Eating Well for the Future: Intro PPT

1. Welcome to “Eating for a Healthy Future”!<br /> 2. About the unit<br />This is a 10 week unit where we will<br />discuss different…
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  • 1. Welcome to “Eating for a Healthy Future”!<br />
  • 2. About the unit<br />This is a 10 week unit where we will<br />discuss different diet-related<br />conditions that are common in<br />Australia and look at how food plays a<br />big role in the prevention and control <br />of these conditions. <br />
  • 3. Structure of Unit<br />You will have 2 classes a week:<br /><ul><li>70 minutes theory
  • 4. 70 minutes practical (except week 8 & 9)</li></ul>*Please remember to bring a container on Thursdays for the practical session<br />
  • 5. Week One<br />In week one we will look at:<br />How healthy you are and complete a quick quiz<br />what a “lifestyle” disease is and what some of the most common lifestyle diseases are in Australia<br />Cook Minestrone soup to brush up on cooking and preparation techniques that you will use throughout the term. <br />
  • 6. Week Two<br />In week two we look at obesity and discuss the different cooking methods that can be used to reduce the amount of fat in foods.<br />We also cook a low-fat lemon and herb chicken burger.<br />
  • 7. Week Three<br />Week three’s topic is Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).<br />You will investigate what CVD is and make a Glog using information from the Heart Foundation website.<br />In the practical you will be making a low fat choc berry slice. <br />
  • 8. Week Four<br />In week four we look at Type 2 Diabetes<br />You will use the Diabetes Australia website to assist you in modifying a recipe to better suit the dietary requirements of someone with Type 2 Diabetes<br />You will also investigate what G.I means and discover low and high G.I foods<br />In the practical you will make Chili Bean and Tomato Casserole, a tasty low G.I meal<br />
  • 9. Week Five<br />In week five we look at osteoporosis. <br />In groups you will make an advertisement which encourages teenagers to include more calcium in their diets.<br />In this weeks practical you will make strawberry and banana smoothies, as well as fruit pancakes – both good sources of calcium!<br />
  • 10. Week Six<br />This weeks lesson is on fibre. <br />You will complete a handout on ‘Fibre in Food’, followed by an investigation of how much fibre is in this weeks meal. We will then do a quiz to see how much you’ve learnt about fibre<br />In the practical you will make a rice and vegetable bake.<br />
  • 11. Week Seven<br />Week seven’s lesson will be on Coeliac Disease. Here we will watch a video and complete a sensory evaluation comparing bread products <br />You will also be given your Design Brief Assignment this week<br />
  • 12. Week Eight<br />In week eight you will have a Unit Test. This will cover the lifestyle conditions discussed, as well as fibre and coeliac disease. It will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions.<br />After the test you will work on your design brief for the assignment<br />
  • 13. Week Nine<br />In week nine we will be going on an excursion to the fresh food market.<br />Here we will look at ingredients you could include in your cooking to reduce the risk of the lifestyle conditions discussed in this unit<br />
  • 14. Week Ten<br />In week ten you will be completing the written component of your assignment in class<br />In the practical session you will produce a muffin which fits a specific design brief<br />
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