Short Stories

+?+-? ffi IJZ'ORDS AND MUSIC BY STEPFIEN SCI{\J(.ARIZ. c ttrm HIIB. .=.- e-* G tlm. Em ]m rnn. ,l_j rt J t_r. Em tu! n-tm

Mediu tepo c ttr LL!-U HIIB IJZ'ORS AN MUSIC BY STEPFIEN SCI{\J(.ARIZ d 3 j 3 3 nf 3 3 i :o o E ] rnn G tl z 3 J J J,l_J rt J t_r J J J J E tu! n-t 0 - T r +?+-? + J _ J J 3 3.=.- e-* {}
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Mediu tepo c ttr LL!-U HIIB IJZ'ORS AN MUSIC BY STEPFIEN SCI{\J(.ARIZ d 3 j 3 3 nf 3 3 i :o o E ] rnn G tl z 3 J J J,l_J rt J t_r J J J J E tu! n-t 0 - T r +?+-? + J _ J J 3 3.=.- e-* {} 20 Copyrighl O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Rights lor SKG Songs Adinistered by Cherry Lane Music Publishing Copany, lnc Inlernational Copyrighl Secured All Righls Reserved G trr Glea- ing in the oon- light, cool and clean and all I've ev-er., - - r : 3 3, rt],-. rtl,- +l r+j r+j r+j ft^ ft^ r+j +J r+j Lt t-t t+l E 'i l IT. Llti It G rrtff l l llt kno wn. all I ev er -' want - cd.- a, ij-j +J l+j rt 3 3 J J. t 3 l+t t+l, I I l,-\ l/^\ l l l ^ l l l a -..J +J -J r-r ? l l J a l l l a Sweet per lues of In - cense, grace- ful roos of al - a- bas- ter Enr ITTTII IIIII] l l t B IH c w 'TlN ev er wanl - This is y 21 rnt c rrta a t tal lll LLll ll sus4 ni]n lilatl {l L! HiH rt no- ble, oh so strong. c ltn I'LLU L I rrinr I l+l+fl C nrh I Ill LLLIII Now I a ho. a - ong y trap - pings 3 su s4 u]!tl tllll d H1J11 ln E t H# G/ Btfl be - long, 3 ) r - J F, l - 1 l l l ^ a J t C I l!t!ll t!# rn/f {iiu could - n't c tltlr sov - 'reign princc of E - gypt, the proud his - to - ry that's E i' LILI Lll Ltl B f lt rr] 3 J 3 J J J t c frlal tillll L I ] L I TTIT-] rllaf ntrn all I ev - cr wjnt - cd,- all I ev - er want - ed,- grad. rit. e din. J Moderately c wanl - eq.- E irrifi ll l tt] c tfnn l t t l lliul J J? - - : - : J +'r^ +t^ T.T.-'-3- r+'1^ +1^ t] rn]l C --J-: ffn u J This is your.j - - r 3 3_ p Moderately, freely ilul: t]i]l C ItTin IIIX s u s.+ c :I! I w ]n n F 3 - -1 drn rnta 111I]]] here the nv- er eant to be your noe. r '-1 24 EIa n-trn c rrrfi' tt t-fl FN{ sus4 tu H$tt nft-n l Ial ltl Nou 1ou knu\ the truth. lovc. Now for get and be con - tcnt. E ffran I IIJ] I FajT atrtat ##l tftta frfn te! i-r Repeat and fade MUSIC BY FIANS ZIMMER Slowly Et C7 Bb+ Bb ct Ai6 cl,/bb C bsus.l Gb Bb/ Bl,' /t) Eb Bb'7 he Ihn Al,7 Er/G b bsusg/f tf cte l, 9 t B L,/ Bb'7tt) r,:llli Ebnl AbnT A )n16 E)/B l) Bb7 \.c {t (r. ir _/ Copyrlghl O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Righls lor SKG Songs Adinistered by Cherry Lane lllusic PLrblishing Copany, Inc- Internalional Copyrighl Secured All Bighls Reserued 55 .