewor on the !-;heue is the same as that of the  paper cheue@s.&t can now be used in place of paper cheues to do any and all remote transactions.#n !-cheue wor the same way a cheue does, the cheue writer BwritesB the e-;heue using one of many types of electronic de0ices and Bgi0esB the e-;heue to the  payee electronically. he payee BdepositsB the !lectronic ;heue recei0es credit, and the  payee5s ban BclearsB the e-;heue to the paying ban . he paying ban 0alidates the e-;heue and then BchargesB the chec writer5s account for the chec O!7 %O728 O% !!;7ON&; '#N(&N)$irect $eposit!lectronic 'ill Payment!lectronic ;hec ;on0ersion;ash 6alue 8tored, !tc. '!N!%&8/;ON;!7N8 O% !-'#N(&N)'!N!%&8 O% !-'#N(&N)
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