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Eduardo Duarte Philosophy of Education Lecture 1: On Philosophical Learning, Phenomenological Listening

Lecture 1: On Philosophical Learning, Phenomenological Listening: This is the first lecture – an audio file embedded in the uploaded file - in the course on Philosophy of Education
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  Eduardo Duarte, ProfessorHofstra UniversityPhilosophy of Education Fall 2015: Fall Semester Theme: Listening, Thinking, Learning In this course we will explore what is entailed in learningphilosophically, or via philosophy. Our thesis in this course is thatlearning happens dialogically at the place where the person or  persona appears via sound or  persono, or   in-and-through the ongoingmaking/formation of a person via dialogue. In this sense, aphilosophical education is a way of describing the ongoing growth of the human person, in the aesthetic sense in which we talk about awork of art being made, or, specically, in the way that music is made.ence, our take-o! point and heuristic is the evocation made to"ocrates# $make music, and work at it.% & philosophica education isthus a form of music-making philosophy. ow does music-makingphilosophy happen' Our working thesis# the movement happens via adialectic of listening# listening ( thinking ) listening. Our course will be organi*ed in large part around the challengesset forth by +uce Irigaray in her essay $+istening, hinking, eaching%.In that essay Irigaray argues that the contemporary historical demandsthat educators nd a way to invent a new logic based on listening and  thinking. Irigaray insists that we have to $uickly adopt anotherlogic01and2 relinuish a certain way of being molded by our past logic,in order to reach another way of 3eing.% 4Irigaray, 5667, 5879 hiscourse will test Irigarays thesis by making a philosophical explorationof the complex relationship between listening and thinking. Lecture 1: n Philosophical Learnin!, Pheno"enolo!icalListenin!:  his is the rst lecture in the course on :hilosophy of ;ducation that isorgani*ed under theme of <+istening, hinking, =aking<. his lecturebegins with the fragment <"ocrates, make music, and work at it<4 Phaedo 9, and then explores the fundamental categories of the course#srcinality, singularity, listening and learning. his lecture is pairedwith the rst section of +uce Irigaray>s essay, <+istening, hinking, eaching<
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