\Jr-ORS AN MT'SIC BY STEPHEN SCFilXTARIZ Moderately slow N.C. p J,. Ll B5 A a) qr LI 4\ E5 IEIN l ltl LILL]I 1411 f I 111 1,+g 111 I '+ a - - t t r a t t, a ' - r t,nf Copyright O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Rights ior SKG Songs by Cherry Lane lllusic Publish ng Copany, Inc. Internalional Qopyight Secured All Rights Reserved E s' B/E i BTIE of the whip on y E ro d Hllll Trn B IER [ cte HtH ftitfl God on high,- can you hear your peo-ple cry? Help us F :lc E7sus4 [un - ffn E I]]I! i-o +fifl tlnl E/G$ A STIN EE! r+l H11N {r t1]]n this dark ho e - liv- er us. Hear our call. e- F iie ]: G Trrn nn E7 rfirri gln FITTN I Ll{l IIIIII E 'trrrii laat I1 tllll ]IIIII Lord of all, re - e ber us- here in this burn - ing sand n LTrn rtrn E/Gl A th11i Hin B IH E g ffttfl /G dinr ftta ta L[L]] Iiv - er us. There's a land You pro -!sed- ItrI ++fi1 f A/B ]]]n r fn B t E5 ntl liv - er us to the pro - ised land. T : ll' 4 '+ 1 '+g 't - t tr. nf ' a t1 - t l r E T T'N tlt+il Il Ltl B/E ftffti fi BlIE Yal - di ha tov- veh ha rach. E I EI E/C1 lfflu.tet] g Tllrn n II!! FIHTI B ETE cte :-,-_l +H+l [ ra veh al tif- chad. My son, I have noth- ing I can give but this chance that you ay F.TTTN fel trlll E7sus4 l t!-!!]l H]H ETM ttt lll H+fl rir' llil ] tl E/GI g ge HJ+NHJ1N r n I pray wc'll cet a gain, if He will tlc - Lr - er us. Hear our prayer. e- ) a f t l ' a? r t t t l fitr f rnt :ritr. tftatl lllltl Lll ul F ETIN tltltt C trran l l l all I Illl E7 IIIE tllul llv - er us lionr de- spair Thesc E tu ljrltl H N ull]l t l E/GI trttfl B E /G te rl Ll]]t]]f Ltl-L]t Lu.llJ LlrLll H11+t Htt+l fthn ]-H'il cruel to stand e - lrv- cr us. There's a land You pro - ised- : A/B B Cl 7l'5 Ltlt! LLt+! LlLlll l?lllll Lll!!t!l111l g TTTTF tn B fh [411j lir cr us uut 0f h(\nj- rge and- lrv- er us to the pro a I r f i l rit. e dint. {} Moderately Hush now, y ba by. Be still. love, den't cry. e ) e a a b7 f f ii irlif. 7r5/C F[F'N ttrn LtrTN q. li [Ni Slccp as you're rockcd by the strea. Tl.N Trn FI 5fr rr Brfi7 TaraTa l tat l l LILUI Slccp and re e ber y last G/F {TITN l l lllti t l l L l C rnr.i Itltu when you drea.- C _--* tru! 1ll El15l :t oh rrv - er,? 'i r ft nf d ff :t' III{ car - go '11 Bb I'TIB IEI! fl atrt-a T'RT] rrn C7 Tlltn Tn l l++fl B'A ltlan A/G fllh - ) e a Lepo 1 i l 1 ivf ) l, i r I YbH f ' r v c -T-a -_t_-fl -'r-tl c iri aln TSTarl ln Broth - cr, you're sate and safe ay you stay, 2l c 'r-tt '-T:1- -i:t 7b5/C C trun *t1n r'fnll fl tfi{l havc il prryer just you. Grow ba- by ) b) BtT l}+ln L]L] C tfitu ll t II L] l t l t c/f.titn TITIN! l t l ltll coe back sornc - day. dc - liv er E/GI w[1le F I]iI rr G tn II]IN n- E I LtL] IIIJI llll E ti lt Arn tr ffttl B E /C ---; -J-- Hltf FIH-I HfiN Hft] + [Ft nrrrr' T.n l ll IJIIII A/B B C/Bp r+ sihf f i f f i f f i -J r Scnd a shep - herd to shep - herd- uslrv er us to the pro - ised land. e- J 3 J e ; ; ;. 3 rtl,ol : n il A/B E]n tun A B IH tt A Moderately E n t+l111 lrl FirnTt5/E g r-ntn to the pro - iscd E Ff7b5/E f[l E IEI! a c - liv er us.- : ^ d r,,1 l-l l rit. t+-. p -A f Ato. * IJ ML/SIC BY HANS ZIMMER np - ----- J '.