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   EVIDENCE EXHIBIT XL: THE PROVENANCE OF UK/AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CHARLATANISM----CORROSIVE ANTI-AMERICAN INFLUENCE OF AUSTRALIAN “EDUCATIONALIST SQUATTERS” FROM THE UK---- MEDICALLY UNQUALIFIED CHIROPODIST “ALAN CRAWFORD” STOKES THE ANTI-USA FIRE OF MEDICALLY UNQUALIFIED UK IMMIGRANT TO PERTH---CAMERON KIPPEN Australia suffers dearly from its perceived exemption and immunity umbrage naturally bestowed by its “tyranny of distance”  from the Western World. Fortunately, the digital age has unforgivingly exposed Australian corruption and plagiarism within its institutions of “Higher Education”.  Australia, particularly involving areas of science and technology, has exploited its “tyranny of distance” as an all -purpose umbrage from its occasional wanderings into intellectual property, copyright, trademark, and patent infringement of uniquely “American born” technology and industry for too long. I know American CEO’s of various biotech companies who refuse to share their intellectual property secrets with Australians, particularly those Australians who study and perform research in Australian Universities for concern that their intellectual property will be thieved. Australia’s “fake doctor” and “fake surgeon” industry is way out of control---thanks to AHPRA’s CEO Martin Fletcher.  To be fair to the history of charlatanism in Australia, the introduction to one of Australia’s Founders of Modern Day Charlatans is hereby given: Alan Crawford, Former QIT Head of Chiropody School .   Beginning in August 1985, I first personally witnessed the abusive anti-American denigration of the USA Medical School System by none other than an Australian medically unqualified chiropodist and higher education fraudster. His name is “Alan Crawford”. Chiropodist Crawford has utterly no medical credentials; only a UK Chiropody diploma which was finished right after high school. Chiropodist Crawford furthered his paltry “diploma” education in Australia with an education degree. Throughout his entire Australian career of charlatanism, Mr. Alan Crawford has always been an “educationalist” con artist filled with his unrepentant jealousy of the USA Educational system, where and whenever possible he has relentlessly sought to undermine the integrity of same. His contempt for Australian citizens who possessed USA Educational credentials was seethingly visceral both in word and in deed. Peddling his lies and deceit over the past 40 years since circa 1978, Alan Crawford has been largely responsible for the current wholly corrupt st ate of affairs within Australia’s fake “Podiatry” profession and ongoing regime of “Industrial Strength Charlatanism” and “Higher Education Fraud”.   The quoted words of fake “Podiatrist” Cameron Kippen  (who like Alan Crawford is also medically unqualified) essentially echo a word for word la ment of one of Australia’s sentinel  anti- American “Higher Education Fraudsters” ---- Alan Crawford , while he was the Head of Chiropody at QIT. Audaciously, s ometime during the 1980’s, “Education Fraudster” Alan Crawford d eceptively changed his Title from “Head of Chiropody” to “Head of Podiatry” des pite himself only holding a lowly Chiropody credential from the UK. By early 1989 QIT had changed its name to QUT. Consequently, Alan Crawford through his own self-serving “Higher Education Fraud” and scheming corporate/academic corrupt  behavior magically---like the academic “ thief in the night ”  that he is--- became the titular “Head of Podiatry” at QUT.  Incredibly, all the fraudulent changes “ implemented ”  by Alan Crawford were done so without any satisfaction of “ Accreditation Standards ”  within the authentic CPME Accredited profession of “ Podiatric Medicine & Podiatric Surgery ” . Instead, Alan Crawford ’ s bogus “ Podiatry ”  accomplishments were done wholly on a whim of fraud. No matter how many articles of “ Australian Education History ”  Alan Crawford writes and re-writes for publication, he cannot change his abject “ fingerprints and face of fraud ”  which pepper and deface Australia ’ s “ History of Charlatanism ” . Indeed, Alan Crawford gave the impetus for subsequent others to so “ confidently ”  do the same: Paul Tinley, Mark Francis Gilheany, Andrew Charles Kingsford, Robert Nikolaus Hermann, Adam Bird, Helen Matthews, Paul Bennett, etc. Moreover, the first time I personally met and heard Alan Crawford degrade the USA Department of Education and all of its Universities (Private and Public) was in August 1985. The second time was in December 1987. Furthermore, Alan Crawford could still be heard obsessively raging & ranting his anti-Americanisms  against the USA ’s educational system in 1989 and on into the 1990’s. THE FALSE & MISPELLED WORDS OF CAMERON KIPPEN: August 16, 2008 "These professions are using the professional doctorates which usually means they have completed a Masters degree. In the US the qualification is an undergraduate qualification and the title confered  by the institution. Until comparatively recently the pod education centres in the US have been private colleges. Now there is a shift to public university education this means there is a closer proximity to UK and Australasian higher education systems and qualifications. So some US pods will hold academic doctorates or Masters degrees but the majority will not. All can use the title doctor because they have completed the podiatry programs which give a qualification which is a doctor of podiatric medicine. This is the kernal of the Sienfield routines, "are pods real doctors?'. What is frustrating for many US pods is thay have completed programs which might equate in length and depth to a medical degree." FALSE & MISPELLED WORDS OF CAMERON KIPPEN "This has shown itself very recently where US Pods trying to establish themself in other countries and argued to the authorities their doctorate qualifies as a higher qualification than local chiropodists. This arguement is not new and within the Commonwealth the US degree has the acadmic equivalence of an undergraduate honours Bachelor of Science which levels the playing field." END OF CAMERON KIPPEN QUOTE More self-serving erroneous information is espoused here by Mr. Cameron Kippen. This charlatan simply helps stoke the fire of evil perpetration against the American educated Dr. Daniel Poratt in Australia. And just like Chiropodist Alan Crawford, Cameron is srcinally from the UK after having received all of his inferior (definitely not medically qualified) Chiropodial education in the UK. Amidst the flourishing of Mr. Martin Fletcher’s AHPRA “aided & abetted” Industrial Strength Charlatanism since 2010, it has become  necessary to pinpoint the provenance of Australia’s problematic fake “doctorism” ala impo stor pseudo-Podiatric Surgeons & pseudo-Podiatric Physicians. The “ Australian Podiatry Council ”  (APodC), the fake title, social- lobbying arm, and corporate monster for Australia’s thousands of Chiropodists perpetually endorses, aids, and abets charlatanism throughout Australia. Yet, inexplicably, the Australian Government is too cowardly to protect its own people from such abject health care provider fraud. Identifying Australia’s “Higher Education Fraudsters” (Alan Crawford and his fraudster proteges such as Cameron Kippen)---who created the overarching false framework “policy” as impetus for parlaying   “Industrial Strength Charlatanism” into plundered “law” ---is important to understanding part of Australia’s history.  Formally enacted into its dubious “protectionist” legislation and policy embraced today by medically incompetent Parliamentarians; it must all be understood in detail before it can be dismantled. Some years ago I coined the expression "Industrial Strength Charlatanism" to describe Australia's "professional" healthcare provider industry and same being intolerably populated by a whole legion of "fake doctors" and "fake surgeons" some 5000 strong: namely the "Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons" (ACPS); “Australian and New Zealand Podia try Accreditation Council” (ANZPAC); and the "Australian Podiatry Council" (APodC) as well as elements of the medically incompetent CEO, Martin Fletcher, and his "Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency" (AHPRA)-----including but not limited to the following medically incompetent and unqualified "Higher Education Fraudsters" such as Queensland's “Alan Crawford”; ACT's “Helen Matthews”; Victoria's “Mark Francis Gilheany”; Melbourne's “Andrew
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