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  This page aims to help you remove the Mtogas Virus for free. Our instructions also cover how any .Mtogas file can be recovered.   In this article, we are going to talk about the cyber attack caused by a new Ransomware called Mtogas. This infection is a nasty file-encrypting virus that exploits system vulnerabilities, and which silently sneaks inside the computer without the victims’  knowledge. The moment Mtogas nests inside the user’s  machine, it immediately scans the computer for files which are considered important and valuable for the victim and secretly encrypts them with the help of a complex algorithm. Then, the Ransomware generates a ransom-demanding notification on the screen and asks for a ransom (typically in bitcoins) payment in exchange for receiving a special file-decryption key. The idea of the hackers who stand behind the malware is to blackmail the web users and force them to pay a certain amount of money if they want to obtain the key needed for unlocking their data.   What is the Mtogas virus and how does it work?   The Mtogas Virus will drop a _readme.txt file with instructions for you to follow    The Mtogas Virus is a sophisticated Ransomware infection that gets in the computer without the knowledge of the user. Like most cryptoviruses (Krusop, Masok), this one is created for blackmailing purposes and when the attacker puts it into operation, what the malware does is, it starts to encrypt all the information stored in the infected system. In order to access this data, you must enter a special decryption key code that is not found locally on the affected computer, but is kept in secret on the attacker’s  computer.   As per the information available, this Ransomware is infecting computers through various transmitters including spam emails containing infected attachments, false security warnings, torrents, fake ads, misleading links and messages, fake undelivered email notices or job offers and other attractive and harmless-looking types of web content. Typically, the harmful payload is sent to the user and when they interacts with it, this causes the infection process to begin. Unfortunately, there usually are no visible symptoms which can give the malware away, which is why most of the victims come to know about the contamination only after the scary ransom-demanding notification gets displayed on their screen.    The attackers behind the Ransomware typically ask for a certain amount in bitcoins and threaten that if they are not paid in a certain period of time, the encrypted files will remain inaccessible forever.   If I pay, will the .Mtogas file encryption be removed?  
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