-. J G5 J.. V n f l - 4 G F/C G5 u7 G' ft, +4t t-4 F/G b8: 7. r G,ft,ft,G, C-s F/G C5 o I. t t? l t 4 t 4 f r t 4 b'7 '- ' 1 I ft,-!tg 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Baghls for SKG Songs Adinistered by Cherry Lane l\rusic Publishing Copany, Inc. Internalional Copydghl Secured All Rights Reserved 17 .V7'ORS AN MUSIC BY IANE IW/.ARREN 5 dn HlJN r Gsus2 Itr! Ll-t!J I+Hfl ETsus4 tre! +tth tt 2. G/A 5 dlfi t1+u Cadd2 wfflt-n l fl n ETsus4 ffol-l IT-T] I've been wan - d'rin' 'tound I've been in these chains been lost soe- wherc where no but I'll break liee and I'll 5 Gadd2 ri ultx ltf# light be coulq therc shine on y hcarl. I where I be - long. Hold have known y head a up pain high; so I'll stand deep, tall, 2 {} {} ao -Re.orded a half step lower. I a? V I 56 Copyrighl O 1998 REAL SONGS (ASCAP) All Righls Reserved Used by Peission EnrTsus4 trtr Il tttatt C/A r. B IH but I know y faith will and I swcar this tie I free won't \-/- e.- fall.- (Get And I'll I there.) get will?. v: I?. I trltl t? / IA I l l ta tlltil E/GI W t!l! through this. do this (Get there.) I'll find y way a no al ler wha( rt- garn.- ukes.- So don't 'Cause I d r ''--' sus2/fl tt fffttl Ern l tie! rtii' n t tcll c that- it's o k n o w n o l i - i - t a vcr, hons, 'causc cach and I'll step Just gets- e clos - reach ) des - li - na - a a t + e e I I will get there I will get there. (I will ETsus4 n Asus4 T T'N L l{l It 5 ni tat ttat LLLLU get there.) will get there Cross that Csus2 dro u_m.l tlt+fl E?sus4 [Nt Iro L!!!tl Hlt! e_ now. B TIIT] A/B d c/a llran T'TN frn get through night- and ake it C H# I3rr n-atfl fft through to the oth er side. there. Get thcrc. there. Cet \ I r? a ; ; - r a8 4 l t l ri ri r n ,;, , rt' tn B t!t 1lJ A/B Get therc. Well, thc night is cold- and- dark,- but soe - E7 JU! iflfn And I'll it shinc- tllc. _ 3fr I'll keep try ' ing.- I'll keep al v6 f:2 r. ' - \ -. a 69 Eb5 fiix ::--- A sus2 H :riu Bisus4 ln 111n E'5 T-TN 3l! Absus2 riinr ln FTsus4 ITT]N a C/B s+h lltjai lll ri ff Bb/C TTFIN ff \--lutc- night- \ l APi B, n-rn {E tfttti E IG rinn l l l l TftTat and akc it through to the oth - er side. Get there. Gct there r r r T t t l l ri r Cs us,1 rrfi t]trn fflfrl Gcl there. Get therc.- gct there. TI-T'F T'TT-] rrrtl CI tritu' FN+ Bbtc rriro in-ill rjt-.l Ilrn B' F'TTR ln r'fl F/A FatTaa tl.n Tj-TN ti1l1l,taaat BHN n-t Bb/C u Inn get through the nrgnrthrough to the oth - er side. Get there. Cet there. Get o ' J r r l t r I r (, r, B' F'ITR EIM T]T TI F/A afft- TJ.T'N tf T- ] fi rfl]]-n B'IC uflu Bb l-tttfl F/A T'NT] faln fi fn Cet there. Cet there.- r I r rl r, r r I Gnl7 II otttl B5/C ttl Freely. slowly F fuii] ITTTN A \'-.----l I'll- get \q:? thcrc.- A r I IJJ ' I..'gJ 7e - J A r - Mediu tepo!7'ors AN MIJSIC BY STEPFIEN SCFI\)TARIZ tl lft+n So you think you've got r- J r friends in high r t plac - es, with the E fi E7 ITIE l1-tfl t uuu pow - er lo put us on the run. Well, for- give us these siles on our Iac - es. know what pow - er is when we are done, son! You're worrdwide Rishts ror sk .ff!:tfi?,:f:,.