Engineering a Tool for Global Development

Engineering: a tool for global development By Emily Devine Oct 23, 2014 4:59PM UTC Have you ever thanked an engineer for the last Snickers bar you devoured? Perhaps not. How about consulting an engineer for insight into the latest controversial, progressive art ehibition? Highly unlikely! but why? ecause the study of engineering has little to do with confectionery and nothing to do with culture? #ew statements could be further from the truth. $eference to disciplines such as mechanical and
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  Engineering: a tool for global development By Emily Devine  Oct 23, 2014 4:59PM UTC Have you ever thanked an engineer for the last Snickers bar you devoured? Perhaps not. How about consulting an engineer for insight into the latest controversial, progressive art ehibition? Highly unlikely! but why? ecause the study of engineeringhas little to do with confectionery and nothing to do with culture? #ew statements could be further from the truth.$eference to disciplines such as mechanical and automotive engineering tends to con%ure images of tool!kits, oily overalls and $olls $oyce& undeniably valid associations which fail to do %ustice to the tremendous role engineering has to play in numerous facets of global development. 'hile the eamples of Snickers and art ehibitions seem flippant, they highlight huge gaps in public understanding of engineers( influence  within society. 'ithout inbound supply chains which depend upon shipping, road and rail networks, Snickers!lovers would be left with a collection of sugar, cocoa and miscellaneous other )literally* heart!stopping ingredients& the +inetica rt #air, which has taken place annually since -/, reflects engineering(s interdisciplinary impact by presenting S0E1 research in the form of an art ehibition. 2learly, engineering affects a surprising number of everyday pursuits! yet its importance can be felt on a far more significant international level.  ‘ Enter me’ by Karolna !alate at t#e Knetca $rt %ar 2014 n &on'on( Pc: BT( 3ntegral to ground!breaking advancements as diverse as smart phones, artificial hearts and carbon emissions trackers, engineers aid today(s global society in becoming increasingly sophisticated in its understanding and daring in its eploration. 0he recent development of 45 printing, through which products can be 6grown( from a fine powder of metal, nylon or carbon!reinforced plastics, refined using computer!aided design and then constructed from thin layers of the material, is set to be hugely important within the spheres of   dentistry and medicine. Soon, virtually any product could be 6grown(& from false teeth and hip %oints to skin and organs.3n the developing world, the knowledge and epertise of engineers are indispensable.  id missions such as those currently being implemented as part of efforts to send food to Ebola victims would not be possible without highly developed  vehicles and transport systems& engineering skills are also fundamental to the design, construction and operation of health facilities in countries affected by outbreaks of such fatal diseases. 0he devastating reality of infant mortality in third world countries is benefiting from mechanical engineering eperts( research, which was recently realised by the creation of a  wind!up foetal heart rate monitor which counts foetal heartbeats, indicating to the nurse present whether or not the baby is receiving sufficient oygen.  3) *rnt o+ an ttanm cranal m*lant at an nternatonal 3) Prntn- %ar n .ermany( Pc: $P( Engineering shapes, supports and enhances modern society in ways few actively comprehend. #rom developing eco!friendly forms of transport and the systems which allow produce to reach our supermarket shelves to providing those in need with previously unthinkable means of survival, engineers have numerous opportunities to affect change on a global scale. Popular misconceptions which paint engineering as a discipline free from creativity, the capacity to affect those outside of the 7aguar!owningcommunity and )gasp* women are both outdated and inaccurate& the time has come to think outside of the toolbo and realise the potential, breadth and importance of this sector as a tool for international development.$ead on for information regarding institutions in ustralia, 8ew 9ealand, 5enmark and the + which offer world!class Engineering programmes.2E80$; S0$;38 2<;;E=E > S0$;3 5riven by its commitment to academic ecellence and comprehensive student support, 2entral ustralian 2ollege )22* offers carefully structured courses which have been developed according to current industry reuirements. Hosting more than 4 students and offering @A ualifications, 22 ensures that all of its courses are delivered in accordance with the  BE0 Cualification #ramework )BC#* and 8ational 2ode -D. Students enrolled at 22 have numerous opportunities to flourish in a multicultural environment which  welcomes individuals from all corners of the globe and maintains partnerships with  countries such as 3ndia, +orea, 2hina, angladesh, 8epal, hutan, 1alaysia, =reece, Pakistan, Egypt and 7apan. 22(s 3nstitute of 0echnology provides specialised, nationally recognised training in a variety of fields, including utomotive 1echanical 0echnology and utomotive 1anagement.$ead the full profile. = H18 $ES<$2ES > S0$;3 Situated in =eelong, ustralia, = Human $esources is a $egistered 0raining <rganisation )$0<* which provides a rangeof courses to satisfy the reuirements of individuals and organisations from a broad spectrum of industries. = welcomes local and international students onto all of its diverse course options, each of which has been developed to act as a pathway from education into industry and involves numerous opportunities to gain work eperience and increase professional awareness. 0he institution(s 5esign courses, which include 2ivil 5esign, Plumbing, and Hydraulic Services and 5esign, vary between @ and - yearsin duration& each course euips graduates with an internationally respected ualification. $ead the full profile.S2H<<; <# 2<1P038= 85 0E2H8<;<=, 83BE$S30 <# 'ES0 ;<85<8 > +     n institution committed to inspiring students to ecel as creative professionals  within stimulating, rewarding careers, the niversity of 'est ;ondon has gained an outstanding reputation for high uality education which facilitates graduates( seamlessprogression into employment. 0he niversity, which is situated in the heart of the + capital, has one of the most impressive employment rates in the country& recent Employment Performance 3ndications )EP* released by the Higher Education Statistics gency )HES* indicate that FG of students find work within si months of graduation. Specialising in the delivery of research!led, innovative technical courses, the niversity(s School of 2omputing and 0echnology  aspires to be the best source of education for creative professionals in computing, engineering and built environment in ;ondon. $ead the full profile.2<;;E=E <# E8=38EE$38=, 83BE$S30 <# 280E$ $ > 8E' 9E;850he first university in 8ew 9ealand to have achieved a A!star ranking under the CS Stars system, the niversity of 2anterbury )2* ranks among the top 4 of universities in the country. 'ith a strong international reputation for its high!uality course options, world!class teaching staff and large, inclusive student community, the institution attracts both students and staff from all corners of the globe. 2(s 2ollege of Engineering offers professional ualifications in Engineering and #orestry at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 0he 2ivil and 8atural Engineering department,  which operates within the 2ollege, is ranked @Fth in the world& in addition to this, the 1echanical Engineering and 2hemical and Process Engineering departments are recognised as the best in 8ew 9ealand.$ead the full profile.S2H<<; <# E8=38EE$38=, PHS32S 85 10HE1032S, 83BE$S30 <# 585EE > +  n internationally recognised institution with a reputation for attracting the world(s best students and academics, the niversity of 5undee has been  voted the best university in Scotland for five consecutive years in the 0imes Higher Education(s Student Eperience Survey. 0he niversity is home to a thriving
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