Ethnic Studies 10AC Syllabus: History of Race/Ethnicity in Western United States, 1598-present

Ethnic Studies 10AC Syllabus: History of Race/Ethnicity in Western United States, 1598-present
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  1 Ethnic Studies 10AC History of Race and Ethnicity in the Western United States Fall 2015 Course #: 31053 A1 Hearst Annex Tu/Th 11am-12:30 Instructor:  Pablo Gonzalez, Ph.D. Office: Barrows 512E-mail: Office Hours: Tu/Th 2-4pm Twitter: @autonomyroad and by appointment GSI: Cynthia Ledesma  OH: TBAEmail: GSI: Marcelo Garzo  OH: TBAEmail: Course Description:  This course provides an introduction to the history of race andethnicity in the western United States, from the late 16 th century, until the present. Thecourse explores how the constructions of race and ethnicity have been central to theorganization of everyday life in what we refer to as the American West. Although we willfollow these constructions historically from 1598 to the present, we will survey and discussideas of race, gender, class, and sexuality through five major modules. These thematicmodules include but are not limited to the following:1) The relationship between race and settler colonialism2) How logics of racialization and conquest are tied to violence and dispossession3) How racial citizenship, migration, and criminality creates internal/external  ‘ others ’ 4) How racism operates at an everyday, structural, and institutional level in a post-racialUnited States.Finally, we will consider the politics of writing history, how the production of stories of thepast serve the political aims of the present. Throughout the course, we will insert ourselvesinto this process, becoming producers of knowledge as well. bCourses/Canvas:  This course has a Canvas site for you to find important updates on class lectures andsections. The ( site will hold a copy of thesyllabus, forums to discuss within sections and the course, pdf  ’ s of readings assigned, plusgive you an opportunity to create out-of-class discussions with your peers. I will often (butnot always) leave power point presentations or lecture outlines on bcourses for you toreview. Please do not use these lectures as a replacement for attending class. You will findthat in-class lectures and readings will be the majority of information on exams. Moreinformation will be given throughout the semester. Required Readings:  2 • Menchaca, Martha. 2002. Recovering History, Constructing Race: The Indian, Black,and White Roots of Mexican Americans. Austin: University of Texas.• Blackhawk, Ned. 2008. Violence over the Land: Indians and Empires in the Early  American West. Camridge: Harvard Press.• Ngai, Mae. 2014. Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America. Princeton University Press.• Costa Vargas, Joao. 2006. Catching Hell in the City of Angels: Life and Meanings of Blackness in South Central Los Angeles. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.• Articles will be available on PDF in your Canvas/bCourses site All textbooks are available for purchase at:Eastwind Books of Berkeley 2066 University AvenueBerkeley, Ca 94704 your local bookstores and purchase your textbooks from Eastwind Books.I will attempt to put copies of the books on reserve at the Ethnic Studies Library. But pleasedo not depend on this as your source for readings.  Assignments and Other Course Requirements:  You are expected to keep up with the assigned readings throughout the semester, and engagethe material with thoughtful and critical questions. Your Attendance/Participation grade willdepend on your attendance and participation in your section.  Attendance  and punctuality isexpected. Attendance during sections are mandatory and will be monitored. Frequentabsences and chronic tardiness will adversely affect your final grade. I also expect every student to contribute to lively class discussions through consistent participation. GSI ’ s willtake attendance every section and expect you to participate and fulfill section requirements.If you miss over  FOUR   sections, you will receive a  ZERO  for your Attendance/Participation grade. This includes excused absences.  You will take two exams during the course of the semester.  The purpose of theseexaminations is to evaluate your competence in addressing and developing themes we havecovered in class using class readings and material presented in lecture and discussions. Theexams will be a combination of identifying terms, connecting themes, and essay questions.  