-g sonss (AscAp) Inrernarionar copyrishr copanv, SJ ?SIX Inc. hla:::i:sishins 41 pl,l\ - rne with the PIay - ing with the big E B; I1I]! Trl ry spell and ges- ture you who's the best. You're nfir lll+u You're play - ing with the big You're play - ing with the big ntrll JTTTN ftt Eb H TU_tl gtfi [+H this tbol ish a true a - gl - ctan givc an cx - hi - bi - tion E4tr f f]!ru! Pick up your sil - ly twig. boy; you're play- ing wirh rhe big boys r-,rl] [N{ BzJ u!11 afutl fb l ait LI lat LI ltl B'7 FaFar a ltian FaFta- nrt' Trlln tl +ftl1 ul So - bek! Sekh- net! So kar! Sel - ketl A - nu- kis! 43 B' 'TITI!dT! TI Eb tun frrn He- sltt! Tef- nut! Meshk - hent! Maf- det! Play - ing with the big You're E, tl rftfn B' l I TIT] N,C rfr plry- ing with the big By the ight of Hor- us E7z5 tr IIH tlflll E7b5 fraal ttl you will kneel be- fore us, our splen - dor - ous Ci /l H]1N . [ Glo/1 $v' Cl /[ cx9f clo/f CT l w3fr EU )t c1o/l 4ir 3i Illn Cl /l rrrir ar rnr] E7r'5 l +tln Bb'7 FlfrH you can be- tirsl, boy, tie to bow (kow - tow), or ir's Eb firn play-ing wjth rhe big boys, play- ing with the big boys, play'ing wirh the big boys, E' tittr play ing with the big boys, play-ing wirh rhe big boys now! 45 MIJSIC BY HANS ZIMMER Slowly N.C. T\ -.illp -l -a with pedal i.=-t--r- a---t t ' -r---_l]l ^ l =.- -e _^: rc =u_j rl-r A - 38 Copyright O 1998 SKG Songs TASCAP) ^. worrdwide Rishrs ior skg copanv, ' nc :L; r:l.ln:::; .l lx iilr:lh:: h.^'ns z _ J l l l l r - L r l Cadd2 C Bbsus4 Bb r I r r r 7, l I *- =l -l u-----o F/A z) t 39 .!y'ors Mediu tepo AN MUSIC BY STEPHEN SCF{WTARTZ E tuel UTN F{/E tt tut! F/E EII! HffI Thus saith the [rrd, thus saith the l-ord. thus saith the Lrrd. thus saith the 4 r f E F/E arnn w E rrnn LTLLU a Lord, thus saith the l-ord. thus saith the Lord. thus saith the Lrrd. thus saith the G trl:u A/G AbIG G.TF'N tlr pes - ti - lence- plague in - to your house, in - to Copyright O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Rights for SKG Songs Adinlstered by Cherry Lane Music Publishing Copany, Inc. International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved C EEn trt1 A'/C Fig! A/G t[[jt] LLLIII C IIIN tftftl 2h tn EIT] ATIG ft,an ITIIII bread, up - on your cat - tle, on your sheep, up - on your ox - en in your C/G t[n ultll c+ +r il I Ltl L]f]] l1t '/G IIE! u lll ]-n /C ITITN field, in - to your dreas, in - to your slcep, un - til you break, un _ til you G irtn rrt Ebaj lrtn EI]I FI-rrHl u: Eraj7 I]ITI 7sus4 FatT-l Fl+[ rl yicld. 7sus4 T IT' TTT'F TTTTN ff G u nrrn E GI t l l lt ll Once I cclled you broth - er. c LLLIJ] fiflfl tfiti] E ET 1II C nrr-i ftaltl [ I thought thc chance to ake you - ::I C G tru T ITT] A/G rir Il! l l l G till! n-t \\ant ed. I send the thun - dcr frorn thc sky, fi - re rain - ing T fifin t tttf-l ITI E ' ]t l] illil e - ven now I wish that God had chosc an oth - cr. c L]-LI]IJ H# is ihe last thing that I E7 EllA sus4 -; -,.-_- J - ---r tr] TTFIN This wrs y h,)e. All this pain and dev-as- ta- tion, how it ri- I -- -'- B rh rfft-] tr E in' ttfl1n ff] lor- tures e in- side. All the in- no cent who suf- f'er fro vour stub bo- ness and C /G d tl{l Llt l l tttlll ctg rfi+?i send the to - custs on a wlnd- such as the world has nev - er Eball atltaflfin rrrn crall tlrfl seen on ev - 'ry leaf, on cv - 'ry stalk un - til there's noth- ing left of green. send y Il,t-n rfirn B'E' n.ii [H t1111 G/C v. H 7sus4 dn L]!ul HTIIJ E trrl t+++ ffftll C H+H] rrrn scourgg, I E irrfri tu L! Llt Ltl c Tlatn T'TTT] tlru ir ITN]] Ebrr.