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  F  i   n a l  F  a n t   a s  y V I  I  I   O f   f   i   c i   a l   S  t  r  a t   e g y G u i   d  e  Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide   Details: ãDavid CassadyãBRADY GAMES <HTML>BradyGAMES-Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide Features: Detailed   Walkthroughs, Boss Strategies, Item & Magic Lists, Complete Bestiary, and over 450 Full-ColorMaps! The ONLY Official Guide!</HTML>ãThis has to be the best strategy guide out there that I have seen for this game. It isdetailed on where to go for the side quests and has great strategies for defeating yourenemies. A must buy.ãim glad i was able to play VIII and it's such an amazing game just like IX is too. like thesame with it, the guide could have been better but it's still goodãIf you are a Final Fantasy VIII fan this is good to have.ãThis guide has been very helpful. I have enjoyed it very much. I recommend it to anyelse who uses guides. I also found that is has a lot of valuable infromation to help withthe FFVIII game.ãThis strategy guide is very informative, and concice.The only regreat I have is that theynever released the Pocket Station in the U.S. which would have added another demintionto the game play. Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide
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