You will write one Critical Politics of History Paper . The paper will be between 5-7pages in length, not including endnotes and/or a bibliography page. The research Paper is anopportunity for you to think about the production of history, how master narratives of history are produced, and how Ethnic Studies might disrupt these master narratives andpower relations. I will provide more information about this assignment during the semester.Part of this assignment will require you to  turn in a one page abstract , laying out whatevent, subject, theme you will cover. Late papers, both the abstract and the final paper, willbe penalized by one letter grade for every day it is late. Extra Credit Opportunities . This course will offer plenty of opportunities for students toparticipate in events and attend talks and presentations for extra credit. Each extra credit  3 opportunity is worth up to 2pts. and must include a 1-2 pp write up of your observationsand reflections on the event. You have an opportunity to receive up to 5 pts in extra credit.In order for the event to be an extra credit event, I must either approve of the event orannounce it as an extra credit opportunity. All extra credit write-ups will be turned indirectly to Professor Gonzalez. Grade Breakdown:  (based on a 100 point scale)Section Attendance/Participation: 20%Exam One: 25%Exam Two: 30% Thematic Paper: 25%(Extra Credit will be available throughout the semester and will only account up to 5%) The grade breakdown will be as follows: A=93-100 B+=87-89 C+=77-79 D+=67-69 F=below 62 A-=90-92 B=83-86 C=73-76 D=63-66B-=80-82 C-=70-72  Accommodations: Students with disabilities who need special accommodations, please speak to the instructorand appropriate arrangements will be made for you accordingly. Policies: Bring blue books for exams and ink pens, not pencils.Every student is expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity. If any instances of academic dishonesty are discovered, penalties may include dismissal from theclass, and even dismissal from the University. For more information, please consult Student Judicial Services. Course and Reading Schedule:  Although the outline of topics and readings will remain substantially the same, I reserve theright to amend the schedule as necessary. You are responsible for the readings on the datethey appear on the schedule, unless I indicate otherwise. Additional readings may be passedout in class and/or placed on bCourses. Course Schedule (Subject to Change)Module I: Politics of History Week 1 Introductions 8/27  Week 2 Reading the Silences: the production of history 9/1-9/3 Trouillot, Chapter 1 and 4 (in bCourses);Levins Morales,  “  The Historian as Curandera ”  (bCourses)Menchaca, Introduction.  4 Module II: Racial Castes and Settler Colonialism Week 3 Construction of Race and Ethnicity in the Southwest 9/8-10 Menchaca, Chapters 2 and 3Blackhawk, Introduction  Week 4 9/15-17 Menchaca, Chapter 5Blackhawk, Chapter 1 and 2  Week 5 9/22-24 Blackhawk, Chapters 3 and 4Castañeda, “Sexual Violence in the Politics and Policies of Conquest”(bCourses) Module III: Race, Dispossession, and Violence in the 19 th Century Week 6 9/29-10/1 Menchaca, Chapter 6 and 7Blackhawk, Chapter 5  Week 7 10/6-8 Menchaca, Chapter 8Blackhawk, Chapter 6Laura Gomez, Chapter 3,  “ How Fragile Claim to Whiteness Shaped Mexican Americans ’  Relations with Indians and African Americans ”  (bCourses) Politics of History Paper Abstract due Friday, October 9, 2015   Week 8 10/13-15 Blackhawk, Chapter 7 and EpilogueGuidotti Hernandez, Chapter 2  “  Webs of Violence: The Camp GrantMassacre, Nation, and Genocidal Alliances ” (bCourses) Module IV: Citizenship and the   impossible   subject Week 9 10/20-22 Menchaca, Chapter 9; Ngai, Introduction Midterm 10/22   Week 10 10/27-29 Ngai, Part 1  Week 11 11/3-5 Ngai, Part 2  Week 12 11/10-12 Ngai, Part 3  5 Module V:    we were never meant to survive   : Racisms in a Post-Racial UnitedStates Week 13 11/17-19 Costa Vargas, Introduction and Chapter 1Bonilla-Silva, Chapter 2  “  The New Racism: The US Racial Structure since the1960s ”  (bCourses)  Week 14 11/24 Costa Vargas, Chapters 2, 3, 4  Week 15 12/1-3 Costa Vargas, Chapters 5, 6, and conclusion Audre Lorde,  “  A Litany for Survival ”  (bCourses)  Politics of History Paper Due last class day  Final Examination Wednesday, December 16, 2015 8-11am


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