^17 tl rtttfl fftf 7 TITI-. [w ITTTI why ust you call down an - oth - er Ia blow? a2 7sus4 nirrl TTT'I] EbajT C9 7sus4 tl IE de l]ll+e LLLLU Lllrt]l Htrfl Ef! Hff Lel- y peo - ple go. Thus saith the Thus saith the Lord, thus saith the C /C :--- tllllj JlJ Trrrn f++t+ gr]{ how could you have coe to hate e? G l ErajT rfntt C.TT... ] Tl BbtEb HM t-fttil C t111! ITITN let y heart be hard- ened noroe. and nev- er ind how high the cost ay grow. This- will still be Br/Ez C rtll I]rrl F+tt] f fn :t:x _:ttll- will nev - er E,aj7 4 ::::l C a5rfn TffI-] na-n rrl E a)1 Tf ff the Lord. Thus saith the Lord. \Ioderately C L) =. slow E' -r l [ I1fi H+S o Let let y peo - ple your peo - prc go go I a I} _o. = a Slowly MIJSIC BY HANS ZIMMER r'l clo/fl F{ B F[ 'I FI FI F']/A A F'7IA 'fii flr r e l'--.r' Ig I I I F1t,\ t) I A F'l/A A a f e f I 1'-e 1e I Copyrighl O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Rights lor skg Songs Adinisle d by Cherry Lane Music Publish ng Copany, Inc lnternationalcopyright Secured A I Rights Reserved B A E/cfi A B7 b5 E+ E'7 A f'7 Ej F/C J?? t l l l p I r_rl l - r r e.,* l? r. A FT A tc ]'7'ORS AN ML'SIC BY STEPF{EN SCFTIJ('ART Z Mediu tepo E laar] ll l llj tj I r! Fttt-l ft[l IH Gadd9 IIIM.TITT. I1nn E -t-ltll fi1n nifir Copyright O 1998 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwide Rights for SKG Songs Adinislered by Cherry Lane Music Publishrng Copany, Inc. Inteational Copy ght Securcd All Rights Reserved G fftfn IIIIII IIIJII illll B /C uln ul E in ljl+ll tlllu nev - er seg rts pur - posc pat - tern of lhe grand de - sign. the stonc that sits on the ver - y top of the B te 1111 /G ;- fli oun- tain's ight - y face, rhink irs ore i - por - ranr than the B fh /C tu atfffn TfnTt E IE! n-n-n fir B /C E d l ri H# 81fi H#!+# Htd FlT EaiTC[ A H triin n tiilfl til1t tttlt stones that for the base'l So how can you see what your life is worth or F$? fltrn E^llCI where you val - ue lies? You can nev-er see through the eyes of B/I rrin Ftw E rfi ratllt n LlIIU B/I E EI! rnll E/GI wt111! lui sus2(14) B7 rri zr.. IH tlul1 IITT]] Moderately E t+tltl tfftft look at your life, look at your life through heav - en's eyes. r-j-r d I ltr-- 'rj '\'l _i'fi t l t l 7. f nirn n llfl LILI] B H g G.TITN lrn lrfin tll l Gsus2 nl]]-n E Lt tl lt ll B t lj++11 G lai lee- la lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai o I E 30 th rfttff Tn Csus2 I L!!!.1 T TM E Tfrafl tiilx F.TTT'I ftaiu tl]i E' lai lai lai lai lai lec la lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai -J-- C ITIN l+lifl {ur} 4fr n-n-n r- J-- C EEI? 3rr I1nn Atai? fl 4fr II F firan II C ET 3fr firfn TTT'F Taain nrrn F lai lai lai lce ]a lai lai lai lai lai lai lai. F uru r'fr E' rral lake in the des ert than a cool fiesh spring. C rn ffaln n H1l IT[T] Cnr Tt-aTl ITTTT] AbajT F lfl. rl.atln tt[t] C s lu rrtan rf F EiI ln one lost sheep a shep herd boy rs greal er than rhc rich est king. E' ra.. rnn nt an lose ev-'ry- thing he owns, has he tru - ly lost- his worth? is it the be - gin- ning