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History of Coca Cola
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    FACULTY OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES CAREER OF COMMERCE TEACHER: Ing. OCTAVIO DULCEY PEREZ. MSNS PROJECT OF ENGLISH III: INVESTIGATE A PRODUCT HISTORY, AS A TRANSCENDED IN TIME AND WHICH WAS THE BASIS OF YOUR SUCCESS. Student: Rafael Morán B.    History of Coca-Cola It was the year 1886 and the pharmacist John S. Pemberton, from the American city of Atlanta, I had the obsession to get to invent a type of syrup that besides being medicinal, was pleasant to the palate and even refreshing. He made numerous and strange experiments, essaysand tests at his apothecary, where he tried mixing various ingredients. Try new substances and experimented with whatever could serve its purpose. On May 8, 1886, he discovered a Novel formula: cola nut extract, coca leaves, sugar and a small amount of caffeine together with plant extracts whose composition refused to reveal. Pemberton did not seem to give importance to his mixture, but in a certain occasion it guessed right to prove it a friend of the apothecary salesman that by serving that sweet-tasting syrup called Coca-Cola already mixed with soda, and both liked that at that very moment was definitely created the popular drink. The master touch was that last addition: soda, invented a century and a half before by Englishman W. Browning injecting carbonic acid into a container of mineral water srcinating the coke. Pemberton spoke of the novel product as an invigorating refreshment, although He did not seem convinced of the importance of the finding, since a year later he sold the formula to his colleague the doctor and apothecary A. Griggs Candler, also from Atlanta, manufacturer of soft drinks. Candler improved the process of elaboration and commercialization of the drink and in 1919 theownership of the entire business initiating the large commercial expansion of the company thatthe same year he began his European journey converting Coca-Cola into one of the companies of the most important bouquet of the southern United States first, and the world later. So important to be the signature in the first lustrums of the XX that in 1919 sold it for twenty-five million dollars. There already existed its characteristic packaging: the famous bottle destined to travel the world of success in success, at the beginning of one at a time, and from 1923 on boxes of six units with the famous slogan: Serve Coke at Home. There was also the Ford model truck fleet "T" for the distribution. Advertising has been one of the fundamental pillars of the success of Coca-Cola, in 1900    They used celebrities like Hilda Clark to communicate the product. In 1921 the brand launched its campaign "thirst has no seasons", with this successful slogan ended the taboo that said that Coca-Cola was only for the summer, shooting the company's sales. But it was not untilIn 1931, Coca-Cola began to advertise with Santa Claus, taking over the Christmas. During the 1940s it was the American soldiers who helped to popularize the drink around the world while fighting in World War II. Between the letters of the soldiers an example: (Soldier Dave Edwards, in a letter to his brother, Italy, 1944). "Today is a day special. We all receive a bottle of Coca-Cola at the company. This may not seem too important, but if you had seen all those individuals who have been over twenty months sailing pressing the bottle against his chest, running towards his tent ... and stay looking at it ... they did not know what to do. No one had drunk their Coke yet, because after they did everything, everything would have ended, everything would have happened (...) ". In terms of the essence of the brand have had 3 great moments. The first one in 1915 when Alexander Samuelson designs the emblematic bottle with curves. The second momento In 1969, the red and white graphic image was launched (it is currently respected). The third great may not be so positive for the brand, this was in 1985, after 99 years ofsuccess. Coca-Cola decided to change the formula of its drink and put the New-Coke on the market, it was such the failure that in only 79 days they had to return with the classic Coke to the market. Without a doubt, Coca-Cola is the combination of a great product and excellent communication. Its unknown formula is one of the most valuable trade secrets in the world, currently he is in a bank in Atlanta USA. According to urban myths, only 2 senior managers of the company can have access to the mysterious formula. When we listen to some people To talk about April 23, 1985, we know that this date will last in the infamy of marketing.It took possibly the biggest risk in the history of consumer goods, announcing that I was changing the most popular soft drink formula in the world. This decision generated a level of Anguish in consumers that no business had seen before.
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