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  Routh 1 Hampton Routh Bailey Maple ENG 101.3: College Writing I 11/25/2018 Final Reflection I chose to revise my personal narrative. This was the first paper I wrote in college and I had not written any more than a paragraph or two since November of last year. So, it is fair to say I was out of practice. Because of this the paper was could hardly be considered well written. This is the reason I wanted to revise it. I felt that since I had done a great deal of writing this semester I would be able to revise it well. When I srcinally wrote this paper at the start of the semester I found it to be difficult and now that the semester is over I maintained that it was the most difficult paper this semester. this was due to the personal nature of the  paper. I am normally a very shy person and don’t like to talk about myself much and this paper made it so that I had to talk about myself in detail. This made it hard to write this paper as it was making me do something I am uncomfortable doing which as you can imagine makes doing something which requires lots of concentration hard. I revised this paper I great deal. The first two paragraphs I left largely unchanged this was  because the contents needed no real correction. It was simply an introduction and explanation of myself and my goals at uncg. The only things that I changed were small grammar errors and changes of wording, to make the paragraphs flow better. I then move on to describe my childhood memories of attending the Guilford Court House reenactment. In this paragraph I attempt to use vivid imagery to describe how I felt about  Routh 2 this as a child. I left this paragraph alone beyond correcting some small grammar errors. I felt that it was good enough to be left alone. The next paragraph is where I explain the reasons I like history at this point in my life. I explain the three Principal reasons. These reasons are as follows; being able to see how past events affect the modern world, theorizing alternate histories, and, the feeling of nostalgia for times long past. This paragraph needed no real correction and so none was done. In the next paragraph I explain the first reason for why I like history. This being analyzing the way events in the past affect events in the modern day. I then go on to explain my reasoning and provide an example using history. In this paragraph I corrected some grammar issues. I then go on to explain in the next paragraph why I enjoy theorizing alternant histories. This paragraph needed no major corrections. I also include and example of my own predicting of an alternant history. The next paragraph explains the final reason I love history. I explained the nostalgic feeling and provide no example. I corrected the conclusion of this paragraph as the earlier one seemed unclear. In my srcinal draft the next paragraph was an explanation of how the aforementioned reasons affected my choice of major. I have erased this paragraph and re-written it. I felt that the  paragraph was poorly written and was rather rambling. To correct this I re-wrote it using the M.E.A.L. method and move it down the paper. The next paragraph is where I explain where I got the idea of being a history teacher. I give credit to Mr. Emmerling.  Routh 3 The next paragraph is the re-written one from earlier where I explain how my childhood interest in history has affected my choice of major. The next paragraph is where I explain the reasoning behind my choice of which level I want to teach at. This paragraph needed small grammar corrections. The final paragraph is my conclusion. I re-wrote the entire paragraph because I felt that the srcinal conclusion was weak and did not adequately summarize the paper. The website for this final project is not as elaborate as my website project. This is  because I have not been able to think of an overall theme as I did with the pervious project, with that being said I incorporated an autumn theme. The first page immediately following the home page is my revised paper this is because I felt that it was one of the more important bits of information in the project. The next pages are he SLOs in numerical order. I chose to do it this was because it makes the website flow well and adds a feeling of professionalism. The final page is the reflection. The reason it goes last is that it was completed last. It also seems fitting to me that a reflection goes last because you are reflecting on events already past. And so, it just makes sense. I have decided to not put an “About me” page in my website. This is because the intended audience is the professor. And I image that she knows who I am by now. The way I have incorporated the autumn theme in the website is by making many of the  parts of the website orange and adding pictures of autumn landscapes. I feel that since the beginning of this semester I have improved my writing skills a great deal. Where once it would have taken me many hours of work and planning to write a one page  Routh 4  paper I have been able to consistently plan and write three to four page papers in under two hours. In my opinion this first semester of college has been a success.
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