o f a C :r. HltU ln E la, drr ftll+l n F [ C AraiT F 3fr l4fr [ ffnfl Tepo I ltttfl l'_n rl] F ajta Bb new and bright - er birlhl So how do vou eas- ure the worth of a an? In C? EHI rn F aj7la ntrfr t]nn HfiN B' tlllll rrnl llt I lll wealth or strength or size? uch hc gaincd or how uch he C/E irrin llai filt F :- C/E F F/A tlltx ti1]x tfin fi Bb F'FIN Itrn TT F/C A/CI Bbaj tattt. tien Hll Jn- swer will coe, the an - swcr will coe to hi who to look at his life through 3? Bb IIIM I TTT] neav - cn s And that's why we share all we have- with you, though there's.n tfllt] Fq olza Lrllll HflN Bl, lll rnt-l Bb Hltrl G7 rt F+H c w to bc {bund. Whcn all you've got is lot to go F? EbajT/c IM llln [! 46 tf fn G7 :t' C . TT'-N tfttfl lilc can es-cape be-ing blown a bout by thc winds of changc and chance. And Bo/E, llt-n tifitl A EUr ll A nrr.i fft-n rt lr Tffl.n rf]lf B' [T]n T TTN though you ncv- cr know all thc steps, you ust lcarn to join thc dance,- 33 B, - :rtn c/bt ' [ ctg li.!-n a1-fl-n Ir + Moderately G you ust learn to join the dance -J-r a-,- t - rit. I,: grad. accel. t [ l \ F riim ITIT TT'F rlltn rnn Bb tu! Hfffl B' ITI I II L[L]] G -3-- F lfhti Bb rttrn IflN t1l l lai lai lai Moderately E H++tl.-._ triin lttl-] fltll lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai. l' lai lai lce- la lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai 34 B IH t u llttll tllfl -J- B? Gsus2 r H tllllt ttl E IITI! LIIIII l L l Moderately slow A FlrnT r o fitn t'l l EajT/Gl dtrn I flffl [ lai lai lai lee la lai lai lai lai lai lai. So, how do you judge what a an_ FlT E,aj7lC[ IH tln ln Htttl Ht+N Hllll G firn ll l: {I}]Ij r J//ul.i frtin alfl-a] 4fr II lr H11u Cl rr' what hc builds or buys? You can nev-er see with your eyes- on Earth; look through heav- en's eyes. graa. accel Tepo I J A E/GI A E/GJ B ] L]trn tr[n tnr! H$n HJl lt +111 H++11 tl1tt tl1lt fitl t t1l1t E/Cl B/F{ E/Cl ] ttttfl trjtft t1111 uun F$rn7 H [Nfl nirn TlTrn tfftfl L,rok 61 tout,, . Look at your lii-e. Look at your tife through heav Moderately fast E -ran l.atn tetl B G E - -l:9:- o-----t-o!t4t t-lllu!l!ul t1nn E -J-r f - 't J.-t-'. z. 1.. I Slowly \u7-ors AN MUSIC BY STEPHEN SCF{\XZARIZ C/ H+H fiitt d IItI LLLL1I CI ttrln IIIITI LLLE Fru ilrx C/ nii,r' I t t ]t LLLII] A/ tirtrl l ll LLILU B'I ni ITT'II lltt] LLLLII nights we've prayed could hear. Bbryj rtrrn rrr u tl LLLLII G7 A/C.riln- LLL]II un - der - stood. 'Rec.rrded a half step higher Copydght O 1997 SKG Songs (ASCAP) Worldwrde Righls tor SKG Songs Adln slered by Cherry Lane Music pubtishing Copany. Inc. Inlernalional Copyriqht Secured All Rights Reserved fftr! tll l A7 Tnn t l tj llt I C/E i ita alt I l l C/F.h fatn G nril FaiT atrt-t r-an rrn Bb.-ITR tftfit /A t ittiti GrnT E+H rfrrl B baj r'ttrl ullu +t1fl Csus4 C nrin' flatr I I llt ll J lll F We were ov ing oun - tains long be - fore we knew we could. Thcre can be ir - A7/E TTTN rn TfiT-] trtti A/C tu!-l ltl ftl# Bb!rl! r'fl A/C C 'ri-rn' rrri; fl ]iu H# H]fi -- hard 1' a Ja 7: to kill. 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