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Assingement on increase english usage as offical laguage
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  In our country the craze of English language is at its peak. Our local language is Urdu then why we are giving much importance to English. Japan, China, Germany, Korea and Russia they all are well developed countries but they do not know English and if you want to work in these countries then you have to learn their local languages, development does not means that everyone in your country is communicating in English development can be achieve by generating an environment of local language, and if we keep promoting the language of other countries then the day is not far away when we will forget our culture along with our language and will be following the culture of other countries if I am not wrong then we are already following the culture of western countries which is totally against our religious and social point of view . The person talking in English is considering most honorable in our society why? Who will give me the answer of my question who is responsible for this cross connection of culture and language? There are so many English learning institutes in Pakistan they all are busy in teaching language to the local peoples, to get the knowledge of other languages is not the thing to be anxious but to give more than required importance on our mother tongue is the thing to be anxious. In our education system we can the dominance of English language a person get his early education from a government school and college when went to universities for higher education then the teacher expect from him to communicate in English how he can speak English when he have a weak English background the person is not responsible for this instance it is the government who is responsible for the importance of English in our Education system if you cannot speak English then there should be a choice for the student to express his point of view in Urdu but we are the bagger of the line and the teachers don’t allow even a regular talk in Urdu inside the class room. Now a days you can see that what is the status of Urdu speakers in our country some politicians are talking rubbish about the Urdu speakers but they do not know the world knows Pakistani nation as Urdu speaker no rather than sindhi, Panjabi, Pashto and balochi I am not degrading any language I just want to acknowledge the importance of Urdu language they should respect their mother tongue as well as its speakers and should promote a Urdu friendly environment in the country. Nations cannot prosper without their own language, Urdu is very friendly language for new commers and if some one wants mastery in it so keep this in mind this is the language of Lashkar so it has Turkish,Persian,Arabic, Sanskirt language in it. This is also natural that Languages take toan from other Languages and also returned to them, as many Arabic words used in English like cover is the arabic word and there are many examples can be shown. Every one can understand any knowledge better in his own environmental language and then we can approach foreign languages as per our requirement. Urdu is the only language in the World that an Urdu speaker can pronounce well any of the language but peoples of other languages surely cannot pronounce very well. I have an experience to roam arround the world and came accross 15 to 18 languages and have seen this phenomenae myself, the accent and alphbets of Urdu can cover any type of pronounciation.  The important point is that except for Sindhi and Pashto (but that too up to class-5 in some areas) none of these languages are media of instruction in the state sector or the expensive, elitist  private schools, colleges and universities. Some of them are taught as subjects in educational institutions and are subjects of examination in the civil service examination both at the provincial and the federal levels. However, they are not taken seriously either by students or teachers. They are treated as easy-to-pass subjects. Their examiners and teachers are people who have degrees  but they feel that if they fail students, nobody would take their subject and so resort to liberal marking. The conditions described above create pressures which bring about what has been called ‘language death’. When the last speaker of a language dies, a world view, a culture, an identity, a repository of collective knowledge and literature dies. This by itself is a great loss and there is great concern in the world that the languages of the world are vanishing at a very fast rate. n Pakistan, conditions for all indigenous languages are such that they are under pressure and small languages are in danger of dying. Now, one of the things which can save a language from dying, which can reverse language shift, is teaching it to children. For this one needs primers, books and recorded folk tales and other oral literature. This, in turn, requires a standard spelling to be determined and some dialect of the language to be selected as the one in which the teaching will be carried out. In short, teaching a language immediately makes it standardised and gives it the support it needs to survive. This is one reason for supporting mother tongue education. But that is not all. Researchers have discovered that children who are taught in their own language understand concepts better and actually learn the other languages they are taught later than those who start their schooling in an alien language. They found that even in mathematicsthey found that even in mathematics those who are given mother language education are better learners. 2012 International Mother Language Day theme: “Mother tongue instruction and inclusive education” . It emphasizes on imparting basic education to children in their mother languages for better understanding. It further shows the importance of mother tongue and multilingual education to reduce discrimination.      The mother language, in which the first words are uttered and individual thought expressed, is the foundation for the history and culture of each individual. Moreover, it has been proven that children learn the best when they are instructed in their mother language during their first years at school  UNESCO says.   Significance of 21 st  February:   The date, 21 st  February was chosen as the International Mother Language Day to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to uphold the dignity of their Mother Language Bangla on this very day in 1952. This was one of the rare instances in  world history where people fearlessly gave up their lives for the sake of their mother language  an official language of  six Indian states and one of the 22 scheduled languages in the Constitution of India.Although only about 8% of Pakistanis speak it as their first language, it is spoken and understood as a second language by almost all Pakistanis&english being an offical language also. Education creates leader in the Society, who lead the nation toward a better future In Pakistan,  
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