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EASE Science Cambride Grade 4

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  EASE 1 For Elementary SCIENCE GRADE 4 1.1   Skeletons 1)   Look at the pictures. 1 2 3 4 5 6 The number of animals that have skeleton are... a.   2, 4, 6 b.   1, 3, 5 c.   1, 4, 5 d.   2, 3, 6 1.2   The human skeleton  2)   Look at the pictures. The right names of the bones for no 1 and 2 are... a.   Collar bone and vertebra b.   Skull and rib c.   Jaw bone and vertebra d.   Skull and vertebra 1.3   Why do we need a skeleton? 3)   Below which is the function of skeleton, except... a.   To support the body b.   To protect the organs c.   To move the body d.   To give the body shape 1.5   Drugs as medicines 4)   Subtances that make your body change in some way, we called... a.   Drugs b.   Medicines c.   Cures d.   Symptoms 1.6   How medicines work 5)   Below which is the kind of symptoms, except... a.   Sore throat  b.   Cough c.   Itchy skin d.   Germs 2.1   Amazing birds 6)   Birds are adapted to help them live in their habitat. Eagles have   to grab their prey. a.   Big eyes b.   Broad beaks c.   Sharp talons d.   Strong beaks 2.2   A habitat for snails 7)   How do snails protect themselves when the environment is too dry?   a.   Snails move to a more humid place   b.   Snails move back into their shells   c.   Snails move into watery place   d.   Snails move into a river   2.3   Animals in local habitats 8)   Habitat is a place where animal lives and finds all that it needs. What animals are living in the pond? a.   Fish, frog, snake b.   duck, snake, snail c.   Snail, frog, fish d.   Duck, fish, chicken 2.5 Identifying invertebrates 9)   The following are not invertebrates, excepts...   a.   Fish, snail, snake   b.   ant, duck, butterfly   c.   bee, earthworm, crab   d.   cat, bird, starfish  2.6   How we affect the environment 10)   Disasters that can occur due to human activities are.. a.   Flood b.   Earthquake c.   Volcanic eruption d.   Hurricane

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